Friday, June 14, 2013

Paradigm Shift: Archbishop Sample Taking Hits Archbishop Emeritus Vlazny Should have Taken

Archbishop Sample is trying to clean up the mess Archbishop Emeritus Vlazny has left.

Sorry to say that Monsignor Dennis O'Donovan now is trying to make a noise that was drowned out long ago by those he worked with.  Father Peter Smith will have to clean up his mess too.  Monsignor O'Donovan didn't believe that Roger Martin, the lobbyist for the Archdiocese, was pro-abortion.  The legislators he worked with this confirmed it.

The players in trying to destroy the Catholic church depend on behaviors they use as a weapon for   hating the Catholic Church, homosexual actions, as a banner for "pride" they want to encourage.

The hierarchy of the Archdiocese of Portland has a long history of confusion on Church teaching making the advent of Archbishop Sample a threat to the status quo they want to hold on to.

 Look up names in the article on this blog to see their VOCAL history. 

St. Andrew's Catholic Parish Will Carry Banner in Portland's Gay Pride Parade.

Parishioners from St. Andrew Catholic Church, which has a longstanding commitment to social justice issues, will march in Sunday's Portland Pride Parade with a banner proclaiming their parish identity, despite the wishes of Archbishop Alexander K. Sample.

At least four Catholic parishes are expected to participate in the parade, according to the Rev. Tara Wilkins, executive director of the Community of Welcoming Congregations. Members of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Philip Neri  and St. AndrĂ© Bessette  (the Downtown Chapel) also are expected to march. In the past, they have carried parish banners, Wilkins said.

Monsignor Dennis O'Donovan, vicar general of the Archdiocese of Portland, called St. Andrew's pastor, the Rev. Dave Zegar,  on May 31 on behalf of Sample, parishioners say. O'Donovan relayed the message that individuals could walk in the parade but that the archbishop did not want St. Andrew's members to walk as a community.

Sample, who was installed as archbishop April 2, is in San Diego to attend the annual summer meeting of United States bishops, according to Bud Bunce,  spokesman for the archdiocese. He could not be reached for comment.

Bunce confirmed that O'Donovan had made the phone call. While the archdiocese respects all people, Bunce said, "this was not an event that St. Andrew's parish could be in as a parish."

On June 4, Zegar met with a group of St. Andrew's parishioners, who decided to stand by their 17-year commitment to Portland's gay community. At Mass on Sunday, Zegar shared the group's decision with the congregation, who responded with a standing ovation, according to Tom Karwaki, who chairs the parish's pastoral council.

The Rev. Steve Newton, a Holy Cross priest who is pastor of St. André Bessette, said no one from the archdiocese had called him about the parade. Parishioners from the Downtown Chapel have walked in the parade for years.

"The Catholic Church supports gay people, even though there is a broad difference of opinion on their lifestyle," Newton said.

"The Community of Welcoming Congregations stands with and supports local Catholic parishes that want to bring a message of love and hope to the LGBT community," Wilkins said.

At St. Andrew's on Sunday, a bulletin insert recounted the history of the parish's welcoming ministry. A formal committee began meeting in 1996. St. Andrew's helped staff a booth at Portland Pride in 2000, and members began marching with their banner, which reads "Welcoming the Whole Family," in 2001.

Susan Kelly, a member of St. Andrew's since 1969, said the move to become a welcoming congregation was partly due to a respected couple within the church who were parents of identical twin girls. The twins "came out" in high school, and their parents agonized over how the church would react. The mother finally confessed to a friend at St. Andrew's.

"It got us all thinking about how we deal with this issue," Kelly says. "How can we reach out and get over this Christian – not just Catholic –attitude that if you're gay or lesbian, you're not part of the community?"

The official teaching of the Catholic Church is that homosexual acts are contrary to natural law and incompatible with living a Christian life. But 2006 pastoral guidelines from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops say the church must welcome homosexuals to full and active participation in the faith. St. Andrew's bulletin insert quoted the document.

"Essential to the success of ministry to persons with a homosexual inclination will be the support and leadership of the bishop and other pastoral leaders," the guidelines read. "This is particularly important because more than a few persons with a homosexual inclination feel themselves to be unwelcome and rejected."

How many feel unwelcome became evident Thursday when the Pew Research Center released the findings of an April  survey on the religious attitudes of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender adults. Eight in ten adults said the Catholic Church, along with Islam and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day  Saints, were "unfriendly" to the LGBT community.

Kelly summarized the reasons that parishioners are insisting on carrying their banner in one word: visibility.

Joy Wallace, a member of St. Andrew's since 1998,  says it is common for members of the gay community and their advocates to seek out St. Andrew's because they've seen the parish represented in the annual Pride Parade.

"The banner is important because it says we are a community of faith," says Jane Braunger, a parish member since the 1980s.  "For us not to embrace this statement as a core commitment about openness and acceptance and living the Gospel is cowardly."

Karwaki said parishioners would like a chance to talk to the archbishop about their ministry and explain their commitment to the Pride Parade. He says Zegar asked for such a dialogue and the parish is drafting a letter to Sample.

"We're not acting out of disobedience," Karwaki said. "We're acting out of obedience to the Gospel and the mission of this parish."

-- Nancy Haught


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

World Youth Day Cancelled for Archdiocese of Portland

This was just sent in and we need to pray for a resolution.  Many of us had family members attend the past WYD's and know what a joy it would be to be with the Holy Father in his stomping ground..  The kids shouldn't pay for adult misbehavior.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bill Diss Invitation to June 17th Prayer Vigil and more.....

Dear Brothers and Sisters for Life, Purity and Healing,

You are all such a gift to me and to our cause.  I want to thank all of you again and again for your prayers, kind letters and support.  It is so great know that there are many in the area and around the world that value life and purity and know that our God is a loving God and will heal all who beckon.

Administrative activity by the school district has increased and two weeks ago I received a 41 page letter stating that they are going to try and dismiss me.  I have been on administrative leave after the principal, a vice principal, the director of human resources and a Portland police officer came and quickly ushered me out of my classroom on March 19, 2013

There will be some type of hearing that I will attend with my lawyer on June 12, 2013.  Please pray for all of us on both sides of the table.  The union has solicited the help of the law firm, McKanna Bishop Joffe, LLP, to fight my case.

I do ask for continued prayers for discernment.  I have forgiven all at the district but some sort of closure appears necessary.  We do need to fight the evil of abortion and forcing of sexual deviancy on our youth; I just want to make sure that is not vindictive. 
Prayer Vigil at Portland Public Schools (PPS) June 17, 2013
On Monday June 17, 2013 we are asking everyone to come to PPS headquarters from 5:45 to 6:45 PM.  We had around 200 on December 3, 2012 and I suspect there are many more out there who would love to be more involved in the movement for life and this is an excellent opportunity.  The address is 501 N. Dixon St, Portland, Oregon and it is very near the Rose Garden. (map)  Please call or write if you need rides, we could rent a school but or two.

Blessed are the peacemakers,for they will be called children of God.

(Mt: 5:12)
You are truly working for peace!
Added by VOCAL
I wanted to remind all of you working so hard, in prayer and in other forms for service for life and purity, that you are certainly working for peace. Countries that do not see human sexuality as holy and life giving and countries that kill innocent people are really saying, "God we don't need you."  When our supernatural hedge of protection is removed, it is all over.

Planned Parenthood Education?
We often hear how Planned Parenthood educates the children.  Here is a workshop they just had in Portland:
More information at Life News.  How is this workshop helping children or adults be better citizens or better children of God?
Two views of public school teachers:
Letter from Archbishop

Friday, June 7, 2013

Archbishop Sample Prays for Lawmakers with Pro-Abortion Roger Martin Still Our Lobbyist.

See?  Is it Roger or Peter?
Pro-abortion Roger Martin is still the lobbyist at the Capitol for the Archdiocese of Portland.  VOCAL has many records of him voting for abortion and actually putting forth pro-abortion legislation.  Note that he was the photographer for the picture of Archbishop Sample with pro-abortion Catholic Senator Peter Courtney.

It would be interesting to see his testimony this session. 

It is very frustrating for Catholics who believe in the teachings of the Church being left out at high levels of this Archdiocese.  With Archbishop Sample discerning the spiritual qualities to bring Oregon Catholics we know it will take time to change things he deems needing change. 

Our Catholic monies give these people their salary and benefits while they seemingly act like the Cheshire cat.  Their beliefs have been the norm much to the pain of many Oregon Catholics.

Archbishop Sample's words soothe the soul and will hopefully change the hearts and minds of Catholics who support abortion and could change this in Oregon. 

Archbishop asks God to help lawmakers
Photo courtesy of Roger Martin
Sen. President Peter Courtney and Archbishop Alexander Sample at Oregon Capitol.

Photo courtesy of Roger Martin
Sen. President Peter Courtney and Archbishop Alexander Sample at Oregon Capitol.

SALEM — Archbishop Alexander Sample visited the Oregon Capitol June 4 to give invocations in the Senate and House of Representatives.

In his prayer, the archbishop asked God to help lawmakers work for the common good.

"O God you are the source of all goodness and of every blessing under the heavens," Archbishop Sample said. "We humbly ask you to anoint with your wisdom and guidance these legislators who have offered themselves in service of your people. May the they deliberate with charity and decide in accord with justice the matters before them in this session. Be present in their minds and hearts. Anoint their ears and tongues so that all they say and hear will be in accord with your will and be for the good of the people, whom they represent and serve. Help them to set aside all pride and self interest and to seek the common good of our society in accord with your plan for your children."

Rep. Jennifer Williamson, D-Southwest Portland, hosted Archbishop Sample in the House. Introducing him to colleagues, she referred to him as a kind of rock star and noted that he lives in her district.

Sen. Brian Boquist, R-Dallas, was the archbishop's host in the Senate, where Catholic lawmakers convened for a reception.

In attendance at the reception were House Majority Leader Val Hoyle, a Lane County Democrat; Rep. Cliff Bentz, an Ontario Republican; Rep. Margaret Doherty, a Tigard Democrat; Rep. Joe Gallegos, a Hillsboro Democrat and past chairman of Catholic Charities; Rep. Ben Unger, a Hillsboro Democrat; Rep. Jessica Vega Pederson, a Portland Democrat; Senate President Peter Courtney, a Salem Democrat; Sen. Betsy Close, an Albany Republican; and Sen. Fred Girod, a Stayton Republican.

"He shook more hands than any of the politicians in residence and left a very positive impression on everyone he met," says Roger Martin, who represents the Oregon Catholic Conference at the capitol.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

"Part of you died that day". Well, Christ Died One Day for me too.

Helping each other on this Journey is not easy, but we "soldier on" for Him. 

We are in this world together and look what our prayers and God's grace has afforded us here in Oregon: Archbishop Alexander K. Sample, so anything is possible.

We are all put on this earth for His purpose. This event was part of His purpose for me.  After hearing about my assault, a doctor told me, "Part of you died that day".  Well, Christ Died One Day for me too. 

Testimony before Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee, April 5. 2013. Thank you fellow Catholic, Rachel Lucas and Safer Oregon.

Dear Chair Prozanski and Committee Members,
My name is Carolyn Wendell and I am speaking in opposition to SB 347, SB 699, SB 700 and SB 796.

I am here representing three teenage girls who in 1966 were kidnapped, robbed, beaten, threatened with death, then all subsequently raped one after another by three serial rapists.  I am one of the three. 

Our lives for these 47 years have been tragically affected by this long night of darkness; filling us with fear on so many levels, beating us down emotionally.   One friend suffers from anorexia because of her rape and to this day hasn’t spoken to her husband about this night although he was part of her life in 1966.  The other friend is a recluse, divorced because of the wreckage she made of her life after assault.  She lives alone: afraid of the world.  She has no children except the little boy she was impregnated with by her rapist.  The baby ended up in a quart jar at the side of her bed in our apartment.   She named him Sam. 

Back then it wasn’t deemed necessary for victims to have counseling. There were so many layers of pain that just remained buried.  I didn’t know there could be an answer to my fears. 

A doctor told me I had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) a few years ago.  This didn’t compute.  Then recently another physician heard what had happened to me during a PTSD episode in his office and was adamant that I take classes in concealed carry firearm protection as a very important aspect of healing. 

I erroneously believed that guns somehow fired themselves. I hadn’t even held a gun so breaking down this emotional wall really “empowered” me.  After my concealed carry class I knew this would be a big part of my healing. 

The road to advocating for firearm protection is just beginning for me to help myself and other assault victims of every kind.  I have joined the new group Safer Oregon.  The timing is perfect. 

As a mother of five and grandmother of twenty-four my life has always been about protecting them.  Now that I am older and have suffered many surgeries and a mini-stroke so it is hard to even protect myself.  For the first time in forty-seven years I feel that I have a chance to regain some strength.  Life is not over for me.

The Second Amendment should always be an option.  There are so many women that have been assaulted and feel like there is no way to regain confidence.  The answer for some may be a handgun (with a laser). Those of us who are weaker have a way to level the playing field.  

I believe in safety and having a firearm makes people safer.  Knowing about weapons allows the mind to be calmer and make the correct decisions.  Safety is drilled into our minds.  With children in our lives safety is the main issue.

My friends and I had been together since we were in Kindergarten.  We were Bluebirds, Camp Fire Girls, and took ballet together.  In 1966 we had just moved into our own apartment.  Then our lives were changed forever that night.  No one should be abused in any way by another.  Having the Second Amendment in place, with concealed carry allowed, may give pause to someone before they think of hurting others.  Please remember us.

We Three
Thank you committee.

"For victims of crime, with support and counseling, the wounds do heal, but we still bear the scars. In some ways, they never really do go away. No matter how much time passes, you always feel that vulnerability and fear re-victimization in a very primal way. One of the pivotal moments of my healing was my decision to obtain my concealed handgun license. Having my CHL helps empower me to protect myself and my family. It also helps heal the wounds of vulnerability and victimization from the time when I was unable to defend myself from harm. There is a saying that, when seconds count, police are minutes away. And no one knows this more than victims of violent crime. In a very real way, taking personal responsibility to protect myself and my loved ones rights another wrong. I left to others the responsibility to protect me, and because of that, I almost lost the life that God had given me. I see now that this responsibility cannot be abdicated, nor should it be. I now see that, along with law enforcement and our judicial system, I have a role in the protection of myself and my family. Sir Robert Peel, founder of our modern day police system, (and source of the nickname, bobbies) said that police are merely ‘members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen.’ In his words, ‘the duties of protection and self defense are incumbent upon each of us.’" Rachel Lucas, Founder of Safer Oregon.

"Catholics and Gun Ownership" Matt Abbott, Renew America