Friday, February 22, 2008

Rerun from 2008: US Bishops Invest in Abortion & Pornography? - What about Us? Part one

The subject line is not comforting or "appealing" since the campaign for Catholic money through Annual Appeal is upon us. US Bishops are investing in Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS) 4 Billion dollars strong and Catholic United Investment Trust (CUIT). Oregon Catholics need to be wise as we are involved in this scandal through association, as will be revealed. The Code of Canon Law is very clear on "investments" and we now wonder how our money is being invested.

Where does material cooperation end and scrupulosity begin?
Is the love of money changing the hearts of the Shepherds?

The first thing to remember is that the US Bishops do not equal or trump the Holy Father or the Holy See (the seat, center of authority) The second thing to remember is the the annual appeal is not a mandatory collection. The insert in last week's church bulletin did show what each church is "supposed" to collect. I don't know what happens if pastors fail to make the quota, I hope they aren't somehow penalized if the laity loses hope in where the Catholic collection plate money goes and the quota falls short.

Where does material cooperation end and scrupulosity begin?
Are Holy Orders Really Vocations or turned into Occupations?

As you will note by looking at the pie chart on the insert, the Respect Life Office has no slice. Once again the Office of Justice and Peace gets a share, this year down from 3% to 2%, however, belonging to Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon and advertising their anti-Catholic events with Oregon Catholic money hasn't changed. In fact it has been ramped up under Catherine Willett, the director and Mary Jo Tully her director. Money is easily moved.

Where does material cooperation end and scrupulosity begin?
Are these alliances hardening the hearts of the Shepherds?

In Oregon in the 2007 Session of the Legislature, there was NO lobbying against embryonic stem cell research, they wanted to be "behind the scenes", I ask WHY? There is no problem joining the liberals with "anti-war", and the newest, "anti-torture" letters signed by Catherine Willett and the Archbishop speaking for Catholics, why not speak out on the daily killing of unborn Catholic babies at the hands of abortionists.

According to the campaign insert, 80 ministries getting cash from us. I was told by someone involved that the prison ministry was given 1/18 of 1%....of the 3.6 million expected. They are one of the 80+ . This is why we need an audit. The following news item from New Oxford review, just released, shows and even greater need to "TRUST BUT VERIFY".

Where does material cooperation end and scrupulosity begin?
Has trust in investments replaced the Trust in Almighty God's Omnipotent Power?

The Catholic bloggers are active in exposing the abortion/embryonic stem cell research through GlaxcoSmithKline and possibly other CBIS/CUIT investments.  US Bishops - Making Bad Investments

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