Monday, March 12, 2012

Your Anti-Semitic "Slip" is Showing - Archdiocese of Portland

Boycott, Divest, Sanction: The legacy of King and Mandela
Catholic Sentinel March 7, 2012 Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss 

 The JustFaith program at St. Pius X Parish in Portland went to hear a Palestinian justice advocate to speak in Seattle this winter. Omar Barghouti suggests boycotts, divestiture and sanctions as a way to help the Palestinian people emerge from what he considers Israeli occupation.

Barghouti, who follows the nonviolent methods of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., aims to end what he calls an apartheid legal and cultural system. He is an electrical engineering graduate from Columbia University.

Barghouti cited Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu who in apartheid South Africa instructed his oppressed people to “decolonize your mind first.”

JustFaith is a 30 week program of prayer, study and action for justice based on Catholic social teaching. Participants learn about civil rights, peace and justice efforts and the nonviolence of Jesus. They examine how their purchases and investments might further unjust systems. Their formation has included "Journey To Justice," a retreat organized by the Office of Life, Justice and Peace of the Archdiocese of Portland.

Why the United States Supports Israel

"As the U.S.-Israel relationship reaches 60 years of unflagging dedication, it is indeed important to consider what precisely is the basis for this strong alliance.
Ultimately, American influence is not aimed at hegemony, but rather is motivated by the sincere conviction that democracy, free-market economy, free press, and Western-styled civil rights optimize the symbiosis between government and people and leads to stability. Israel is the only regime in its region that possesses these qualities, and therefore American support of Israel demonstrates our commitment to these values and furthermore serves as means of projecting our values into a distant sector of the world."

VOCAL notes:
From what has been put out from Office of Justice and Peace; it's newsletters, directors over the years and the "JustFaith" debacle, anti-Semitism is alive and well in the Archdiocese of Portland.  

President George Bush was called a "war criminal" until a long time Office of Justice and Peace Director, Frank Fromherz was finally booted from the Archdiocese.  This took over thirty years....and the beat goes on.

It's time to address the anti-Semitism of this article, I believe, showing the "slip" of the heart of the Archdiocese of Portland. 

I was told once by the Archbishop's special projects person that "We believe differently in the Archdiocese of Portland" during the 2008 election.

They are different. It's time to learn the Faith and promote the Saints and Martyrs of the Catholic Church who followed in the footsteps of Christ to really set us free.  Israel is our ally it's time to remember that.


Mary said...

Are you saying that Catholics should support Israel? I'm not sure I understand your meaning. I know that Israel survives, in part, by the tax money of Americans. That does not prove 'righteousness', however. Maybe the Archdiocese is right, for a change. (This is coming from a very Traditional Catholic...)

VOCAL said...

To "Boycott, Divest, Sanction" Israel is not a call to arms or "peace" should not be promoted in Church.

It is taking "sides" that is something the Archdiocese of Portland should not promote.

H said...

I am not prepared to pursue this snarled mess of the Peace and Justice loonies, at this time. As You may know I do belong to PX and know the person who wrote this article for the paper. Voluntary comments by these in this parish group have troubled me a grea deal. They appear to be unabashed useful Jew haters. They seem to preach love, peace etc. but will pull out the long knives when it comes to Israel,Jews and any combination there of . Their hypocrisy is breathtaking and they don't even know it. They even delight in it with a sneer, seeking nodding approval.
We are having a changing of the guard at PX this July . The present guy is a liberal Jebby who operates in a ultra superior level of faith authority and nodds knowingly of your pitiful understanding of all that is right. A real black(The head of the Jesuits has been know as the Black Pope hence the reference) plague carrier, for sure.

VOCAL said...

The problem promoting this anti-Semitism in the Archdiocese in many of these Justice and Peace groups further confuse Catholics, especially associating with the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon.

Political ideologies have no business being promoted in meetings funded by the Archdiocese of Portland when pro-life ministries is passed over.

Diane said...

Hi Carolyn(esteemed pro-life warrior and dear friend),

On the one hand you suggest that: "Political ideologies have no business being promoted in meetings funded by the Archdiocese of Portland when pro-life ministries is passed over."

Leaving aside the pro-life issue for a moment, you introduce the political angle yourself with the statement "Why the United States Supports Israel."

Please go to this website and download the Instrumentum Laboris. Read it and pay special attention to pg 17, paragraph 32. It would be good for everyone to read the entire document, as the media coverage in this country of the Middle East is not informative.

Boycott, Divest, Sanction is a reasonable response to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Supporting an oppressed people without a voice is not political, it is moral and just.

There is a common error that disapproval of the state of Israel and its actions constitutes anti-semitism. Both political parties in this country(Democrat and Republican) take advantage of that to silence those opposed to the injustice perpetrated on the Palestinian people.

Please read that document that I refer to. The Church sees the injustice, hurray that Catholics in our unchurched state are willing to take a look at it. Habituating oneself to the good and true will eventually lead one to protecting the babies.



Anonymous said...

In the millennium year the Pope visited Israel, prayed at the Wailing Wall, visited a synagogue and a recent Vatican document re-assesses God’s covenant with the Jews in a more positive way. If the old European anti-Semitism was sometimes fuelled by Catholic hatred of the Jews, those days seem to be over, and Catholics too can be seen to be the allies of the Jews.

Ecerpt from an article by Father Dwight Longenecker

Shirley said...

Not only is Israel our ally but the ancient Jews are our foundation. I have heard that when they come into a Catholic Mass they as astounded at the similarities. They are coming to faith as the Lord wills; they are coming.

VOCAL said...

Beautifully said.

Jerry said...

I have an excellent book for you to read, written by Archbishop Elias Chacoour, a very faithful Latin Rite Catholic Palestinian. I believe he is the ordinary of a city in Israel. You would find it fascinating, as I did. I feel for the suffering of the Palestinian people. You would see things from a more Catholic point of view, i.e. the view of Pope Paul VI and Benedict the XVI, after reading the book. It is called Blood Brothers. I believe the book is available through the Multinomah Library since I gave a copy to the Gresham library. Let me know if you would like to read it and can't get a copy. I have several which I picked up to lend to people, or even give.

VOCAL said...

I am assuming that you are using the term "Catholic" in it's universal meaning.

The forward was written by a man from "Sojournors"...Jim Wallis' anti-Catholic, and what I believe anti-American views. So I can't believe it's a propaganda tool.

The Archdiocese of Portland should not promote anti-Semitic views. There is no balance at the top.

VOCAL said...

You have been through alot. It's hard sitting back and seeing people with hatred, hidden or not, in places of authority using Catholic collection plate money.

Who do they think they are? We need an exorcist for a new Archbishop. :-)

Mary said...

Thank you, Carolyn, for doing this dirty work.

It really is important. It is sad and maddening and disappointing and discouraging, isn't it?

Will you be at the conference?

VOCAL said...

My pleasure to point out things that we've had in our midst for too long.

I will be at the conference..
(by the way folks, its the Oregon Right to Life Conference in April)

Mary said...

You're right. The Church is not supposed to be partisan. I see what you mean.

VOCAL said...

I'm glad that you asked.

James said...

What insanity!
JustNonsense and just what one would expect from a product of Columbia U.

VOCAL said...

Hmmm. Good point!

N. said...

Hi! Happy Lent! My favorite time of year.

Hey, where's my barf bag?

VOCAL said...

The Archdiocese hierarchy taking sides gets mighty old. Point taken.