Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Message from Our Pro-Life Director/Also "White Privilege" Trial Balloon in Archdpdx.

Dear Advocates for Innocent Human Life, There is so much going around in this campaign. Some of these things we hear have a "racist overtone" to them. This is just a little sidebar, but very important for you to know. We know that there is an attempt to create class envy from the last email on "Let's Play the Candy Game", we would hope that this wouldn't be an issue with so many other things we have to deal with. What a way to get votes. Here is a recent homily from our Director of Pro-Life Ministries, Father John Cihak (sigh-ack). He has no budget, has no office in the Archdpdx no staff. Yet, has the responsibility to educate Oregon Catholics on REAL Life issues. The Office of Justice and Peace who would hijack the term "pro-life" so their various projects will be funded have a bucket of money of $100,000 or more. The ads, salaries, perks, benefits, "expenses", travel, meetings, handouts, etc. are not as important as innocent human life, or the Saul Alinsky-based "Catholic"Campaign for Human Development that is starting it marketing now for the November collection. Let us spend some time to hear Father John Cihak's words for us, since he has no other way to get to large numbers of folks during this time. Also..here are some videos... Native Oregonian Video...Go Oregon Go!!!! http://www.americaschoicenow.com Bella star - "Heartthrob" in more ways than one...English and Spanish. http://www.obamamustsee.com:80/ "Harvesting and Voting" 25th Sunday in OT (A) Sacred Heart-St. Louis Parish, Gervais, Oregon September 21, 2008 Fr. John Cihak, S.T.D. It seems that now most of the harvests are in. Since this is my second summer as pastor here in French Prairie, I am beginning to learn the order of the crops. Something that has impressed me about the harvest is the beautiful technology that is the combine. As I understand it, a combine has a series of sieves, the first of which eliminates the largest and most obvious refuse, kicking the chaff back onto the field for baling. The rest goes through the other sieves until you have mostly seed. Now I also understand that even after combining the seed still needs to be taken to a plant and cleaned until there is a certain percentage of pure seed. The combine is truly a marvelous, though expensive, invention. (I'm also amazed at the sheer amount of cash that goes into farming. One farmer recently told me that during harvest has was spending $1,000/day in diesel fuel!) Well the harvest season is over, yet we find ourselves in the midst of another season, an election season. This is a season where we find people yelling at their televisions and it's not some sporting event. In this election season, I think the image of the combine can help us sift through the issues and candidates of the complex political field, to help separate out the issues and candidates in order to produce good seed. Today St. Paul tells us, "Conduct yourselves in a way worthy of the gospel of Christ." In everything we think, say and do, we are to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ – in how we live, how we spend our money, how we raise our children, and how we vote. We are about to cast our vote for a new president. As Catholics, our allegiance to Jesus Christ and His Church is always first, yet because we love our country, we seek to enflesh His law in the laws of our country. Such a task reveals the heart of a true patriot – that our republic, this great experiment in democracy, would be enbued with the truth of natural law revealed through human reason and the revealed law revealed through faith. The first thing we should be doing for the election is engaging in the necessary spiritual work. In other words, this is a season where we Catholics should be praying and fasting for the good of our nation. We can accomplish no good deed without the help of divine grace, and prayer and fasting help to open up channels of grace in the world. We Catholics can obtain many graces for the good of our country. Because we live in a democratic republic, our vote is also important. It may not seem like much, one vote among so many millions, but it is our exercise of political power and it is a sacred duty – not one to be taken lightly. This exercise of political power is not for ourselves or for special interest groups, but for what is objectively good for our country. Therefore, we don't vote according to our pocketbooks, and we don't vote simply based on party affiliation. We vote according to the Truth as thinking human beings who follow the dictates of reason (natural law) and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (revealed law). As thinking Catholics we approach a political scene which does not completely reflect the Catholic position. Moreoever, two very prominent Senators who identify themselves as Catholics have greatly misrepresented the Church's teaching in the media. And the bishops of the United States have responded to these misrepresentations in a statement by Cardinal Rigali of Philadelphia and Bishop Lori of Bridgeport. The Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson, has also published an open letter in many secular newspapers across the nation to one of those senators calling him to task for his position on abortion. How are we to navigate through the issues in voting for a new president, and how as your pastor can I help to clarify some of the political issues? Well, I think the image of a combine helps us. Through human reason, we can set up some "sieves of logic" which can filter the issues and candidates, and help to identify a candidate who most closely resembles the truth of the natural law and our Catholic faith for this would be what is objectively good for our country. There are two basic sieves, or categories, of issues. Not every issue holds the same weight as others. The first sieve screens the candidates on issues having to do with life itself; the second sieve screens the candidate on issues having to do with the quality of life. The first and most important category contains those issues having to do with life itself: that human life has an inherent dignity given by God from the moment of conception until natural death and would receive equal protection under the law. We cannot begin to talk about the quality of human life until we have first established life itself. To disregard the issues regarding life itself and to go directly to issues concerning the quality of life doesn't make any logical sense. It is also important to remember that the issues that form the filter of the first sieve come to us from the natural law and are reinforced in the revealed law. In other words, we can know the truth of these matters through our human reason. It doesn't matter whether we are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, agnostic, humanist or even atheist. If we exercise our rational capacity, we can come to know these non-negotiable issues having to do with life itself, and in the current political scene they are five: 1) Abortion; 2) Euthanasia; 3) Embryonic Stem Cell Research; 4) Human Cloning and 5) Homosexual "Marriage". Why are they non-negotiable? Because they involve intrinsically evil acts that are never, under any circumstances permissible. So the issue of abortion is part of the mesh of that first sieve. Abortion is the deliberate killing of an innocent human life. In this country on average, more than 4,000 children are killed everyday by abortion. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I must tell you that even Hitler and Stalin cannot claim such numbers. Just to give you an idea, every day more children are killed in this country than in the 5-year war we've had in Iraq, as terrible as it is (about 4,200 US lives lost to date). War is always terrible, and I think most everyone believes we should be seeking a way to end it as justly and safely as possible. I have a stake in the war myself. I have a friend who just finished his third tour in Iraq; I know of another who in his first tour was clearing mines for a civilian area and things went terribly wrong. He never came home. War is terrible, but sometimes it can be justifiable, especially to stop on unjust aggressor. Abortion, euthanasia and the destruction of innocent children in the name of research (embryonic stem cell research) is never justifiable. Without the first category of life itself, we cannot guarantee any of the issues having to do with the quality of life. That first sieve must clear out the obvious stuff before reaching the second sieve. Life must first exist and receive protection by the law before any other rights are guaranteed. The second sieve has to do with issue of the quality of human life, sometimes called "social justice issues" (although we should recognize that the right to life is the first right and issue in "social justice"). Once there is human life, then we talk about the important issues that help human life to flourish. These are important issues like immigration, health care, education, employment, fair trade, economic exploitation, the environment and other similar issues. Notice, however, that they have to do with the quality of human life. They flow from the first category; they presume that life already exists and is protected. Logically these issues cannot supercede the issues of the first sieve. As a thinking human being and as a thinking believer, these are the two logical sieves to help us sort through the issues as a thinking person and as a follower of Jesus Christ. With these sieves we can help to identify the candidate that most closely resembles the truth of the natural law and the revealed law among the available choices. The USCCB has issued voting guidelines in a document called Faithful Citizenship which is available online, and will be provided in the back of church. Like any document, it is open to interpretation. Recently the other bishop in Oregon, Bishop Robert Vasa, gave a talk at the national Catholic Leadership Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, in which he clarified two important aspects of Faithful Citizenship. He noted that according to the document, a pro-abortion stance would disqualify candidates from consideration by faithful Catholics. He said, "When we were working on the document 'Faithful Citizenship', and the issue of whether or not a person's adamant pro-abortion position was a disqualifying condition, the general sense was 'yes that is a disqualifying condition'." However, during the discussions mention was made of the letter written to the US Bishops by then Cardinal Ratzinger just prior his elevation to the pontificate which noted that Catholics may in good conscience vote for a politician who supports abortion in the presence of "proportionate reasons". Bishop Vasa explained the notion of proportionate reasons. He says, "The conditions under which an individual may be able to vote for a pro-abortion candidate would apply only if all the candidates are equally pro-abortion." He added: "And then you begin to screen for the other issues and make a conscientious decision to vote for this pro-abortion candidate because his positions on these other issues are more in keeping with good Catholic values." In that case, he said, "It doesn't mean that you in any way support or endorse a pro-abortion position but you take a look in that context at the lesser of two evils." Notice, however, how a "proportionate reason" works. It only comes into play if the candidates are equally pro-abortion. But what about the relationship between abortion and another important issue like the war in Iraq? Let us reason it through with Bishop Vasa. "If we had a candidate in favor of a war in Iraq in which we decimate the entire population and we kill as many civilians to impose as much terror on everybody as possible, if that was in opposition to a pro-abortion person then we would have a real conflict of conscience. Why? Because you would have a direct and intentional killing of innocent persons on one hand and the direct and intentional killing of persons on the other hand. But we do not have that issue with capital punishment, and we don't have that issue with the war in Iraq. In this election we do not have candidates with equally pro-abortion positions." Through this logic, the logic of reason and the logic of faith, the first sieve would eliminate pro-abortion candidates from our consideration. Their position would not make it through the first sieve because these non-negotiable issues have to do with intrinsically evil acts. Abortion is always the direct killing of innocent human life. It is the defining issue for a rational person who understands the natural law; it is the defining issue for a Catholic who knows Jesus Christ and His revealed law. Certain acts and political positions are always wrong, and no one may deliberately vote in favor of them. Those with a direct vote (legislators) may not support these evils in legislation or programs. Those who elect politicians (citizens) indirectly support these evils if they vote in favor of candidates who propose to advance them. Abortion is the taking of innocent human life, and to support that and to vote for those who support it and promote it means that one takes at least indirect responsibility in the deaths of those children. Back in the last election in 2004, our own Archbishop Vlazny also clarified the issue of pro-abortion candidates and the reception of Holy Communion. He writes, "Let me say this. Catholics who publicly disagree with serious church teaching on such matters as abortion or same sex marriage should refrain from receiving Holy Communion. These women and men need to understand that what the reception of a sacrament means in the life of the church. The reception of Holy Communion is a sign that a person not only seeks union with God but also desires to live in communion with the church. Such communion is clearly violated when one publicly opposes serious church teaching. Reception of Holy Communion by such public dissenters betrays a blatant disregard for the serious meaning and purpose of the reception of the Eucharist." If you are struggling with these words, pray for illumination; pray for conversion. So we have our two basic "sieves of logic" to help us sort through this election and every election. We are rational persons who can know and follow the natural law, and we are Catholics who know, love and strive to follow the Lord Jesus. We have our rational combine to cut through and sort the political landscape. Jesus tells us today that it doesn't matter whether we come to the harvest at the very beginning or in the twilight of the day. He wants us working there nonetheless, and will reward us with the "daily wage" he longs to give us, eternal life. I think we now live in a time when we have to choose. We have to choose between being a Catholic in communion with Christ and His Church and supporting a pro-abortion position. This I know is difficult for some people because some Catholics have never before been explicitly asked to choose. But now we have to choose between those two. We cannot adhere to both. St. Paul tells us that there is nothing in common between Christ and Belial. Now the request that we choose is an invitation to conversion. I don't know about you, but the pro-choice position will not bring me to heaven. Jesus Christ will bring me to heaven. When we go to vote in November, I would ask that you think of final judgment that will determine our eternal destiny. We will be judged according to our deeds in this life. How do I want to stand before God and the millions of little children in His arms? I know when push comes to shove, I want to be where Jesus Christ is because for me "For me life is Christ." Sources: Cihak, John, excerpts from a previously preached homily at St. John the Baptist, Milwaukie (23 May 23 2004). Vasa, Bishop Robert. http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/sep/08091203.html Vlazny, Archbishop John, "Public Dissenters Should Themselves Refrain from Communion," Letter of May 6, 2004 [ecolumn@sentinel.org]. Vlazny, Archbishop John, "Political responsibility among Catholics", Catholic Sentinel, 15 August 2008 (http://www.sentinel.org/node/9327). Portland Archdiocesan Pastoral Council Meeting Regarding White Priviledge One of the goals of the APC in developing the racism materials was to raise awareness of the issue. The eyes of the council were opened to the problem through a study of “white privilege”. The “white privilege” angle was a great entrĂ©e into the topic of racism for the council, and it was hoped that this experience could be duplicated at the parish level through the materials that were developed. Unfortunately, however, because of copyright permissions and cost issues, the whole concept of “white privilege” had to be removed from the materials that were developed. As a result, the extremely effective “white privilege” approach to the topic could not be used as a hook to get people interested in discussing the issue of racism. Three of the people listed as resources in the racism materials are still willing to help the archdiocese and the APC if it is decided that more should be done to address the topic. Their names are Marie Langenes, Frances Portillo, and Susan Helzer. In addition, it is likely that the racism materials can be posted on the multicultural web pages that are being developed for the archdiocese. The recent movie, “Crash”, which is set in Los Angeles, addresses the theme of latent racial prejudice in human relations. It is a critically acclaimed movie and while raw in nature, the movie deftly exposes some of the existing racial prejudices that affect daily life in modern American society. God Bless you and yours, Carolyn "Be Not Afraid....I have overcome the world."

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Priests Emails to Let Your Voice Be Heard!!

Dear Friends for Life,

"The Christian faithful are free to make known their needs, especially spiritual ones, and their desires to the pastors of the Church." (Canon 212, P2)

"In accord with the knowledge, competence and preeminence which they possess, they have the right and even at times a duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church, and they have a right to make their opinion known to the other Christian faithful, with due regard for the integrity of faith and morals and reverence toward their pastors, and with consideration for the common good and the dignity of persons." (Canon 212, P3)

Here's a little gift for you. The emails of all the Archdiocese of Portland priests. You have a lot to say and I pray that you will use these well, with charity and prudence. Just copy and paste.

Our Church is in such confusion that I feel that we all need to let our voices be heard.

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"Let's Play the Candy Game" - USCCB Educate? Our Kids on Charity & Justice.

Dear Advocates for Life (Who Wonder What's Going On), It seems even our children aren't safe from the inadequate, confusing, and in my opinion, quasi anti-Catholic "Faithful Citizenship" propaganda in our Churches. According to the Archdpdx this is the only material allowed in the churches when questioned. Concerned Catholics just want to educate their brothers and sisters in Christ about the the moral issues that are very much in jeopardy during this election. What's going on when good Catholics are treated like intruders in their own parish? When Vatican documents and pro-life material l is unwelcome in a Catholic Church? When staff suddenly acts uncharitably towards Church teachings and their messengers? Who are these people? What are they doing to our children? Is this what the Catechism teaches? Part of the Truth is Not the Truth it is brainwashing. We have to question these "games". BEFORE YOU GET TO THE CANDY GAME......REMEMBER... Here are some activities that Catholics can attend for relief. Catholics for McCain/Palin meets: * SUNDAYS from 1 - 3 pm at the Washington Co. GOP Office in Beaverton...3800 Cedar Hills Blvd. #272. The last meeting had a large group of "almost" 20 awesome Catholics who believe in the Teachings of the Church, without excuses. Contact - Kevin Hoar -503-644-6075 * TUESDAYS at 3pm. There is a rosary for Life...this is held at St. Cyril's Catholic Church in Wilsonville..All are welcome, this is NOT a Catholics for McCain group, but centered on prayer for Life of the Unborn. Contact Karen Duchien - for more info * SATURDAY, November 1st. at 10 am "MARY".. Rosary for Babies and for Peace! Outdoors, so dress accordingly. 13011 NW Springville Rd. Portland. Contact Olive and Herb Plep - 503-297-2459 for more info. ******************************* http://www.faithfulcitizenship.org/teachers/games/candy Do you See the Face of Christ in this Game or Political Brainwashing? *********************************** Justice, Fairness, and Changing the Rules: Candy Game _ TEST Learning Objectives * Understand the difference between charity and justice. * Identify the key concepts of social justice. * Understand that we should share our gifts with others because God created us all and has blessed us with gifts. * Affirm that God has distributed talents equally. * Understand that as a result of God's creation, each person enjoys special dignity. The purpose of this introductory activity is to provide students with background knowledge of social justice, and to understand that there is a difference between charity and justice. Preparation 1. Prepare the materials for the lesson. You will need: * A deck of playing cards * 12 small bags of bite-sized candies, with 36 in each bag (Note: It is also possible to play the game with beans or any other small object that can be put in the bags in place of the candies.) * As many envelopes containing prizes as there are face cards being used (Prizes can be real prizes, like movie tickets, a cool gel pen, or snacks like cans of soda or candy bars. You could also use fake prizes, like a picture of a bicycle, but using real prizes will make the game more realistic for students.) * A bag with a number of candies equal to two times the number of number cards being used * An empty bag 2. Count out the playing cards, one per student. 3. For a group of twenty or more, use ten face cards (which will be given to ten students) and number cards for the rest of the students. 4. If you have fewer than twenty students, use only eight face cards, and number cards for the rest. 5. If you have fewer than fifteen students, use only six face cards, and number cards for the rest. 6. Copy the homework assignment. 7. Meet with the outside presenter (if applicable) to touch base on the lesson. The Lesson The teacher should begin the lesson by introducing the outside classroom presenter, and telling the students that he or she wants to play a game with them. Allow some time for each student to introduce him or herself to the presenter. You may want to consider having the students wear name tags. (If no outside presenter is available, the game can also be facilitated by the teacher. However, having an outside presenter may help the students enter the new reality and rules of the game.) Instructions for the Presenter 1. Pass out a playing card to each student, giving the following instructions: "I am going to give each of you a card and you may not look at it until I tell you to." 2. After you have passed out the cards, tell the students to look at their cards. Then arrange the desks into two rows so that those with a face card are on one side of the room, and those with a number card are on the other side of the room. 3. Tell the students that those with face cards are "the royalty" and those with number cards are "the lowly number people." 4. Initiate discussion. For example * "What is it like to be a poor person?" Amplify and affirm responses. For example, if a student says, "They probably don't get many toys at Christmas," respond by saying, "That's a good answer. Our parish does a toy drive each year for kids who otherwise wouldn't get any toys." * "What do you think of when you hear the words 'poor person'?" Amplify and affirm responses. Anticipate that students may describe a dirty, drunken, homeless man. 5. Pass out the candies. Give two pieces to each poor person, and a whole bag to each rich person. Tell the students not to eat the candies or open the bags until you tell them to. 6. Tell the students about the prizes: "Each of these envelopes contain a prize. You can buy these prizes, or 'gifts' from me today." Tantalize the students by telling them the contents of some of the envelopes. Help them picture themselves enjoying the gifts. After they see the value of each gift, ask the students what they think they will use to buy the gifts (the correct answer is "the candies") and how much they think each gift will cost. 7. Explain the rules of the game: * Each gift costs 18 candies. * Since the lowly people have only two candies, tell them they will have a chance to get more candies by asking the royalty to share with them. "Don't worry, you'll get a chance to get more candies. You will be asking the royalty to share with you. You need to start thinking of reasons why the royalty should share their candies with you." * Tell the royalty, "You can do whatever you want with your candies. You can eat them, take them home, share them or use them to buy prizes. When they, the lowly numbers, come begging, it is up to you to decide whether you listen to them or not. * When the lowly numbers ask the royalty to share, they must get on their knees. (This simulates the indecency of poverty.) * Explain that gifts cannot be split between the lowly and the royalty. (It's possible that someone on the poor team is a good friend of a person on the rich team. They may say, "Give me yours and we'll split the gift certificate to the movies." However, in the real world, the rich are not taking the poor out to a movie.) * The rich team may buy a gift at any time. Explain: "You don't have to wait for the poor people to beg you for candies. Buy what you want, when you want." 8. Tell students not to open the envelopes until all the gifts are purchased. 9. Be ready to begin handing out the envelopes as students come forward with 18 candies. Give the class a signal to begin. Have a bag ready, as students will "pay" for a gift by placing 18 candies in the bag. 10. After all the gifts have been purchased, ask the students to return to their seats. Tell them, "That's the end of the game." Then, initiate discussion: * Ask, "What were the messages of this game?" Listen for: "People only share after they get what they want, not need." "God decides which families we are born into." "It hurts to beg." "Some have more than others." "The rich have easier access to gifts." "It's a game about sharing." "It's a game about greed." * Ask the students to describe the type of sharing that did take place. What you are listening for is a description of "leftover sharing," that is, we tend to share with the poor after we have made sure all of our needs and wants have been fulfilled. Tell the students that "leftover sharing" is often how adults share. People usually do not donate to the point that they no longer have enough money to go to the movies or out to eat. "Leftover sharing" describes what probably takes place when schools or parishes conduct food drives. * Ask the questions: 1. "Should those with more share with those who have less?" Most students will say "yes." 2. "Why should those who have more share?" Note: This is a critical question. It is disarmingly simple, but even adults can have a hard time answering this question. 3. This question is looking for motives of giving. Many people, when pressed for an answer, will disclose their motive as one that is self-serving or in their self interest. For example, some have said, "It makes me feel good to give." Or, "I might be poor one day, and if I help a poor person now, maybe someone will help me." Another motive for giving is religious in content. For example, "God made us all." "Because Jesus said we are to share." "We are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of God." 11. Throughout the program you will want to emphasize with the students the proper motive for sharing or helping others. Unfortunately, in many of our schools we teach children to do the right thing but for the wrong reason. For example, we conduct a food drive in our school, but the children are told if they bring in food, they can wear jeans on Friday. That is teaching them the motive of self-interest and not the motive of other-interest professed in the Gospels. We should bring in food for the poor because they are our brothers and sisters. 12. Ask the children to hold up their cards. "See how we are different? Some of you are black fours. Some of you are red sevens. Some of you are kings and queens." 13. Talk about social differences. Racial and economic groups tend to "hang around" their own kind. We often judge by appearances. 14. Direct the students to show the back sides of their cards. "What do you see?" Listen for "We are all the same." "God doesn't see color or rich or poor. He only sees sons and daughters." 15. Ask the students who you represented at the beginning of the game when you passed out the cards. They should guess, "God." And that's right. Explain that passing out the cards at the beginning of the activity symbolizes that God decides where, how, and to whom we were born. None of us gave God input as to the station of our birth. 16. Ask the students "What were the rules of the game?" You might even write them on the board. Then ask, "Were the rules fair?" They should say, "No." Ask, "How could the rules be more fair?" Listen for: "Change some of the rules." "Give everyone the same amount of candies." 17. Explain and emphasize the two ways the Church says we can help people * Charity. Direct assistance, such as giving the poor people more candies. Explain how charity is like a food drive. * Justice. Changing unjust rules, such as lowering how much the prizes cost or redistributing the candy allotment so that those with the fewest have more. * Explain that this program is about justice, about learning how to help people change unjust rules. 18. Pass out the homework assignment. Ask the students to illustrate the three concepts from this lesson. The three concepts are: (1) a poor person, (2) an act of charity, and (3) an act of justice. Anticipate that most students will have a hard time illustrating an act of justice, because it is a concept that most Catholics are not familiar with. You might need to brainstorm some ideas with the students: Justice is helping to change the laws in some way to make all more equal. What can students do to help change laws they think are unfair or could be better? ***************************************** We have to question what the motives and agendas of those in charge at this level of authority in the Church. Faithful Citizenship.. JustFaith... Quest... Renew....Praesidium (sex education in our Catholic schools and churches) Theology on Tap, Office of Justice and Peace, and Catholic School Curriculum is a partial list that needs lay investigation because of the increase of "progressive spiritual" thinking. These various shades of gray do NOT promote Divine Justice or the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth...but man thinking he is God. God Bless you and yours, Carolyn Justice - "It is a moral quality or habit which perfects the will and inclines it to render to each and to all what belongs to them ." Catholic Encyclopedia Jesus Christ says: "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's render unto God what is God's." and "You cannot serve Two masters." We belong to Christ and have the indelible marks to prove it. It is TRUE JUSTICE to listen to Christ, who died for our us. Quid est Veritas? VOCAL www.vocalnews.org Voice of Catholics Advocating Life PO Box 458 Sublimity, OR 97385 503-769-4767 Member of the Catholic Media Coalition "In line with the Church, on-line with the World"

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Dear Advocates for Life and Others, This is to inform your conscience. NOW YOU KNOW. You don't have to FEEL it to be in obedience to Christ. You just have to Trust Him and NOT COOPERATE WITH INTRINSIC EVIL WITH YOUR VOTE OR by CENSORING OTHERS TO THE TRUTH. You can download this bulletin insert that is from the USCCB. Please pass it around and send it around. NOTE - it is at left side of this site. [OBAMA, "The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act," Obama said in his July 2008 speech to abortion advocates worried about the increase of pro-life legislation at the state level.] www.youtube.com/watch?v=0__ctD48nfQ OBAMA supports infanticide....we are looking into Oregon "Catholic" hosptials that have "induced abortions" which you will learn about from Jill Stanek... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYRpIf2F9NA&feature=related ***************************************************************** The confusion with Faithful Citizenship has been trumped by Church teachings from the USCCB. The simple fact that to elect Barack Obama would be to vote for "A new, very serious threat to human life.... ...The Freedom of Choice Act." (FOCA) According to the USCCB handout...."October is Respect Life month, when the U.S. Bishops call us to prayer and action. This year, your support is needed more than ever. Abortion rights groups and their allies in Congress are promoting a radical bill called the "Freedom of Choice Act" (FOCA). If this extreme measure is enacted, widely supported and constitutionally sound abortion regulations will be knocked down nationwide. If passed into law, FOCA will impose upon the entire country an abortion regime far worse than anything brought on by Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. And the current level of 1.1 million abortions a year will go up, not down. Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard to contact the offices of your Representative and two Senators: 202.224.3121. Urge them to oppose FOCA. For more resources, see www.nchla.org. (National Committee for Human Life Amendment) FOCA eliminates - regulations that protect women from unsafe abortion clinics FOCA forces - taxpayers to fund abortions FOCA requires - all states to allow "partial birth" and other late-term abortions FOCA subjects - women to abortions by nonphysicians FOCA violates - the conscience rights of nurses, doctors, and hospitals FOCA strips - parents of their right to be involved in their minor daughters' abortion decision ******************************************************************* The bulletin insert has all this information and more. Also... * Catholics for McCain/Palin MEETING - I will have Voter's guides from Oregon Right to Life at the Washington County GOP office 3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd. #272 Beaverton. 503-922-3233. The meeting starts at 1:30 pm each Sunday. Come meet and greet your friends.... * If you need Voter's Guides from Oregon Right to Life please contact me. * If you need McCain/Obama comparison piece to pass out...Just down load from the attachments. * If I have forgotten anything, please pray for me and just ask... PS...We are going to have a "Summit for Life"...after the election. We are going to make sure that Catholics are staffing Catholic positions and believe Catholic teachings. This is part of Church teachings, Canon 388, so it has the Holy Spirit behind it for Authority. It is part of the Natural Law written on our hearts. Even though some Cathiolics in Name Only are in power NOW, they will not have a free ride for long and the there WILL Be spiritual and financial transparency. God Bless you and yours, May the Lord have Mercy on us and Hear our Prayers. Let's not forget ACORN and Campaign for Human Development that we've spent hundreds of thousands on just from Oregon.... " Additionally, the sturdy backbone of most of these networks is still the Catholic Church, which is now much embattled and also rigorous in its posture on political action around abortion and similar issues. Nonetheless this is a place to start and should be part of the equation." Wade Rathke...ACORN Founder.. Carolyn www.vocalnews.org VOCAL Voice of Catholics Advocating Life PO Box 458 Sublimity, OR 97385 503-769-4767 Member of the Catholic Media Coalition "In line with the Church, on-line with the World".

Monday, October 6, 2008

ALINSKY, ACORN, ARCHDPDX : "The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost....."

As we enter the home stretch of a crucial presidential election...Catholics are fighting for Life on many fronts:

Catholic churches throughout Oregon we are told that it is "preferred" by the Archbishop to only use confusing USCCB "Faithful Citizenship" material.

Priests are "allowed" to do anything they want, this limits the options of many priests, so IRS Friendly info is censored.

Catholics have recently had their "Sanctity of Life" group disbanded by their priest.


Catholics are feeling like they aren't getting True Church teachings.

The Office of Justice and Peace, led by liberation theology follower Cat Willett is posting anti-Catholic "Platform for the Common Good" ...which is part of anti-Catholic Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and NETWORK  were just in the Archdpdx.  Also "Father"Roy Bourgeois  VOCAL had the liberal "nun" and priest Fr. Bourgeois http://www.archdpdx.org/justice_and_peace/maryknoll-election-guide.pdf who's part of Call to Action aka women priests, married clergy and homosexual promotion..VOCAL asks, Why are THESE ALLOWED AND NOT VATICAN ARTICLES ON VOTING AND LIFE?
Catholics feel like an outsider in their own churches. VOCAL asks ARE CHURCHES SERVING GOD OR MONEY? ACCORDING TO THE ARCHDPDX WE SHOULD BE INTERESTED IN "ECONOMIC JUSTICE" What about Catholic Collection Plate Justice?

Did Jesus become man and die for us for that the Church staff could continue to have their salaries, super benefits and Union representation?

BUT HELP IS ON THE WAY!!!! WE are going to have a Summit for Life...and address these issues. We are going to ask that CANON 833 be implemented to save Western Oregon Souls....Eastern Oregon has already implemented Canon 833 Read it and thank God that He has given the Body of Christ the answer. http://www.ourladyswarriors.org/teach/cdfoath.htm

We thank the Archbishop for faxing Governor Kulongoski with his displeasure at him attending the NARAL gala. We hope that Canon 915 (refusing pro-abortion Catholic politicians from receiving Holy Communion) will also be implemented.

We hope that the Archbishop will encourage the priests to speak out from the pulpit about the destruction of abortion without worrying about the backlash from liberal parishioners.

We hope that this means that the Archdiocesan Pro-Life Ministry will finally get funded, realizing that Cat Willett and the Office of Justice and Peace has, I believe, close to $100,000 a year in salaries, benefits, travel (she just went to the Holy Land), perks, retreats, and more....She is going to Churches pushing the US Bishops Faithful Citizenship.

HOWEVER, Oregon Catholics STILL remember how in the 2004 elections the, Oregon Catholic Conference, Bob Castagna and Anthony Granados had the Saul Alinsky group "Faith in Public Life", Interfaith Committe for Worker Justice, come into certain Portland area churches to do voter registration to targeted social, economic and racial groups. The same thing ACORN is doing in Ohio now...pushing the Democrat party, we believe....why else would they come in here wil the SAME NAME "FAITHFUL CITIZENSHIP"... if not to go under the laity radar screen. Handouts available gladly......

We are so happy that Stephanie Block has been in Oregon last year to educate us as to the way Catholic money is continually being used to fund Alinsky groups that undermine the Catholic Church.

Thanks Stephanie...we thank you for your dedication to Holy Mother Church.


Obama, ACORN, and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development


For nearly 40 years, The Wanderer has followed the Catholic Campaign for Human Development's funding of radical, left-wing political organizations, many of them car­rying the brand of Saul Alinsky. The Wan­derer
also covered the first Call to Action
conference — the months of " hearings" leading up to it, its orchestrated structure and contrived demands — and Wanderer reporters commented on the Alinskyian nature of it, not merely in its tactics but in its outcomes. In hindsight, we can see that organized dissent in the Church was a product of organized parishes, filled with Alinskyian-trained laity.

The Catholic Campaign for Human De­velopment is responsible for that.

It is also responsible, in some part, for the fact that almost 40 years later, we have a virulently pro- abortion, pro- homosexual presidential candidate whose principal po­litical training has been in Alinskyian orga­nizing. While he — Barack Obama — was lead organizer in Chicago for the Develop­ing Communities Project, it received a $ 40,000 Catholic Campaign for Human Development grant in 1985 and a $33,000 grant in 1986.

While he was in Chicago, Obama was trained by the top Alinskyian organizers. One mentor was the ex- Jesuit Greg Galuz­zo, lead organizer for Gamaliel. The Devel­oping Communities Project operated under the Gamaliel Foundation, a network of Alinskyian organizations that receive 4%­5% of all Catholic Campaign for Human Development grants each year.

The Developing Communities Project, which hired Obama as lead organizer, was an offshoot of Jerry Kellman's Calumet Community Religious Conference. Kell­man, another of Obama's mentors, was himself trained by Alinsky. The network of community organizations Alinsky founded, the Industrial Areas Foundation, receives about 16% of all Catholic Campaign for Human Development grants annually.

After Obama went to Harvard Law School, he returned to Chicago and taught Alinskyian organizing to ACORN staff. Al­though ACORN has a different structure than other Alinskyian networks, its tactical philosophy and worldview are formed by men who were trained by Alinsky, in a sort of diabolical apostolic succession. Obama ran ACORN's 1992 voter-registration drive, Project Vote, and in turn received ACORN's endorsement for Illinois senator. ACORN annually receives about 5% of Catholic Campaign for Human Develop­ment grants. (VOCAL - ACORN has received thousands of dollars from Oregon Collection plate money through CCHD until YOU got involved, still a lot of loose money around)

This translates into millions of dollars of Catholic money over the last four decades going into Alinskyian community organiz­ing. Catholics generously gave their mon­ey to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection because they were told it would "help the poor."

Relatively little from the Catholic Cam­paign for Human Development collection goes to " help the poor." Alinskyian net­works are political. They work closely with politicians — such as Obama — and other organizations that are fighting for abortion and homosexual " rights." ACORN's " Peo­ple's Platform" has nothing in common with Catholic social justice teaching and ev­erything in common with socialism. Gam­aliel and the Industrial Areas Foundation teach liberationism, a form of " Christian­ized" socialism, among their members.

This has serious ramifications for Cath­olics. The Alinskyian networks operate ec­umenically and include numerous Catholic parishes. The Catholics involved in the ex­tensive trainings these networks offer are not catechized in Catholic principles of so­cial activism or political analysis but in Marx­ist analysis and praxis. Their worldview is marred by visions of class struggle and per­petual revolution. They are systematically trained to renounce moral truth in favor of consensus- based " values."

Catholics trained in Alinskyian thought become confused about the comparative moral weight of the issues they encounter in the public arena. They also become con­fused about the legitimate authority of the Church, frequently imagining they can ap­ply consensus- building strategies to doc­trines and moral truth. They are the same Catholics who people the dissident Call to Action chapters around the country. (Call to Action...protected in Oregon by Church staff, VOCAL)

Ironically, they learned these confused ideas in their parishes, through Church- sponsored "educational" programs such as the Catholic Campaign for Human Develop­ment's liberationist "Poverty and Faithjustice." Because of this confusion, Catholics, who ought to be a powerful, consistent voice for moral values in society, are fragmented and ineffective. The Catholic Campaign for Hu­man Development bears much of the respon­sibility.

A few bishops understand exactly what the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is and approve what it funds. Most, howev­er, swallow the concept of its "helping the poor" and have probed no deeper. Busy about the Lord's work of minding their dio­ceses, they've trusted others to run the "so­cial justice" offices. ( Justice and Peace Office...too much power, too much money...VOCAL.)

In this sense, the nomination of Barack Obama has been a great blessing. Even the politically naive are fascinated by the pejora­tive dismissal of Obama as a "community or­ganizer" and his campaign's rebuttal that to disrespect community organizers is to disre­spect Catholic Action. Obama isn't Catholic. Catholic thought hasn't subtly filtered into this ecumenical movement. Amoral Alinskyian thought, on the other hand, has clearly fil­tered into Catholic circles — to such a degree that some people confuse one for the other. Obama's nomination is a window of op­portunity to explain — starting with the bish­ops — the difference between Alinskyian prin­ciples and Catholic Action. They and other Catholics should find materials about Obama's Alinskyian roots quite interesting. We need to be sharing those materials.

After 40 years of funding the bad guys, it's time to stop.

Editor's Note: We would urge every reader to contact his or her bishop and inform him of the contents of this editorial. In our estimation, it is the solemn duty of a bishop to inform his flock about the serious discrepancy between the official image of CCHD as an instrument to help the poor and the unfortunate reality that, too often, CCHD funds are used to promote secu­larist and Marxist-inspired political activism. — A.J.Matt, editor.)

"Why not deny Communion to politicians and laity who support the death penalty and the Iraq war?"
Answer: The Church has never taught, and does not teach now, that the death penalty and war are evil in all instances. But, the church has always clearly condemned abortion, sodomy, euthanasia, cloning, and embryonic stem cell research in all instances. Canon 915

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

OR Catholics Alert!! www.catholicsformccainpalin.blogspot.com

Dear Friends, To help you get information out and feel connected go to www.catholicsformccainpalin.blogspot.com There you will find county chairmen and information on what's going on at the grassroots level. As State Director of Catholics for McCain/Palin. I want you to know how many wise, courageous laymen and women are in this Archdiocese. We are fighting a battle to be truly Catholics in our own Churches and not feel that we are in an "enemy camp". By putting Faith above Funds, it truly is a movement of the Holy Spirit. We can't lose. I am speaking tomorrow at the Washington County GOP office at 1:30pm. Look at the blog to see address. Just doing as much as I can in this election. If Barack Obama is elected he will wipe away all pro-life standards and institute a Federal Freedom of Choice Act. This will even affect the Catholic hospitals and conscience clauses to the best of my knowledge. I'm attaching some great handouts from Dr. Richard Thorne from Redmond, Deschutes Co. Chair..on * Conscience as the Church teaches. An informed conscience is not one of opinion or one of our own choosing. * Brief Summary of Moral Law for Faithful Catholics. Where Church authority truly comes from...Not USCCB * Principles of the Cooperation with/in Evil. Why voting for a pro-abortion candidate when there is a viable option is cooperating with evil. Tell any Eastern dabblers....karmic debt. Not a good thing, if Hell doesn't do it. If we belong to the Catholic Church that Christ started, these are great tools to keep referring to. Just for fun..remember the www.americancarol.com is going to open in theaters on October 2nd. American Carol is a comedy that balances things a bit...great fun. God Bless you and yours, Carolyn "Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it." Abraham Lincoln's Cooper Institute Address, February 27, 1860. www.catholicsformccainpalin.blogspot.com www.vocalnews.org VOCAL Voice of Catholics Advocating Life PO Box 458 Sublimity, OR 97385 503-769-4767 Member of the Catholc Media Coalition "In line with the Church, on-line with the World".