Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Stericycle" and Oregon's Auschwitz

Thanks to Susan from Catholic Media Coalition for tracking this down for Oregon Catholics and others who find the burning of bodies for energy too close to an even more Godless society for comfort.
Here us the email from her:
"There is the culprit....Stericycle.
they service the clinics. On this following Stop Stericycle website you can click on your city to see pictures of Stericycle trucks picking up vats containing aborted babies. Click on EVIDENCE, then TRUCK SIGHTINGS. They pick up at both Orlando clinics.
Note that the Oregon COVANTA facility got their waste from STERICYCLE and connect the dots. Perhaps Covanta did not know that Stericycle services abortion clinics, however I find that hard to believe." ...Susan
Stop Stericycle | Public Notice | Investors & Clients BE...
Campaign to Stop Stericycle is exposing America’s leading medical waste disposal company for their collection, transportation and incineration of abo...
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