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Catholic Sentinel Alert - Abortion spending and coverage increased in Oregon

Providence pressure increased strength of religious exemption,
 but GOP lawmakers say it does not go far enough

A bill that increases state spending on abortion by $10.2 million is moving through the Oregon Legislature. 
The House on July 1 advanced the Reproductive Health Equity Act, which requires health plans to provide free coverage of exams, drugs, devices and procedures, including abortion. The Senate will take up the proposed legislation next.

The bill includes a religious exemption, but it orders the Oregon Health Authority to provide coverage where religious organizations will not.

The House majority leader, Rep. Jennifer Williamson, a Portland Democrat, argued for the proposed law, saying high medical bills can prompt bankruptcy or homelessness.
Pro-life lawmakers approved of most of the bill, but vigorously questioned why abortion had to be included, causing a moral crisis. They attempted to have abortion provisions removed, but that motion failed.

Rep. Werner Reschke, R-Klamath Falls accused supporters of the bill of promoting abortion coverage as if being pregnant were a disease.

The House vote was 33 for and 23 against.

The bill also allocates almost $500,000 in the 2017-19 budget for abortions and other procedures to immigrants. Oregon’s Medicaid program already spends nearly $2 million a year to pay for about 3,500 abortions.

Oregon already accommodates and provides for abortion more than most states. There are no waiting periods, education requirements or spending limits on taxpayer funds.

Democrats drafted the bill in response to possible changes in federal health care policy.

Earlier, Providence Health System had threatened to exit the state’s insurance market, saying the religious exemptions did not go far enough. Though the bill’s handlers did increase exemptions, GOP lawmakers say the provisions still fall short.

Bill Diss, leader of Precious Children of Portland, calls the proposed law “fundamentally an abortion bill that will boost the coffers of abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.” Diss says other portions of the bill could be accomplished “without further funding and promoting the killing of unborn children.”
Please donate to Precious Children of Portland and receive a tax-exemption by sending it to:

4335 River Road North
Salem, Oregon 97303

Saturday, July 1, 2017

July Birthdays for Oregon Priests

Sorry to say that some of these birthday's are NOT the the correct ones. 
I will try and alert the ACCW
“A Year of Prayer for our Priests” is a ministry of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women. We share the joy of this devotion with all Oregon Catholics. A day each month is set aside to pray for the names of priests serving in the Archdiocese of Portland. Please remember them and all priests, deacons and religious in your daily prayers.

O, Jesus I pray for Your faithful and fervent priests, especially (name here). Keep them all close to Your heart and bless them abundantly in time and eternity. Amen.

July 1 — Apostles of Jesus Fr. Freddy Ocun
July 2 — Fr. Joseph S. McMahon 
July 3 — Fr. Patrick McNamee 
July 4 — Fr. Bryce McProud
July 5 — Fr. Jeffrey Meeuwsen 
July 6 — Discalced Carmelite Fr. John Melka 
July 7 — Fr. Ronald Millican 
July 8 — Fr. Timothy Mockaitis 
July 9 — Fr. William Moisant 
July 10 — Fr. Todd Molinari
July 11 — Fr. Neil Moore
July 12 — Fr. Mike Morrissey 
July 13 — Fr. Jack Mosbrucker
July 14 — Dominican Fr. Gabriel Mosher 
July 15 — Jesuit Fr. Charles Moutenot 
July 16 — Msgr. Gregory Moys 
July 17 — Fr. Hans Mueller, newly ordained (error)
July 18 — Dominican Fr. Brian Mullady 
July 19 — Msgr. Tim Murphy 
July 20 — Fr. Ronald Nelson
July 21 — Apostles of Jesus Fr. Dominic Mtenga Ngayaku
July 22 — Fr. Joseph Hau Due Nguyen 
July 23 — Fr. Joseph Hung Nguyen 
July 24 — Benedictine Fr. Joseph Nguyen
July 25 — Benedictine Fr. Liem Nguyen 
July 26 — Fr. Luan Nguyen
July 27 — Fr. Thomas Hanh Tien Nguyen 
July 28 — Apostles of Jesus Fr. Francis Njau
July 29 — Holy Cross Fr. Edwin Obermiller 
July 30 — Fr. Peter O’Brien
July 31 — Fr. Terry O’Connell

Guest Post: "Lovejoy on Thursday. OH. MY. GOSH. Empty parking lot. Dead trees."

This guest post is from Therese Ruesink. A true warrior for the unborn. She is from the Portland area and is fighting the good fight with Bill Diss of Precious Children of Portland. 

This shows how the Lord listens to the prayers of his people and the cry of the poor, the unborn in this case. Even the Earth is cooperating. Thanks to Therese and the warriors in Portland fighting so on heroically. 

Lovejoy 6-29-17
Dear Prayer warriors for LIFE,

Sandra and I had not been to Lovejoy for two Thursdays in a row and not for two Fridays in a row because Sandra was out of town visiting family, and I was indisposed. But when we arrived at Lovejoy today, we were in for a surprise! John, the maintenance man there, was outside, sweeping up the dead pine needles in the beds where the trees surrounding the place used to be. ALL the trees have died, except one little one by the front stairs. He said (and I have noticed) that that is the second time this has happened. They’ll call in a Landscaper and put in trees, and then they die. “They can’t grow here. The ground’s poisoned” John said. And I added…..“by the blood of the lambs….”

He was in a talkative mood. “I’m the only one here (early this morning). The building’s closed (they are usually open bright and early when Sandra and I arrive at 6:30 am.) The regular supervisor wasn’t even there, and she usually shows up at around 5 am. (We found that out because Pat Weis has gone there to pray at the crack of dawn many times before.) John went on to say that business is really down, and that he thought they might have to sell the building!! The culture is changing…..more people are pro-life…..he said. Our jaws just about broke when they hit the ground. We were speechless. But that only lasted a few seconds because we wanted more information! The building did open that morning, but the employees began coming in much later than usual. And the supervisor never did show up.

John also relayed that he gets in trouble whenever he gets caught talking to us—he gets yelled at. But luckily, this morning, he was alone.

John went on to relay how they thought of selling the building about 2 years ago when the Westover Towers (the apts next to them) made them an offer. Apparently, even though most of the people in that area are “pro-choice” the apartment owners don’t like having the abortion facility in the neighborhood. It’s a pretty ritzy neighborhood. And then you get people like US showing up, and others who are less polite………shouting early Saturday mornings, and inciting the police to arrive. But Alene Klauss (sp?), the owner, turned them down, even though she’s well into retirement age!

John also said that about 2 years ago, the abortionist, Richard Kurl, who had been performing abortions for 30 years, died unexpectedly in his sleep. We figured he alone must have done around 30,600 abortions in the time he worked there. And about 2 months ago, their regular abortionist had a stroke. So “he’s out” John said. He said that Alene Klauss was returning from The Dominican Republic today. He thinks something is going on.

When we were there today, we got the most vitriolic comments ever! The remarks were SO STRONG by drivers and passersby. It was shocking to see the trees gone, to talk to John, and to hear those slurs. It seems the battleground lines are being drawn. It’s so obvious. satan’s mad, and he knows his time is SHORT. No, I’m not capitalizing that word…..

Some happenings over the years are worth mentioning. One of the prayer warriors came way back in the 80’s, and still comes. She knew Doc Marian Hite. Doc prayed out in front of L.J. for around 30 years, everyday but Sundays, when he was at church. He held a sign that said something to the effect of don’t hurt your baby; I’ll take your baby. Someone can enlighten me as to the exact wording. He was there up until he was 100 years old and then he had to stop. He lived until he was 102. When he died, someone at Holy Rosary (his parish) did a portrait of him. Surrounding the portrait were many, many, tiny baby faces…….they looked like angels! This prayer warrior said that once they (she and others) got arrested when they were at Lovejoy. She ended up in the back seat of the police car with Doc Marian Hite. He was kind, and got her calmed down, and told her basically what to do and how to act with the police. She said it was the greatest privilege of her life!

Once about 5 months ago, when I was there with Terry H. she/we heard this awful sound. Terry was standing with a sign, waving and smiling at the cars driving by. We were getting lots of positive responses. Suddenly there was this sound, like a caving in, like the earth moaning or groaning. Like metal girders falling, like the earth caving in on itself. Terry thought it was the sound of the earth mourning the loss of thousands of unborn babies. It was horrific.

When Lovejoy opened today, a gal came accompanied by her Dad, to get an abortion. Sandra and I spoke with her. When asked if she was pregnant, she responded yes, and half smiled when I congratulated her. We let her know that we cared about her, that we would give her anything she needed if we could possibly get it. When I told her about all the pain that she might endure—physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological, she didn’t say anything. But she deserved to know. When I said you can’t undo this, she said “I know”. We told her about where she could get a free ultrasound. When asked if she had children, she said no. So this was her first pregnancy. Her Dad didn’t say anything, letting us speak with her as he waited on the stairs. But we pointed out that that was his grand baby. We invited her to coffee. She went in and didn’t come out by the time we left at 9. Please pray for “Marie.” It was so sad.

Another young couple came in and didn’t speak to us or take any information, but they had tears in their eyes.

A Mom came in with her daughter, who had a set of twins already, and said she had been raped. The Mom said she couldn’t afford to take care of (another) grandchild, and asked us if we could afford it, and would we take care of her? We said “YES!” but she wasn’t serious, because then she just turned and went in with her daughter, saying “with Trump in there, there’s NO Way”. I don’t know what she meant by that.

 We are having our 40 Days for Life campaign at Lovejoy, starting September 27th.

 Sandra and I were talking to a young man who came to pray there today(he knelt down) and we started wondering, in this new light of occurrences, and knowing that when there are lots of people praying outside of clinics, appointments are often broken --What would it be like if we surrounded that building with hundreds of people every day during the 40 days? Or maybe even only 50?! Would it be the nail in the coffin of Lovejoy? I feel it could happen.


And plan on coming to the vigils during, or even before, the 40 Days for Life campaign starts. We are there Thursday, and most Friday, mornings. Contact me if you want to come.

Yours in praising God, from whom all blessings flow,


America you are beautiful...and blessed.... The ultimate test of your greatness is the way you treat every human being, but especially the weakest and most defenseless. If you want equal justice for all and true freedom and lasting peace, then America, defend life." - Pope John Paul II

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Seven Planned Parenthood Facilities Permanently Close Today June 30, 2017 By Operation Rescue

    By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, DC – Seven Planned Parenthood facilities, six of which conducted medication abortions, are set to permanently close today in three states.

Planned Parenthood officials noted that the closures were primarily an attempt to remain solvent amid fears that Medicaid reimbursements would be halted by Congress.

“It isn’t very often we see seven Planned Parenthood facilities close in one day. This may have set some kind of record. It is great news for women and their babies who will no longer be preyed upon for profit by Planned Parenthood in these communities,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Many Planned Parenthood facilities survive only on on government funding. There are so many other reputable providers of legitimate healthcare for women out there. Even if every Planned Parenthood was shut down, no one would have to due without proper medical care. We should not be funding Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars.”

Medication abortion facilities that are closing as of June 30, 2017, include:
Atlantic City Planned Parenthood, Atlantic City, New Jersey. (Cited “security” reasons for closure.)
Burlington Health Center, Burlington, Iowa. (Financial reasons.)
Sioux City Center Planned Parenthood, Sioux City, Iowa. (Financial reasons.)
Central Richmond Health Center, Richmond, CA. (Financial reasons.)
Vacaville Health Center Planned Parenthood, Vacaville, CA. (Financial reasons.)
Pittsburg Health Center, Pittsburg, CA. (Financial reasons.)
Keokuk Health Center Planned Parenthood, in Keokuk, Iowa, a center that referred for abortions, will also permanently close on June 30.
Another Iowa medication abortion facility, Quad Cities Center Planned Parenthood in Bettendorf, is set to close once the building sells.
The closures continue a national trend of abortion facility closures that appears to have intensified since the election of President Donald Trump.
In order to prevent Planned Parenthood from expanding once again, please contact your Senators today and urge them to completely defund Planned Parenthood in the upcoming legislation to repeal and replace of Obamacare, which is expected to come up for a vote after the Independence Day break.

Contact Senators.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sorry, This was taken down. I will keep looking for a free one.Full Program : "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". Saul Alinsky-Obama organizers / Current

Here is the entire EWTN "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing".  This is a very important film to watch over and over.  The information in this film will answer many questions about what went wrong with parts of the Church.

We are still giving money to Alinskite  Organzitions.  Catholic Campaign for Human Development  funds many organizations that have not helped the poor at all.  Notice how we always seem to need money for the less fortunate, but never get there.

We are like the United Way.  We are funding middlemen and not giving funds where it is really needed and so poverty is maintained.  Please enjoy this film as it answers many questions.