Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Some of Us Saw at Archbishop Sample's Installation Mass.

Reflecting on the Installation mass of Archbishop Alexander Sample, many people had the same impression:  it was the "last hurrah" to display pro-abortion/pro-homosexual Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (EMO) .  They were front and a little left of center of our new Archbishop, in more ways than one. 

Installation masses usually present people from different beliefs and also community leaders to a new Archbishop.  But this was truly a EMO parade that was embarrassing to those of us who know the history of this Archdiocese.  At the beginning at the procession it looked like Venice Beach in the sixties to me.  Lots of bright colors and various nationalities displayed.  This was all well and good, even to be expected.  However, it was capped off with women in priest collars and a man/woman looking like Pope John Paul II, all in white and gold complete with zucchetto, sitting directly in front of the cathedra.  No Baptists in sight.

Archbishop Emeritus Vlazny's first words were a joke that, to me and others, went over like a lead balloon with Archbishop Sample, although some penned, "he beamed". Even as this event was at the Chiles Center and not the Cathedral, the spirit of an Installation is more solemn.  His Eminence, Cardinal Levada, watched as the woman he hired as Chancellor, Mary Jo Tully, displayed the Papal Bull,  for all to see.  She was holding it as if she were showing what round it was in a boxing match.  The "Ecumenist of the Year" did her solo performance for her beloved Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon.  Sorry that this seems uncharitable. It is what we saw at the Installation mass.

The EMO parade was then introduced to Archbishop Sample, who took it all in stride.  His homily and holy boldness hopefully pricked their consciences for those garbed in Roman clerical dress.

AB Sample during Tridentine Mass
The Lord seemed to give us a "sign" that things would be okay when the acolyte raised the Archbishop's sleeve as he incensed the altar.  The bastion of allowing barely any Tridentine Masses and letting there be opportunities for a solemn mass seemed to be breaking through...a new evangelization. No "muto proprio" here.

In the procession the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon folks well honored.  This was "ecumenical" but were there any pro-life, pro-family churches seen?  Were there any Baptists or Evangelicals.  They don't agree with Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon's anti-life, anti-family stance and distance themselves because of this. But, were they there? 

It must be hard to have a changing of the guard after fifteen years.  I felt compassion for  Archbishop Emeritus Vlazny who did a great job, even with the little joke.  We all agreed on this and also that Bishop Steiner wasn't  his jolly self at all.  As with men and their "jobs", a younger "boss" is sometimes hard to take.  Even with women, just to be, well, even.

Our observations may seem unacceptable to many, but for decades the unacceptable alliance with Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon has infiltrated most aspects of our Oregon Catholic lives. 

The Archdiocese of Portland is going to go through a transformation, we pray.  The world is going through lots of changes and the church is championing many of these changes.  We need a strong man of God at the helm to help Oregon Catholics see the Way, the Truth and the Life. 

Welcome Archbishop Sample.  You transcended all the old ways presented at your Installation.  This is the main thing that we saw at your Installation. 


Josh said...

I feel a couple of your comments may be a bit harsh.

As you note, it is normal at an installation for there to be present representatives of different denominations and faiths. If they want to come and pay their respects to the successor of the apostles, all the better for them.

It is only reasonable that they come in the formal attire of their tradition. I cringed when I saw the women in clerics, but that is the bad taste of the individual person, not the fault of the diocese.

Please also keep in mind the installation ceremony very distinctly separated the entrance of the faith representatives as separate and not part of the liturgy-- telling the crowd to remain seated, and having a period of silence between their seating and the beginning of the liturgy.

Finally, I believe the rite of installation specifically indicates that the bull of appointment be shown to those present. You can't blame MJT for following the rubrics...

VOCAL said...

Josh, thanks for your comments. I know I was harsh and said up front to take it with a grain of salt.

I still want to know if any other folks were invited besides one from EMO. There was a plethora of them.

The Archdiocese knew that these gals would dress in clerics. They hang out with these people.

Thanks goodness there was a break between the parade and the Liturgy. This was a mercy.

You have to remember this was "What many of us saw at the installation mass". For decades the Alinskian Archdiocese has persecuted people and even threatened them in MANY ways to toe the line.

This is scary stuff and for us the comments were harsh, but not harsh enough.

MJT followed the rubrics of course, but look at the way clerics have done this at other installation masses. Her style made us think of a boxing match.

Thanks for pointing this out, I pondered many hours over doing this post. To be fair to the mass and fair to the banished faithful of this Archdiocese.

Peter said...

Thank you Carolyn. Beautiful article. I hope it gets to the Archbishop. It is interesting that even though i was not aware of the EMO presence, I did have many misgivings about some of the things I saw. But I believe that Archbishop Sample will bring about much good in the Archdiocese, though it will be a fight for him until he gets some new people in place in the Chancery. God bless you.

VOCAL said...

Thanks Peter. It was a beautiful Installation no matter who was there.

I am afraid of what will go on to not listen to Archbishop Sample. The two speakers in Portland this month and next, is like a slap in the face, to me.

Oh well...the weeds grow with the wheat. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I have a theory about the choice of a stadium / gymnasium for the good archbishop's installation: it's showing deference to Protestants. They like huge stadiums for their gatherings.

Think Billy Graham.

Ned said...

Love the paragraph about the 'Tridentine' Mass. Check the Mass we attend at 45th and Garden Grove in Portland, at 8:00 or 10:30 am. Love your reports.

VOCAL said...

As a convert this is a newer thing and doesn't have any bad memories.

The "Motu proprio" from then Pope Benedict XVI gave regarding the Tridentine/Extraordinary mass, just as important as the Novus Ordo.

Just a love for the "old"/new without restraint and a knowledge of Latin. We are learning this new way of "thinking" because when we speak a different language we become that culture.

Imagine if all English, Spanish and Vietnamese cultures were brought together with Latin. We would not be like the Tower of Babel anymore.

Susan said...

What I want to know is, why did we have that Oglalla Sioux woman with plastic elk teeth on her robe, who did not even sound like a native speaker? Was she EMO? That installation was the first I've seen of the strangeness of this archdiocese's liturgies because I have had my head in the sand at a certain eastern parish. I'm not being sarcastic; I really am confused and want to know. Thanks.

VOCAL said...


"What I want to know is, why did we have that Oglalla Sioux woman with plastic elk teeth on her robe, who did not even sound like a native speaker?" Made me roar with laughter. Who knows? The Sioux Nation isn't on the EMO list, but the insanity is what we're both talking about. It was so absurd.

I didn't want to come off as mean when I said things, that is why it took so long to write about.

Like I said...I pray it's the "last hurrah" for a dying mindset in this Archdiocese.

Thanks for sharing, I wasn't trusting my eyes either. Just hang on. We've never seen anything like it, oh wait, the "Gay Pride" parade with the Catholic contingent is in June.

Tony said...


VOCAL said...

Oh Tony, it was a hoot. It is riveted in our minds.

Susan said...

Just this morning I found an explanation of the roots of the cultural divisiveness we have been seeing. I am slowly reading through Philip Trower's "The Church Learned and the Revolt of the Scholars," 1979, The Wanderer Press. Toward the end of the booklet, in his comments on sociology and anthropology, he explains it all. Fascinating.

Vera said...

This is cool!