Friday, July 25, 2014

Archbishop Sample Reorganizes the Pastoral Center. Six resignations.

Director of worship leaves archdiocese
Sr. Jeremy Gallet
Sr. Jeremy Gallet

Sister Jeremy Gallet, archdiocesan director of the Office of Worship, is leaving her job. Her resignation adds to the list of five other Portland archdiocesan staffers who left their jobs earlier this month.

The department heads and key staff are departing as part of a reorganization of Pastoral Center operations.

Archbishop Alexander Sample said the changes are part of the archdiocese's effort to streamline operations and better communicate with the Western Oregon parishes and  schools the Pastoral Center serves.

The reorganization is the result of a months-long review of pastoral center practices by a firm retained by the archdiocese.


Carol said...

Oh Carolyn, he is such a blessing to our Church ! Thank you dear Lord, and thank you, dear Monsignor taught him well. By the way, Carolyn, Archbishop. Sample was not the only student at the large dining room table at St. Agnes Rectory.... Love, Carol

VOCAL said...

The "vibe" has to change at the Pastoral Center. When I hear of people feeling unwelcome and being treated so badly there, it is time.

I was actually "escorted" out of the Pastoral Center when I wanted to speak to the Superintendent of Schools Bob Mizia, regarding the "sex education" program. This was so humiliating and their were actually two men like guards there. So weird and frightening.

I was the Church Commission Chairman of the Archdiocese of Catholic Women for five years and to be treated like this was unbelievable.

I see they still put the Prayers for Priests in the Catholic Sentinel, one idea in many, that the women felt were good.

Fortunately when Archbishop Vlazny "fired" me, even the woman that voted for the democrats in the 2008 election was not happy.

We need education, apologetics, about our Church. As a convert I can understand why so many people are leaving this Catholic church. Those that are sacrificing to provide real Catholic education by homeschooling or sending their kids to private Catholic schools are not appreciated as they should be. We need to be more organic and not communistic in our Catholic education. Check out Roman Catholic Challenge aka RC Challenge. These kids always seem to know their apologetics. But is it even well known?

The desks of the teachers where this takes place are not something that actually teaches our kids. The sports programs seem to hum along. But I digress.

There needs to be kindness from these new hires. Oversight is necessary when we are changing from one administration to another.

When they get too big for their britches it's time to have talk about humility and service.

God Bless Archbishop Sample and give him wisdom Lord to bring back true Catholic Christianity in the Pastoral Center.