Wednesday, November 2, 2011

CCHD - National Update and Video

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Catholic Campaign for Human Development

The money for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) is generally taken up each year the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It is then distributed to various groups that claim to fight poverty and here’s where the problem comes in.

Many of these groups either DIRECTLY contribute to the culture of death by openly supporting abortion, same sex so-called marriage, contraception, etc. Many others INDIRECTLY contribute to the culture of death by belonging to groups and associations that band together to promote the above referenced evils. In both cases, dozens of these groups are getting money that YOU throw in the plate thinking you are helping poor people.

These revelations a couple of years ago sparked an angry response on the part of many leaders in the Church as they lashed out at the messengers who were exposing these corruptions. And it’s important to realize that these charges of diverting much of this money to liberal pro-culture of death forces did not start just two years ago. This behavior has been going on for decades and every time in the past the CCHD has ducked and bobbed and weaved and accused those asserting the charges of ridiculous things like lying being uncharitable and so forth.

But this latest round has ignited a flurry of research over the past two years with the CCHD finally on the defensive. After numerous meetings with their accusers that they were essentially shamed into the CCHD agreed to revise their policies and guidelines which they did. The problem is that the problems got EVEN worse, with even MORE pro-death groups getting YOUR money.

When this was uncovered by the American Life League (ALL), after months and months of intensive research, the group collected all its information into one report and sent a copy of the damning information to every single bishop in the United States.

The response from the CCHD was, “Oh, these are nothing but the same old charges and recycled accusations. Don’t be silly. We’ve reformed and everything is perfectly fine.” This is the same message that was relayed to the bishops when they began asking questions and reading the reports. The CCHD denies that there are pro-culture of death groups getting YOUR collection plate money.

The CCHD is wrong. They have been disingenuous in their responses both to the laity and to the bishops. This outfit has its own agenda and has been pushing it for years and now after reluctantly being shamed into revising their own guidelines and they hide their continued practices behind the fact that they have produced a new set of guidelines, but they clearly don’t follow them in many cases. The problems at the CCHD have actually gotten worse in terms of the number of bad groups getting your money. This problem has gone on for so that its time to bring the CCHD to a close. Shut down the whole operation.

If the Church wants to, as it should, engage in the corporal work of mercy of helping the poor, then it should do it though solely solidly Catholic groups and organizations.

If the people in charge won’t end this then the people in the pews needs to.

Do not contribute to the CCHD.


Father Anonymous said...


Carol, you left off the most blistering expose: Michael Voris' "Catholic Investigative Agency: Social Injustice"


VOCAL said...

Thanks Father..I just didn't include this because it's so long. I hope people go to the CIA Real Catholic TV YouTube.

Thank you for your Holy Boldness. We appreciate you.