Sunday, April 29, 2012

Walt Disney "Education for Death" (1943) Timely..a good meditation.

This is an Nazi anti-propaganda Walt Disney cartoon circa 1943.   It can be used as a meditation for today: religious freedom, indoctrination, death panels, homeschooling, FREEDOM.
Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.
Sir Winston Churchill November 11, 1937


Mary said...


VOCAL said...

That says it all.

Diane said...

Hi Carolyn,

I just want to make sure that you looked at this article. I have emailed
both the Archdiocese and Catholic Charities. I feel some urgency because I
just now saw in the Catholic Sentinel that there is a collection being taken
up on May 5th and 6th in the churches.

VOCAL said...


What you found I was going to post. The new Catholic Charities guy is a not thinking straight. They apparently have too much time and money on their hands to be doing things like this.
We are going to get a good Archbishop. Don't worry. I don't know who it is, if you find out before I do let me know. It is something to look forward to and the only way we are going to get sanity back in the Archdiocsese.

Arthur said...

Actually, democracy as a form of government has ALWAYS failed and always will. What we did here int he US was form a republic (recite the pledge and understand), the first democratic republic in history, one based on the natural rights of man that spring from the "laws of nature and nature's God". We are about to lose it.

As I tell EVERYONE on my e-list: May I recommend you take Hillsdale college's Constitution 101. There is an introduction (4 parts ov 20-30 minutes each) and then 10 lectures; you can get to each by clicking on the forward arrow at the top. For the approx 30minute lecture check the box marled lecture. For a Q&A relevant to each lecture check the Q&A box.... and any others you wish. It is well worth your time.

VOCAL said...

We are a republic. At the time this cartoon was made, you'll remember that it was just 1936 when Americans and the whole world attended the Olympics in Berlin.

Things went back to "normal" and WWII happened. I'm amazed and remember when children where not treated like they didn't have a brain.

Thanks for pointing out Hillsdale College. It's not a Catholic college, but I would suggest it over most Catholic Colleges. The online course would be great for home schoolers too.

Arthue said...

A P.S. Here is a VERY short video explaining the differences. You might want to look at this one first if you look at any.


VOCAL said...

Thanks. I'll post a picture that will help to further explain the difference.

I think that the point of the cartoon was to distinguish between socialism and democracy...any ends to a means.

Anna said...

This is really wild. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work. The other videos are great too (I love the brothers in the womb, 'Do You Think...')
God Bless.

VOCAL said...

Thanks for the nice thoughts. I surly don't want history to repeat itself as it often does.
God Bless.

priest's wife said...

I've tagged you if you feel like doing this (might be too personal for a political/religious blog

VOCAL said...

Priest's wife, I don't even know what a tag is yet...I will though. Love to have you aboard. It's an honor.

VOCAL said...

Oh, I know what a tag is now. I'll do it a little might be like drinking milk and wine together: curds on tap. There are some serious issues I have to share.