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AB Vlazny - "Failure Is Not An Option" Regarding Capital Campaign

Free will and pastoral care are not in the phrase : "FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION"  quoting the Archbishop. The Time is Now...Failure of not an option. This sounds more like running a firm instead of a family.  

As the 5-year, $50.000.000 Capital Campaign continues, things are morphing.  The 
Archbishop's Catholic Appeal (ACA) was initially IN the Capital Campaign, then OUT, then crept IN again.   Now we've apparently already paid the $3,500,000 to the ACA through the Capital  Campaign. 

"Failure Is Not An Option!"
The Archbishop said he has pledged $35,000 to the campaign himself.  His investments and salary put him way above what a struggling family earns.  Archbishop's Pledge

He has said that next year we'll have the ACA (in conjunction with the Capital Campaign money we owe) when the new Archbishop has arrived.  "And if we still haven't earned enough money, there will be initiatives." (whatever that means)

Lent is a Holy Season of Charity to the poor, we don't need anymore administrators of C-3 organizations supposedly keeping ACA monies separate from Capital Campaign pledges.
"IN" - Original Campaign Manual 
Sharing our faith, shaping our future Campaign Manual

II. Annual Archbishop Catholic Appeal

· The Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal (ACA) will be conducted during the
campaign. Ministries and programs remain in need of the funds generated by
the ACA.

· The ACA and the capital campaign may fund similar needs. Extensive
communications and marketing is planned to clearly explain the need for
such levels of funding.--

lll·........... The proposed sharing of raised funds will begin with the first dollar raised.
The archdiocesan portion of the financial target does not need to be met
before the parish portion is funded.



Faith and Future - Ab. Vlazny 

"We’ve made a decision in mid-course to suspend next year’s annual Catholic Appeal in order to give our full attention to this campaign. The annual appeal raises funds that we need every year for operating expenses.  Because that campaign is being suspended I have decided that I shall increase my pledge.  I also remind you that 25 percent of funds raised in the campaign will go to the local parishes of the contributors. "
"....so far they have raised $3.5 million.  I have suspended the 2011 ACA (VOCAL What you just said No ACA this year and it's already "cream" for ACA) so that parishes can address their most immediate needs and help us raise the funds we so desperately need to help our seminarians." 
......As part of my pledge to maintain clear and transparent communication....


"IN and collected"  - Double talk about the Archbishops Catholic Appeal.

We decided to eliminate the annual appeal this year and use the first dollars collected in the capital campaign to provide the funds that would ordinarily be collected in the annual appeal for our 2011-12 fiscal year. (VOCAL - We thought it was NOT collected, now the first monies are used for the ACA -so we're IN?)

The annual appeal will be back next year.(VOCAL - What? We already paid for this year with Capital Campaign money)  The other concern was protection of funds with the assurance that they would be distributed appropriately.  A separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit religious corporation has been established.  A board of lay leaders and clergy from the archdiocese is overseeing the collection and distribution of the funds, operating independently from archdiocesan office.

  • The Real Reason? Filling Scandal Coffers?
Archbishop Vlazny's Catholic Sentinel Article on Capital Campaign  

"We’re doing it because the need is now and, frankly, I don’t have much time left. I certainly want my successor to be able to come in here and actively challenge all of us to work together to evangelize all the people of western Oregon, beginning with ourselves.  It will take a new bishop time to get to know all of you and I hope and pray that he will be able to focus on our number one priority, namely, growing in holiness.  During my tenure, the needs have been more mundane and our resources required for mission were diminished and need to be replenished." 

Christ says:
"When you give...do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by men" Matthew 6:2

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