Thursday, October 21, 2004

Now is the time for SPIRITUAL WORKS of MERCY!

In our quest for God's Holy will in this election it's back to basics, again. Priests for Life suggests applying the Spiritual Works of Mercy for balance; a fixture in Church teaching and often forgotten.

The Spiritual Works of Mercy are:

To instruct the ignorant: Ignorance is lack of knowledge about a thing in a being capable of knowing. (read this a few times, if necessary)
Remember, some people have "self-imposed invincible ignorance". This can have Eternal consequences. Sometimes other issues are put ahead of abortion as more important. We have to help them and if there's a chance of an open heart.....

• To counsel the doubtful; A state in which the mind is suspended between two contradictory propositions and unable to assent to either of them.
If there is a conflict, we shouldn't act on a doubtful conscience, where our Mortal Soul is concerned. Let's help our Catholic brothers and sisters to THINK and not EMOTE.

• To admonish sinners; Fraternal correction is here taken to mean the admonishing of one's neighbor by a private individual with the purpose of reforming him or, if possible, preventing his sinful indulgence.
We are sometimes called upon to be a little "bolder" in our approach to Catholics so far removed from the Teachings of Christ. It's back to basics, the Catechism for starts and the Ten Commandments, although this often falls on dead ears. People have free will. We are just called to be faithful. REMEMBER: It is not a judgment to remind someone of the BASICS. God knows a persons heart. But if our Catholic sibling is promoting wrong teaching we have the duty to help them. Don't expect a welcome response all the time. That's when we can apply the next two spiritual works of mercy.......

• To bear wrongs patiently 

• To forgive offenses willingly 

This next one could be if someones heart is changed and they need a good confession and a kind word, or during this stressful time, encouragement and a reminder what Jesus says, " I am with you always."
 • To comfort the afflicted

Then we must remember to always - "Pray without ceasing", St. Paul.
• To pray for the living and the dead: the application of the mind to Divine things, not merely to acquire a knowledge of them but to make use of such knowledge as a means of union with God. We can't forget the souls in purgatory, who rely on us for prayers.

Prayer suggestions: THE ROSARY - Priests for Life Novena until Nov. 2nd.; Divine Mercy Chaplet, at least say "Jesus, I trust in You." (even if you are having a tough time believing it). Fasting goes along with this and adds a supernatural element to intensify the prayer. Eat less, talk less, turn off TV more, read to the kids (again).

Justice - It is a moral quality or habit which perfects the will and inclines it to render to each and to all what belongs to them.

Jesus Christ says: "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's render unto God what is God's." and "You cannot serve Two masters."

We belong to Christ and have the indelible marks to prove it. It is TRUE JUSTICE to listen to someone who died for our us, as "old fashioned" as that sounds.

We are a supernatural people; a spiritual people. Let's apply a spiritual work of mercy if the situation arises. The only thing standing between KNOWING something and DOING something is PAIN. Sometimes in speaking out for the truth we have to "DO IT AFRAID". So...


ABORTION  -  INTRINSIC EVIL. It is never allowed for a Catholic to support in word or deed.

There have been 45 Million abortions since 1973.
There are 1.3 million abortions done each year.
There are 36 abortions done each day in Oregon.

WAR - is always a failure of mankind. Sometimes necessary for self-defense or helping countries with oppressive governments. "Despite the Vatican's vociferous opposition to the war, the bloody terrorist attacks and the continuing insurgency have convinced the Pope that only an increased military presence, including NATO troops, can secure peace."

There have been approximately 1,100 American War causalities in the Iraqi war.

"It is the question of the lay Catholics duty to be morally coherent, found within one's conscience, which is one and indivisible. There cannot be two parallel lives in their existence: on one hand, the so-called 'spiritual life', with its values and demands; and on the other, the so-called 'secular' life, that is, life in a family, at work, in social responsibilities, in the responsibilities of public life and in culture." (emphasis added) 

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