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Archdpdx and EMO consent to woman's "ordination" ?

Dear Friends of Life and Family,

On July 28, 2007 an Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (EMO) Church allowed a mockery of the priesthood by having an "ordination" of Toni Tortorilla. She is well known around the Archdiocese of Portland.

The relationship between Ms. Tortorilla and the Archdpdx seemed to trump the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the responsibility to Oregon Catholics in protecting these teachings by the Archdiocese. Below is the letter Archbishop Vlazny wrote after the Oregonian went public with this story. (my notes are in red)


Archbishop Vlazny
Catholic Sentinel August 23, 2007

"On Friday, Aug. 17, the Oregonian reported on a religious (religious?) ceremony at Zion United Church of Christ (EMO Church) in Gresham which was described as a Roman Catholic “ordination.” According to the report, we now have the first woman Roman Catholic priest in Oregon.

Most readers, hopefully, were somewhat suspicious about the event when they learned it did not take place in a Catholic church.(This is NOT an option!) Out of respect for those involved in the ceremony (Toni Tortorilla? Is there respect for the Roman Catholic Church?), I had decided to make no public statement. (Silence implies consent.) The Oregonian also said nothing for three weeks.

My main purpose in speaking up now is to assure you that there was no ordination of a Roman Catholic priest at Zion United Church of Christ in Gresham on July 28.(thanks for the assurance? where is the condemnation?) Even though Catholics (in name only) were involved, the claim that it was a Catholic ceremony is wrong but, hopefully, not intentionally disrespectful of a sacrament which we Catholics regard as a precious treasure (The Body of Christ is not a treasure, but the Source and Summit of our Faith..egads. They were totally disrespectful, what else do they have to do?When things are hidden it's for a reason. Even atheists know that woman are never Roman Catholic priests. What Catholics were involved besides Toni? We deserve to know.if they were also employees of ours), one for which we are called to exercise reverent and faithful stewardship.

Our relationships with other churches are sometimes fragile because of differences in beliefs and values. But in all ecumenical relationships Christian churches do their best to respect the diversity in practices and beliefs. I regret the apparent disregard for this understanding."  (Sorry you're in dreamland. You "regret" the "apparent disregard"?}

This seems to be a blatant effort to undermine the Catholic Church. Are we respected by the EMO churches? We give them credibility. We give them money and contacts. We are used to make people think that Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon represents ALL the protestant churches to the Legislature and public at large which is not the case. This relationship with EMO is not true ecumenism



The Archdpdx Griffin Center, on the campus of Christ the King Church in Miluakie, is due to receive $660,000 (20%) of the Archbishop's Annual/Catholic Appeal this year. Toni Tortorilla was part of their Ministry formation to:

"....fulfills the requirement for National Certification Standard 1: Personal and Spiritual Maturity.

Students will devote the weekend to preparing a personal plan for ongoing spiritual development. Her collegues at the Griffin Center were;

Mary Jo Tully, Chancellor;
Rev. Dennis O'Donovan, Vicar General;
Cathy Shannon, Child Protection Director (contact her for questions on new "safe environment" programs; Sister Jeremy Gallet, Office of Worship (for issues of kneeling, contact her);
Ruth Hayes-Barba, Care Ministry;
Sister Maureen Abbott, Griffin Center Director;
Brother Robert Rodrigues;
Rev. Juniper Schneider, on Justice and Peace board;
Sister Catherine Hertel.

Toni Tortilla is on staff for the Northeast Catholic Counseling Center.
"Toni Tortorilla, of Portland, lives with her lesbian partner." Santa Barbara Independent July 26, 2007.

Theoretical Orientation of Toni Tortorilla:
"My therapeutic orientation is a blend of trans personal, humanistic and feminist models. I support simultaneous development of psychological and spiritual growth by drawing on various approaches and disciplines. I facilitate healing, awareness and self-understanding through the integration of life experiences. My style is intuitive, creative, compassionate and interactive."

Toni Tortorilla is a psychotherapist and spiritual director in Portland, Oregon with an MDiv from a Jesuit theological school. She has been in the counseling field for 27 years, landing there originally in an attempt to pursue the calling to ordination that had seemed to pursue her relentlessly since she was 5 years old. She completed a B.A. in Theology just after the conclusion of Vatican II, and worked as a DRE during the early transition years. She taught high school religion, got fed up with the hierarchy and its position on women, followed other wise and transformative spiritual paths for 20 years, then came around full circle to the heart of the RC tradition once again. After returning, Toni soon found herself in a parish working with a team of people interested in reaching out to disenfranchised and alienated Catholics. When anti-gay initiatives came before the voters of Oregon she approached a sympathetic priest with the idea for an outreach ministry to the gay and lesbian community. He was enthusiastically receptive, and this pastoral experience became the launching pad for her application and acceptance into seminary. Toni will be ordained a priest this summer on July 28, 2007.


Be Not Afraid!!

The Catholic Church believes that the laity is necessary for more than money. In fact Canon 212 gives us value we don't often experience :

Canon 212, § 3 . “In accord with the knowledge, competence and preeminence which they possess, the Christian faithful have the right and even at times a duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church, and they have a right to make their opinion known to the other Christian faithful, with due regard for the integrity of faith and morals and reverence towards their pastors, and with consideration for the common good and the dignity of persons.”

The Archdiocesan Pastoral Council is one place to have your voice heard. Get to know your Vicarate representative and tell them your concerns. They exist to show that the laity is involved and prevent clericalism.

Mr. Ken Willett (503) 281-2469 Downtown Portland/Southeast Portland
Mr. Clint Bentz (503) 394 3268 Albany-Corvallis/Santiam
Dr. Thom Faller (503) 285-1350 Beaverton Suburban
Ms. Marie D'Agrose Columbia County/Middle Coast/North Coast
Mr. David Mastroieni (503) 653-0793 East Ptld. Suburban/South Ptld. Suburban
Ms. Lois Cersovski (541) 995-6973 Metropolitan Eugene
Ms. Carmen Swan Metropolitan Salem
Mr. John Cooper Northeast Portland
Ms. Sue Klemenhagen (541) 756-2865 South Coast
Mr. Rick Nelson Southern Oregon
Mr. John Mikitka (503) 649-4120 Tualatin Valley
Mr.Gary Stump (503) 636-3737 West Portland Suburban
Mr. Wendell James (503) 829-8694 Yamhill County/Marion County


For your information and future reference. Please note the protocol

When one is writing the Vatican to alert them to
heresy and errors and abuses, the protocol to follow is usually
to send originals letters addressed to each of the following.
(updated 2-28-06)

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI PP.
Bishop of Rome
Apostolic Palace
Via del Pellegrino
Citta del Vaticano
Vatican City State, 00120
phone: 011.3906.6988.10.22
email: av@pccs.va
fax: 011.3906.6988.53.73
(When sending mail to the Holy Father, do not
place the word 'Italy' on the envelope. The Vatican
is an independent nation and Italy's mail system routinely
misroutes mail addressed to the nation of Vaticano.
When the Vatican sends mail back to you, you'll notice
it is postmarked from within the U.S. somewhere. That's because
Italy's mail is so unreliable that the Vatican only uses its own
couriers routinely traveling to the U.S., on a daily basis, to carry
US mail over and mail it within the U.S.)

His Excellency The Most Reverend
Pietro Sambi
Apostolic Nuncio to the United States
3339 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008-3687
phone: 202-333-7l2l
fax: 202-337-4036

Most Reverend Celestino Migliore,
Permanent Observer of the Holy See
to the United Nations
25 E. 39th St.
New York, N.Y. l00l6-0903
phone: 212-370-9614
phone voice/data: 212-370-7885
fax: 2l2-370-9622
email: hsmission@holyseemission.org
email: HolySee@un.int
(the above two are positioned in the U.S. and
are important to notify as they relay news back to
the Holy See. Then, you continue to send copies
to the following Curia or Congregations:)

His Eminence Angelo Cardinal Sodano
The Secretariat of State
Apostolic Palace
00l20 Vatican City State
phone: 011.3906.
fax: 011.3906.
(He closely assists the Pope in the
exercise of his supreme function. The Cardinal
Secretary presides over it.)

Cardinal William J. Levada, S.T.D.
Prefect for
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Piazza del S. Uffizio ll
00l93 Rome Italy
phone: 011.3906.
fax: 011.3906.
email: cdf@cfaith.va
(He promotes and safeguards the doctrine
of faith and morals in the whole Catholic world;
therefore, those things belong to it which
touch this matter in any way.)

His Eminence Francis Cardinal Arinze
The Congregation for Divine Worship and
the Discipline of the Sacraments
Piazza Pio XII l0
00l93 Rome, Italy
phone: 011.3906.69.88.43.l6
fax: 011.3906.
(He pertains to the moderation and promotion
of the sacrfed liturgy, especially the sacraments,
with due regard for the competence of the
Cong. for Doctrine of Faith. He fosters and safeguards
the discipline of the sacraments, especially
what pertains to their valid and licit celebration; he
concedes favors and dispensations for matters which
are not contained in the
facilities of diocesan bishops.)

His Eminence Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos
The Congregation for the Clergy
Piazza Pio XII 3
00l93 Rome, Italy
phone: 011.3906.69.88.4l.5l
Fax: 011.3906.
(He is concerned with due regard for the
rights of bishops and their conferences and
he examines those things which concern priests and deacons of the secular clergy
with regard to their persons, ministry. This Congregation studies,
proposes and urges the means and aids by which priests strive for sanctity.
This Congregation also has charge of everything which concerns the work
and discipline of the diocesan clergy, especially Preaching of the clergy,
Catechesis, religious instruction of the young and adults.)

Most Rev. Stanislaw Rylko
Pontifical Council for the Laity
Piazza S. Calistoly
00l53 Rome, Italy
phone: 011.3906.6988.7322
FAX: 011.3906.6988.7214

His Eminence Giovanni Battista Cardinal Re
Congregation for Bishops
Piazza Pio XII 10
00193 Rome, Italy
phone: 011-3906-6988-4217
fax: 011-3906-6988-5303
He oversees the exercise of the bishops
function in the Church. This Cong. provides
also for the naming of bishops, apostolic administrators,
coadjutors, auxiliaries of bishops, military vicars,
and bishops enjoying personal jurisdiction. It is
competent for all things that have to do with bishops
and publsihes norms which provide for the more urgent
needs of the faithful.

Most Reverend Archbishop Zenon Grocholewski
The Congregation for Catholic Education
(of Seminaries and Institutes of Studies)
Piazza Pio XII 3
00l93, Rome, Italy
phone: 011.3906.6988.4167
fax: 011.3906.6988.4172
(He's responsible for formation of those who are called
to Holy Orders as well as for the promotion and organization
of Catholic Education, for clerics and laity both. He is
charged with the direction, discipline and temporal administration of seminaries
and whatever touches the education of diocesan clergy and secular
institutes, overseeing Universities, faculties, and any institute of
higher learning which has the name of 'Catholic' including those
directed by religious as well as laity.It watches over Catholic
schools in the dioceses as well.)

His Eminence J.Francis Cardinal Stafford
Apostolic Penitentiary
Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura
Piazza della Cancelleria 1
00186, Rome, Italy
phone: 011-3906-6988-7520
fax: 011-3906-6988-7553
The competence of the Tribunal is concerned with those
matters which pertain to the internal forum, for both
the sacramental and non-sacramental internal forum.
This Department consults that justice may be correctly
administered in the Church, judging matters assigned to
it between the Holy See and the various nations. Also,
specifically handles sensitive questions & indulgences
regarding Sacrament of Confession & Spiritual Direction.

There is an American priest, working for many years in
the Roman curia, who is most sympathetic to matters
of maintaining orthodoxy in the U.S. parishes. His name:
Rev. Msgr. Arthur Calkins
Assistant to President Angelo Cardinal Felici
Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei"
Piazza Pio XII 3
00l93 Rome, Italy
phone: 011.3906.69.88.4l.5l
Fax: 011.3906.
This commissiion regularises canonical situations
of a traditionalist nature; to collaborate with local
bishops with a view to satisfying the numerous groups
of faithful linked to the Latin liturgical tradition with
request a regular celebration of the Holy Mass in keeping
with the l962 rite in their dioceses. The commission can
indicate to the local bishop a way to meet the needs of
the traditional faithful.

You should also contact the Saint Joseph Foundation in San Antonio, Texas. Their
job is to assist Catholics who wish to make canonical appeals.

The St. Joseph Foundation
11107 Wurzbach Suite 601B
San Antonio, Texas 78230-2570
Telephone: (210) 697-0717
Fax: (210) 699-9439

Thank you to Barbara who is a wealth of information and devoted to Our Lord.

Barbara Kralis
Jesus Through Mary Foundation
phone: 903-532-5555
fax: 903-532-6544
919 Harrell Road
Howe, Tx. 75459

Lex orandi est lex credendi, translated into English as
"The law of prayers dictates the law of belief."
In other words, the way you pray shows what
you believe; what you exhibit externally reflects
what you believe internally. As Archbishop Fulton
Sheen once said, "If you don't behave as you
believe, you will end by believing as you behave."


"Lord fill with the gift of the Holy Spirit him whom you have deigned to raise to the rank of the priesthood, that he may be worthy to stand without reproach before your altar, to proclaim the Gospel of your Kingdom, to fulfill the ministry of your word of truth, to offer you spiritual gifts and sacrifices, to renew your people by the bath of rebirth; so that he may go out to meet our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, your only Son, on the day of His second coming, and may receive from your vast goodness the recompense for a faithful administration of His order." Byzantine Rite Ordination Prayer

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