Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cardinal Raymond Burke on Oregon Soil February 25 and 26th -Pendleton

2011 NW Catholic Men's Conference presenters

  • Cardinal Raymond Burke Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura in Rome, Italy

    Since his appointment to the office of Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura in June of 2008, Cardinal Burke is the first non-European named to the head of the tribunal in the Roman Curia. Cardinal Burke is a true champion of the Catholic Church, standing up, speaking out and challenging those who oppose Christ's teachings.
  • Cardinal Burke Regects "Catholics in Name Only" College 
  • Bishop Robert Vasa Diocese of Baker, OR.

    Bishop Robert Vasa of the Diocese of Baker has been on the front lines educating and defending Christ's Church. Bishop Vasa has worked hard on transforming the central and eastern side of Oregon into holy ground. His thought provoking talks encourage and promote Christ, challenging all to put Christ into their daily life
Bishop Vasa says hospital can no longer call itself Catholic.
  • Doug Barry Catholic Evangelist

    Doug Barry is the founder and director of the Catholic apostolate RADIX, as well as a husband and father.   Since 1992 he has traveled throughout the United States along with journeying to several other countries, spreading and defending the Catholic faith. He is well known for his one-man performance of the Passion of the Christ as well as co-hosting EWTN's Life on the Rock.

  • Hosting Pastor and Presenter - St. Mary, Pendleton

    Fr. Bailey Clemens. Pastor St. Mary's Catholic Parish Pendleton, OR.
    Fr. Bailey Clemens grew up in Eastern Oregon. He worked as a disc jockey, a sporting goods retail manager and telecommunications sales associate.  He later went to Africa to work with his aunt a missionary nun. It was there he found his priestly vocation. Upon his return he finished his undergraduate at Saint Edwards University Austin, Texas. He joined the Diocese of Peoria and began his seminary training at Mount Saint Mary's in Emmittsburg, Maryland. After some years in Illinois, he heard the call from God, go west. He returned to his home Diocese of Baker and is Pastor at St Mary's in Pendleton.
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Remember the Little Rascals and their clubhouse that said "No Girls Allowed"?  Well, ladies maybe next time. But get the men in your life to experience this maybe once in a lifetime event with Cardinal Burke and Bishop Vasa together; good shepherds who protect us with the Truth.
The other speakers are stellar and worth the trip.

Jesus says:
"Go into the whole world and proclaim the good news to all creation.  The man who believes it and accepts baptism will be saved; the man who refuses to believe will be condemned."

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