Saturday, June 9, 2012

+ Mark Andreas

Mark Andreas passed away after a short bout with Cancer on Friday, June 8th.  He was a strong man of God and will be greatly missed.   Mark was a dear friend of "VOCAL" for almost a decade, and sent cheers this way when Church error was exposed.  His dear wife Ruth and children were his greatest joy in life besides the Lord.  God bless you Mark, thanks for your dear friendship and faith in Christ to emulate.  Rest in Peace.
 Here is a message he sent through Facebook.  I know he wouldn't mind if I posted this.  It gives a flavor of this wonderful man.
"Greetings from Mark & Ruth Andreas in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It doesn't seem like we have been here for 6 years, but time flies. We have often thought of all the wonderful families we have known at Holy Rosary and the dear priests who have served there and at the Rosary Center. My own fondest memories will always be attending the 11:00 Mass and hearing the Men's Schola sing so beautifully.

I wondered into that parish in 1989 on December 8th on Our Lady's Feast day. I remember being fed up with my own parish priest who denied Purgatory and was confused on other points of the Faith. An older man I worked with attended there and recommended it to me, so I went to Noon Mass. I can still remember being overwhelmed by the beautiful hymns and then being able to kneel to receive Holy Communion. At the recessional hymn, Immaculate Mary, I began to weep in tears I can only describe as those of pure joy. I felt I was home! All I could do for a time was kneel back down after Mass and drink it in.

Now my problem was how to leave St. Peter's in Newberg. I went to see then auxiliary Bishop Waldschmidt to get permission to change parishes. He was very kind and said "Yes." And also "Those priest over there at Holy Rosary are solid in the Faith and they won't steer you wrong." So after 5 years on the Pastoral Council as chairman of education, I took my then 13 year old daughter Erin and left for Holy Rosary. Fr. Anthony and Fr. Emmerich where there at the time and shortly after, Fr. Bartholomew came. I think at the time There were six priests there including dear Fr. Duffner at the Rosary Center. 
What an Oasis Holy Rosary was for me and my Daughter Erin who now is Mrs Erin Rapp, and with her husband Jason and their six children still attend this dear parish. My parents weren't long to follow and last year even though my parents weren't able to attend for the last 5 years regularly to my Mother's failing health from Cancer, Fr. Anthony was there for them. My mother died and the funeral Mass was at St. Paul. Fr. Anthony offered to come and co-celebrate Mass with Fr. Moys there. What can I say to such friendship and love given to my family, but Thank you Fr. Anthony from our hearts. It meant so very much to my Father and the rest of my family to have him there and be with us.

I thank God for Holy Rosary, and vital role it has played in my life of my Wife Ruth who was a former Lutheran Pastor and a convert there, as well as my children and grandchildren. May her priests always remain attuned to the special "Charisma" that sets that parish apart in the faithfulness and fidelity of the parishioners there and may God always bless her now and in the troubled times that face our Church and Country.
God bless,
Mark Andreas
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, Sioux Falls, SD.  to  Holy Rosary Church, Portland Oregon


David said...

Rest in Peace Mark Andreas.

Nina said...

Hi Carolyn,

I'm so very sad about this. I learned a great deal from Mark.

I never met Mark. He published my article re the threats to marriage in his "Domestic Church" paper. After he moved, we "met" by email during the gay marriage crisis here. I remember emailing Ruth for contacts to help stop gay marriage. In fact, she may have sent me your way!



VOCAL said...

Mark really make his "mark" on us and I'll be forever blessed.

He was always on the side of Truth. What a great guy.

Teri said...

Hi Carolyn,
I was so happy to read Mark's tribute to Holy Rosary, the parish of my parents. Mark and Ruth have been close friends of ours for many years. Dennis went to Central Catholic with Mark and I was at St. Mary's. We literally grew up together and when he married Ruth it completed our circle. Mark asked us to be on the board of their apostolate, St. Joseph's Center For The Domestic Church. We are his youngest daughter's god parents and he is our youngest daughter's godfather. So you see, we HAD to go back to Sioux falls to bid him farewell last weekend. It was heartbreaking to see him failing before our eyes but in typical Mark fashion, he was comical to the end. When we visited him for the last time after mass on Sunday I leaned over him and said "we will see each other again one day" and we all cried tears of sorrow and joy. I told Ruth, of all our friends and relatives, I believe Mark was most prepared to meet Jesus. I know he is safe in His arms at this moment and that brings me great joy. He will be missed though...

Thanks for remembering a good soul.

Rose said...

Thanks for passing this along. Mark was a good man.

VOCAL said...

It was as if he had it planned this way.

Jim said...

Thanks for the notice. I met Mark when I was on the KBVM board and was impressed by his sincere devotion to our Catholic faith. May he find eternal rest and happiness with our Lord.


Peter said...

I'm sorry to hear about it. I remember his excellent lectoring at Holy
Rosary centuries (it seems) ago, and was one of his trainees there.

Eternal rest grant unto him Oh Lord....May he rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Mark Andreas was my uncle I miss him more and more everyday, but know he is in a good place now. I love you Uncle Mark <3.

VOCAL said...

I'm sure your dear Uncle Mark is looking out for you and will throughout your life. God Bless you.

VOCAL said...
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