Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bill Diss. Contract NOT Renewed, Out of a job, Having Chest Pains.,,. Planned Parenthood has lots of Tentacles.

I heard that Bill was having chest pains and had gone to the doctor today.
He got checked out, had an EKG, and his blood drawn. He said his heart enzymes were elevated, but that he is OK.
Let's keep praying for him and his family, as they go through this stressful time.
I hope I'm not speaking out of turn, but people are looking out for Bill and some have already given him some job know who you are .
Let's keep our eyes, ears, and mostly prayerful hearts open on this !
Thanks everyone!!  From Therese.

This note is from Therese who is with 40 Days for Life and more importantly in this case with Precious Children of Portland.  Thank you Therese for letting us know about Bill.
This is what being a "white martyr" is.  "White martyrdom" is when a Christian totally commits his life to God, uniting himself completely to God. Often "white martyrdom" involves tremendous suffering accepted and offered up to God in union with the cross of Christ." Michelle Arnold, Catholic Answers Apologist.
May we follow the example of Bill Diss this Lent..and go out on a limb for Christ. Bill is having a Lent that will make Easter so blessed.
"If anyone comes to me, I want to lead them to Him." --St. Edith Stein
Dear warriors for Christ,
Portland Public Schools decided last night at 11:00 pm not to renew Bill's teaching contract.

This is extremely sad news, BUT:
a) we're confident that Bill won't stop fighting, even if it's "just" to help keep the kids safe from PP,
and b) maybe God means for him to be elsewhere.
Am unsure of how we'll proceed from here, except that Bill said (before he knew the result) that we should keep on attending the Board mtgs.
Our heart goes out to Bill and his wife, and THANKS for all of your continued prayers !!


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