Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Quick Reminder About Symposium

Dear Friends, Just a quick reminder about tomorrow evening. Oregon has moral issues educators who are tops in their fields. Come tomorrow and get to know them. These are subjects that we MUST have clearly in our minds for an informed conscience and so we can pass on what we've learned. The meeting is from 7-8:30 PM at St. Cecilia's in Beaverton. MORAL ISSUES SYMPOSIUM • Dr. William Toffler, Prof. of Family Medicine, OHSU "Assisted Suicide and Pain Management" • Janet McLaughlin, NFP Supervisor, NW Family Services "The Contraception - Abortion Link" • Dr. Margaret Hogan, Chair in Ethics, University of Portland "The Status of the Embryo" • Child Care available - please RSVP by Oct. 4th! TONIGHT! • Sponsored by St. Cecilia's Respect Life Committee • Questions? Call Philip & Bianca 503-524-7768 God Bless you, Carolyn "The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the 'Gospel of Life'...We believe that this Gospel is not only a complement to American political principles, but also the cure for the spiritual sickness now infecting our society...We cannot simultaneously commit ourselves to human rights and progress while eliminating...the weakest among us. Nor can we priactice the Gospel of Life only as a private piety. American Catholics must live it vigorously and publicly... - NCCB, Living the Gospel of Life V.O.C.A.L. Voice of Catholics Advocating Life P.O. Box 458 Sublimity 97385

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