Monday, May 2, 2011

Religion in the "Modern World" aka Archdiocese of Portland's Curriculum


This is an excellent article, It shows the progression from Neitzsche to Jung to Freud and to many more "modern" "teachers".  Zanzig Catholic Curriculum is part of this "thought".  We are teaching "the Earth Charter" in our Catholic schools and have for many years which is against our beliefs.

Nietzche went permanently insane and Freud's autobiography says he heard voices and had insane writings.

It is shows how this leads to mental confusion, breakdown and the use of our young to victims of sexual abuse and moral demise.

   "The methods are based on "the group therapy technique" first developed in America in the 1970's by two psychologists, Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow. They described how emotional conditioning should be carried out by a group "facilitator". The facilitator does not impart knowledge like the old fashioned teacher. Instead he/she initiates discussions encouraging children to reveal their personal views and feelings. The facilitator's approach is "value free". There is no right or wrong answer to any religious or moral question. Each person discloses what is right or wrong for them. All choices are equally valid even if they are opposites. Everything depends on feelings or emotions. Reason and conscience are discouraged. If anyone attempts objective evaluation, they are to be treated as an "outsider" and there will be a strong emotional reaction against such "judgemental intolerance"."

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