Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Great News for all of us who are fighting against the destruction of innocence to our Oregon Catholic children through the " safe environments programs". The issue of putting the inclusion of children in the USSCB's Charter preventing futher sexual abuse is being put on the agenda. I haven't asked permission to publically acknowledge the Bishop who submitted the request, but when I do, I'll let you know. Suffice it to say, he is an awesome man of God who is an oasis of reason and love, a real Shepherd among Shepherds. Let's all pray for the US Bishops November meeting where this will be addressed, not that we need something else to pray for, but like St. Paul says, "Pray without ceasing." For your information! This was in Monday's Oregonian. Passed on through the Defense of Marriage Team: Nina Rhea. There will be a conference to combat pornography this Friday October 22, at 9 am to 4pm at Kingstad Center, 15450 S.W. Millikan Way in Beaverton. The conference is free, reserved lunch $10. • To register call Marilyn Dougall at 503-292-2763 - president, Oregon Association of Mothers. "The Fight Against Pornography" is designed to help families, government leaders, law enforcement officials and educators fight pornography and protect children. Organizers specifically want to attract parents, educators, business and civic leaders, law enforcement officials and medical professionals. [Comment from Nina: I would add pastors.] "Portland has close to as many sex businesses as does Los Angeles, but the LA population is seven times more". The nondenominational group hopes the conference raises concerns about pornography, Dougall said, "so people are more aware of the need to protect the children here". The speakers are Roger Young, a retired FBI special agent who has investigated more that 1,000 cases involving the sexual exploitation of children, prostitution and obscenity; Robert Peters, is president of Morality in Media, based in NY; Jack Samad, executive vice president of the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families; and Dennis Shaw, chief operating officer of i-SAFE America Inc. Please pass on this information to those you think might be able to attend. I plan to attend and see if the Good Lord has some more "ammunition" to help keep our children as innocent as we can. "And keep the job of training a child to the parents, as a God-given right", as the good Bishop said. "It is the question of the lay Catholic's duty to be morally coherent, found within one's conscience, which is one and indivisible. There cannot be two parallel lives in their existence: on one hand, the so-called 'spiritual life', with its values and demands; and on the other, the so-called 'secular' life, that is, life in a family, at work, in social responsibilities, in the responsibilities of public life and in culture." (emphasis added) - DOCTRINAL NOTE on some questions regarding The Participation of Catholics in Political Life, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to all Bishops of the Catholic Church.

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