Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"I tell priests and bishops what to do." M.J. Tully, Chancellor - Connecting Oregon Catholics with Moveon.org (George Soros), ACORN (Saul Alinsky) and worse.

"I tell priests and bishops what to do."  Strong words and shocking to those at a Southern Oregon meeting in Spring 2007.  Her words, even in jest, were not appropriate.

The actions of Mary Jo Tully had/has many faithful Catholics wondering what's going on.   When she was hired by then-Archbishop William Levada in 1999, she helped him define her role. She was one of two women chancellors in the U.S.  Normally a chancellor is a priest or deacon and there are guidelines regarding their duties.  It seems women are treated differently than men.

She was in charge of many things, but right now we'll concentrate on Ballot Measures 66 & 67 from the Oregon election of

The Archdiocese, not through the Oregon Catholic Conference the lobbying office  but the Office of Justice and Peace says Yes on 66 and 67. Mary Jo is the director of that office

It's not so much the "yes" (although I believe a NO vote is more prudent) but the alliances that were exposed in this process the problem. Plus, we weren't given an opportunity to express ourselves or know what was going on.


Attachment #1 - Mary Jo Tully's name is listed with "Defend Oregon" and "Tax Fairness Oregon", who paid $500 to be in the voter's guide since they didn't have the 1000 names to be in the "Vote Yes on 66 and 67' and therefore couldn't get in for free. Remember, non-profits won't have to be taxed, like the church.
Connecting More Dots: WHO ARE THEY, REALLY?
Tax Fairness, Defend Oregon and Our Oregon all have the same address and phone number.
Tax Fairness Oregon Mission Statement
George Soros' Moveon.org's political arm Democracy in Action..is in the web address of Tax Fairness Oregon.
Democracy in Action Links to Pro-Aborts and Church Dissidents. Democracy In Action's mission - To "Wire the Progressive Movement." You'll see Faith in Public Life and ACORN Saul Alinsky group and Catholic Alliance a dissident group just to name two.
Now, notice how Mary Jo Tully signed the Tax Fairness "Religious Leaders" list first and then five minutes later our Archbishop did the same. A week later, Matt Cato, newly hired Office of Justice and Peace director signed a week later.

113Thu Nov 19 17:44:24 EST 2009 Matt Cato

114Thu Nov 19 17:49:24 EST 2009 Archbishop Vlazny

93Thu Nov 12 20:54:42 EST 2009Chancellor Mary Jo Tully

*It is fair and just that those who continue to prosper greatly should give back a little more of their income to support the public services that have made their prosperity possible. The responsibility of the wealthy to the poor and to the common good is a principle deeply rooted in the texts and teachings of our religious traditions." Tax Fairness Oregon Statement

SO....What's going on...?

Pro-Life Action of Oregon www.prolifeactionoregon.org put in a call to the Archdiocese upon hearing that both Planned Parenthood and NARAL were urging supporters with big money to vote yes, the Archdiocesan Chancellor Mary Jo Tully replied, “That’s not a bad thing is it?”

After being asked whether the archbishop knows about Planned Parenthood and NARAL’s lobbying efforts, Chancellor Tully replied, “No, I don’t think he knows.”

See. http://prolifeactionoforegon.org/2010/01/06/planned-parenthood-leads-tax-increase-lobby/

Statements IN FAVOR in your VOTERS' PAMPHLET which you should receive in the mail:

Page 16, bottom of right column: Planned Parenthood and NARA

Page 28, middle of right column: Ecumenical Ministries (Catholic Archdiocese is a member)

Page 73, both columns: Ecumenical Ministries and NARAL

With this action they aligned the Catholics of western Oregon with Planned Parenthood, NARAL National Abortion Rights Action League, Basic Rights Oregon (homosexual lobby) but that's not all.
Mary Jo Tully is on the Board of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon. That is the biggest problem we have as Catholics in Oregon.

Western Oregon Catholics are now aligned once again, with ultra-liberal, progressive values, but now it's so obvious, it's blatant and stomach-turning. These NOT the values of the Roman Catholic Church.

So we see that January 25, 2010 the Archbishop endorses Measures 66 & 67.

We pray that Mary Jo Tully can get some new friends and not be so outspoken about her role. It is very unnerving that not ONE of the churches we associate with are pro-life , REAL pro-life protecting unborn white babies, brown babies, black babies, every baby.

"In accord with the knowledge, competence and preeminence which they possess, they (laity) have the right and even at times a duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church, and they have a right to make their opinion known to the other Christian faithful, with due regard for the integrity of faith and morals and reverence toward their pastors, and with consideration for the common good and the dignity of persons." (Canon 212, P3)


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad for our diocese.

Joan said...

Stop the gravy train, Catholics! Put NOTHING in the collection plate, not only these "special" collections, your regular weekly collection. Write a polite letter to your pastor explaining that in good conscience you cannot give money that ends up killing babies and supporting political causes and gay rights. Then choose 2 or 3 real CATHOLIC charities and in your letter explain your money will go there instead. Such as American Life League, Priests for Life, C-FAM (really good!), Catholic League, orthodox religious orders, or missions run by REAL Catholic orders.

8-10 percent of your parish collection goes to your diocese. That's why it's immoral to put money in the collection plate. When the priests suffer not being able to pay the electric bill, THEN they will SCREAM to the bishops. When the quotas (yes, priests have $quotas) are ont met, then maybe Archbishop Vlazny will ask his CO-BISHOP Mary Jo what's happening.

These travesties will only stop when the money stops. Have the guts to JUST SAY NO, but tell your priest NICELY WHY.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Great post!

This is why the Catholic Church in the U.S. is in such a mess. Why does the bishop allow it? One can only presume he is a coward or an accomplice. Pray and fast for him and follow Joan's advice. No money. That's all they understand.

Hold their feet to the fire and cut off the money.

Anonymous said...

It was excellent of you to discover and reveal this sad connection.

I worked in the Archdiocese of Portland for several years. You will find both the best and worst of people there. There are many sincere priests and staff there who mean well and quietly try to do whatever little good they can. And there are many who, despite whatever good they might trip into, are very poorly suited for their positions and cause great harm to the Church (to put it very nicely).

In my experience Mary Jo Tully enjoys her position and friendship with the bishop a little too much. It was routinely used to control other people, pit them against each other, and implement personal agendas. The Church in Oregon would benefit if many of these bad seeds would leave or be fired. But the problem is that the people who replace them are often no different.

This is not the first ballot in which the Archdiocese has advocated a position that, when studied, is deeply harmful to the very people the Church is charged with protecting. The Office of Justice and Peace in particular seems to attract kook leadership and is routinely on the wrong side of issues. Along with other archdiocesan offices it presents the personal opinions of staff as matters of morals and faith and therefore binding upon the faithful.

This poses additional problems because it tramples the freedom and responsibility of the lay faithful. We have a responsibility to study and work these issues out; not just blindly follow what some Chancery staff person says we are to do. Chancery staff are not evaluated and hired on the basis of their business or economic expertise, and they pretty much always get these issues wrong. In fact, the Church is easily played by powerful special interest groups, as you have indicated.

It is deeply damaging to the Church and to the most vulnerable of this diocese. As an expert in business, economics and tax policy, I have written letters to the Archdiocese on these matters and the only response is silence.

There are some people there who will do the right thing because it is the right thing, but for many in power there, all they seem to care about is imposing their will on others, or doing what feels right, irrespective of whether it actually is right.

I give hundreds per month to charities in Oregon and around the world, but as of this last election I'm not giving another dollar to the Archdiocese of Portland until they stop advocating destructive positions and overstepping their bounds.

VOCAL said...

Thank you all for your input. There is so much going on in this Archdiocese that shows almost disdain for Our Lord and certainly for Oregon Catholics. Thanks for your encouragement and wisdom.