Saturday, February 2, 2008

Your signature on petition sheet not protected .....

Dear Friends, You might be interested to know that your name on a signature sheet does not receive the same value as your name on a ballot. Today, Federal Judge Mosman ruled against the voters of Oregon, in my opinion. According to him, a signature is not a protected right of the people when signing a petition sheet, since I, as a chief petitioner can eliminate some signatures that would effect the "formula" used by the Secretary of State. This "cleaning process" lessens their validity. The problem with this, is that as a chief petitioner, I am, under pain of prosecution, made to jump through certain hoops. If I don't I can be fined or worse. Also, if YOU sign a signature twice in different elections YOU can be fined, or worse. This insanity was the scenario at the Federal Courthouse today. The domestic partnership was put on hold until today. The attorneys for the rights of Oregon Voters were stellar and clear minded. The State was an embarrassment on all levels. There is NO standard for counties in making sure signatures are genuine and this was proved. The gal who gives seminars, to give the county clerks "tools" to use are their own discretion, is stealing tax payers money, in my opinion when it comes to this. The judge clearly said that those FIVE signers on which this case rested should have been contacted by the counties, instead of the chief petitioners and all the wonderful volunteers making sure we had the numbers. And they should have standard as is required by Oregon law (ORS and OAR) HOWEVER....his mood changed when the last lawyer, a woman for Basic Rights brought up the same-sex unions and how this was a hardship on them....something he stated in his opening statement the the proceeding was NOT about. He gave her a little nod and then she almost started crying and that was that...Any other person would have been reprimanded for bringing this subject up, however, the homosexual community has deep roots that, in my opinion, go to the judges chambers. Never fear.. The Godly lawyers and folks who endured five hours of judicial education did in fact learn a lot. We will really do this over and do it even better. We will overcome this evil with good...the people will get to vote in November, no matter how much influence the homosexual lobby has. Our work was NOT in VAIN...God Cannot be outdone in generosity of our time, talent and treasures. Keep praying. God Bless you and yours, Carolyn 503-769-4767 Member of Catholic Media Coalition - "In line with the Church, on-line with the world"

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