Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is "John Stephen" considered a real boy to the 2009 Legislature?

Dear Advocates for Life, As the end of the 2009 Session ends it doesn't look like the bill to acknowledge a crime in which an unborn child is a victim of violence is going to make it off of the desk of Senator Devlin. John Stephen was cut from his mothers womb and both died by this action. His mother's death deemed murder, however, his life seems to be a vapor...The Majority of legislators in Salem don't see him as a real boy and feel any need to protect him. It is frightening to realize that these men and women are in charge of our lives, common sense is lost on them..they have hardened their.hearts. We can never lose hope so...please keep praying and let your those in power know how you feel. Like a drop of water that wears away a stone, may our prayers change their hearts to those of flesh. You can always go to and contact all the legislators. Their contact info is all there. I'll have a wrap up of the 2009 Session next week when SINE DIE should take place. (Lat. The final adjournment of a legislative session, without adjourning to a specific time or date;) Prayer request..Please pray for the 41st Battalion of the Oregon National Guard. They are going to deploy for Iraq from Ft. Stewart in Georgia. We don't have a priest for them, so they need our prayers for spiritual direction and protection. Our son is among the soldiers and I thank you for any prayers for them, especially for those who have no faith. God Bless you and yours, Carolyn Perseverance... keeps honor bright: to have done, is to hang quite out of fashion, like a rusty nail in monumental mockery. ~William Shakespeare

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Immediate Action Requested - "John Stephen" Cut Out of Womb Needs Our Voice

Dear Advocates for Life, The murder of 21 year old Heather Snively and her unborn child highlights a grave injustice in Oregon’s law. Korena Elaine Roberts is accused of killing Heather and cutting her unborn child from her womb. Both Heather and her unborn baby died from the attack but under Oregon law the District Attorney can not charge Roberts with the murder of the baby unless it is proven that the baby took a breath of air before dying. According to Oregonian report, the deputy state medical examiner, Dr. Christopher Young said, “both the mom and child appeared healthy, there was no other reason for them to die.” Senator Bruce Starr (R–Hillsboro) has requested a bill that will allow separate murder charges for the killing of an unborn child during a criminal act. “There is no doubt that there are two victims, two crimes and two instances where justice must be served,” said Starr. “The family of Heather Snively and her son John Stephens will always grieve for two, and the law should recognize that two lives were ended on Friday, not just one.” In 2005 the Oregon Legislature considered a similar bill. The bill passed in the House with bi-partisan support but was refused a vote in the Senate. HB 2020 Was the Laci/Connor Peterson Bill to expand criminal homicide to include causing death of unborn child. VOCAL at the time ....At that time the Oregon Catholic Conference did NO lobbying either with Bob Castagna at the helm...He is now at Kentucky Oregon Catholic Conference....some things never change...Catholics give good benefits and there is job security. 36 other states have similar unborn victims of violence laws. ACTION: Call the following Senators and ask them to support Sen. Starr’s bill. -Senate President Peter Courtney 503.986.1600 -Senate Majority Leader Richard Devlin 503.986.1700 The Oregon Legislature is scheduled to adjourn in a matter of days. Oregonians must act now, if the bill has any chance of becoming law. For More Information Roger Martin, the lobbyist for the Catholic Church, although he's not pro-life needs to get on this. It is frustrating for us who pay his wage and are for protecting innocent life to have him in such a position, but the Archdpdx hired him. (as a legistor he voted to legalize abortion in 1969 and it passed. he also sponsored a bill to eliminate parental/spousal notification before an abortion) Roger Martin and Associates (Martin & Associates) 525 1st St Ste 112, Lake Oswego, OR 97034-3100 Contact Phone:(503) 636-8188 God Bless you and yours, Carolyn “We shall be called to account not only for every idle word, but also for every idle silence.” St. Ambrose