Friday, October 31, 2014

NOVEMBER 1, 2014 - THE LAST "FIRST SATURDAY DEVOTION" at Archbishop Sample's Request and ALL SAINT'S DAY.

Let's Celebrate the Queen of Saints and All of our Church's canonized Saints November 1, 2014. 

All Saint's Day is a Holy Day of Obligation, but in Oregon we are not "obligated" because this Holy Day falls on a Saturday.  Our Saint friends might like us to override this Oregon trait.

Archbishop Sample might have just planned the dates for the devotion this that way.  Who knows?
November 1st,  know that we can work out one hour for all our Heavenly friends that we'll hopefully see after our death.
Satan loves to mess things up tomorrow is a great day for that.  Plan ahead for trouble.

God bless you all.


Shirley said...

We are celebrating all First Saturdays here with a morning Mass at St. Mary's, thanks to the St. John Society priests that we now have. To celebrate All Saints, there will be adoration all night long in the main Church tonight with an All Saints Mass tomorrow at 8 am. We are SO fortunate here!


VOCAL said...

That's so wonderful. I don't know how many churches will be so pastoral. We haven't heard any rumblings at our church. Fortunately they mention the Archbishop's wishes for the five Saturdays ending with this one.
I pray I wake up in time? smile

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the reminder of our Archbishop's request that regarding five first Saturday devotions. I have not heard much subsequent "publicity" about this from the Archdiocese or our parish regarding the Archbishop's announcement.

Peggy said...

Thanks Carolyn, have been praying and fasting for the election, for God's will in the election I might add, and have been working hard on campaigns. I will be at Mass today.

Thanks for all you do!

Tom K. Peterson said...

These posts and comments are very confusing, I must be suffering a Death Triduum hangover (Halloween, Saint and Souls). Archbishop Sample instituted a one-time series for this Archdiocese of 5 First Saturday devotions. Right? Now those 5 months are over. OK so far? However, the First Saturday devotions are NOT ended. They were instituted by the Blessed Mother, not Archbishop Sample and will continue until she says otherwise, perhaps until the end of time, as long as there is a priest willing to say mass on first Saturday. Isn't that true? Now the final point, considering some priests think this is old-fashioned nonsense and prefer to sleep in or be on the golf course, is no fault of the faithful, or the archbishop. First Friday Devotions have NOT ended. I believe maybe the headline is misleading and then the article makes it moreso. Sorry if I am dense. I hope I am right that there is no official "ban" in Oregon on 1st Saturday Devotions?

Anonymous said...

I am confused by Mr. Peterson's comment. No where in the article did I see that VOCAL said 1st Saturday devotions were ended.Nor that 1st Saturday devotions were started by the Archbishop. Nor that the faithful or the Archbishop were at "fault". I find Mr. Peterson's comment very misleading.VOCAL was writing about the "novena" of five sequential 1st Saturdays following his announcement. That obviously does not mean ending the continuing observance of 1st Saturdays.

VOCAL said...

Tom, sorry I haven't responded sooner. First of all, this blog is for Oregon Catholics. Usually everyone knows that it isn't subversive or doesn't love the Church and Her devotions.

I pled guilty to assuming too many things and thus confusing others.

Since our Archdiocese was Consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima and thus started the Devotion all Oregon Catholics were asked to participate in together.

This explanation is pretty clear although if all that is read is the title, there could be confusion.

Did you read the post? Did you read the comments regarding this Devotion for Oregon Catholics?

If you didn't please do and if you did and were still confused reread it with the understanding that this blog is dedicated to the Glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church with love for His Holy Mother.