Tuesday, January 29, 2013

His Grace Alexander K. Sample's Twitter Address and Facebook page. For all to welcome him.



For those young and old who need a feeling of connection with the Church in Western Oregon.  This openness is something we have longed for.

Bishop Alexander King Sample is our new Archbishop, Praise God


Archbishop-Designate Alexander K. Sample is to be Installed on April 2nd.


                  A sample of Bishop Sample

                                Bishop Alexander King Sample
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Vatican Appoints Bishop Sample to Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon

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The CWR Blog

The Vatican announced this morning that Bishop Alexander Sample of Marquette, Michigan will be the new archbishop of Portland, Oregon, succeeding Archbishop John Vlazny. From the Vatican’s statement on the new appointment:
Bishop Sample, previously bishop of Marquette, Michigan, USA, was born in Kalispell, Montana, USA, in 1960, was ordained to the priesthood in 1990, and received episcopal ordination in 2006. In the national bishops’ conference he currently serves on the Subcommittees on Native American Catholics and on the Catechism. He is also vice-postulator for the cause for canonisation of Venerable Frederic Baraga, first bishop of the Diocese of Marquette.
At the time of his episcopal ordination, Bishop Sample was the youngest Catholic bishop in the US, and the first to be born in the 1960s. He also made headlines in 2009 when he asked retired Detroit auxiliary bishop Thomas Gumbleton to not speak within the Diocese of Marquette because of Gumbleton’s dissenting views on homosexuality and women’s ordination.
A few years back, Bishop Sample gave a wide-ranging interview to CWR, touching on how he discerned his priestly vocation, the troubled state of catechesis in the United States today, and the larger challenges facing the American Church. Here are a few excerpts:

You’ve said that, to your pleasant surprise, scandalous behavior by a few members of the clergy, rather than being the end of the priesthood, has led to a time of transformation and renewal. Can you explain?

Bishop Sample: I’ve been involved in priest personnel work for many years. For nearly a decade, I was Marquette’s chancellor and director of ministry personnel services. I was the point-man when it came to dealing with issues of clerical sexual abuse. In 2002, when the priestly scandals were erupting, we were already struggling with vocations. I thought—this is going to be the death blow for vocations. What young man in this climate is going to give his life to the priesthood?
I was completely surprised. Many young men—wholesome, faith-filled, zealous men—stepped forward to become a part of the solution, to rebuild the Church. They wanted to be a part of the renewal of the priesthood. That’s remarkable. It’s a work of the Holy Spirit.
I think we’re on the verge of a new Pentecost, which has to start with the priesthood. In the parish, it is the pastor that sets the tone. I tell my priests—as goes the head, so goes the body. The priest ministers to the Church in persona Christi capitis, in the person of Christ, the head.
Jesus is the head of his body, the Church. The priest ministers in the person of Christ, the head. And if the head is holy, strong, zealous, and fervent, strong in faith, hope, and love, then that will help lead and guide the rest of the body, the Church.
I’m excited. I recently ordained two fine young men to the priesthood. They’re excited. They’re ready to go. They want to be priests and serve Christ and his people. All the men we have in the seminary are an inspiration to me for the future of the Church.
You’ve described yourself as a member of “the first lost generation of poor catechesis,” which “raised up another generation that is equally uncatechized.”What’s wrong with catechesis and what have you done to help solve the problem?

Bishop Sample: My generation was the first in the wake of Vatican II. While I certainly don’t blame the Council, much upheaval occurred in the Church in its aftermath. Culturally, society was experiencing the sexual revolution, the women’s liberation movement, and the anti-war movement, among others. There was an anti-authoritarian spirit.
In this time of great confusion, catechesis suffered. We booted the Baltimore Catechism out the door, but there wasn’t anything to replace it. I was taught the faith in Catholic schools using materials that were weak and insubstantial. I wasn’t being taught my faith. The liturgy suffered from experimentation as well.
When I speak about this publicly, invariably people of my generation come up to me to agree with what I’m saying. This includes many bishops.
My generation raised up the next generation. Since we weren’t taught the faith, we raised children who weren’t either.
We need a renewal in catechesis. I feel passionately about this. In my Diocese of Marquette, I directed the development of a diocesan curriculum for faith formation for grades K-8. It is a solid, substantive, systematic, and sequential curriculum, which builds from one year to the next. It is topical, based on the pillars of the catechism. Every parish is expected to follow this curriculum.
Now I’m turning my attention toward adult faith formation. If we can get catechesis and the liturgy right, we’ll be well on our way to the renewal and growth of the Church for which we hope.
What concerns do you have regarding the Church and the public square?

Bishop Sample: I have two grave moral concerns, in the areas of the protection of innocent human life and the defense of traditional marriage. As a society, we must take steps to protect the unborn, and also the elderly and handicapped. And, since marriage and family are the basic unit of society, the health of society rests on the health of marriage and family life. Anything which threatens either of these is seriously destructive.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Plea from a Benson High Student Against Planned Parenthood

This letter is from a student at Benson High who needs to remain anonymous.  The intelligence and words expressed are best said by them.  It is interesting to see how Planned Parenthood is impacting our schools and families bit by bit.

Bill Diss is a martyr for the faith and has had so many "meetings" with the School higher-ups trying to break him (VOCAL'S opinion).

Prayer is powerful and much needed now.  The children are crying out for help.  We must not remain silent.  www.preciouschildrenofportland.org  for more information.

Prayer is a little drop, drop, drop on the rock of evil.  It will be worn away.


Dear Carolyn,

I would like to thank you for posting up Mr. Diss's letter about Planned Parenthood sending letters         (as a )           person of ethnicity myself, I am also disgusted that Planned Parenthood is at Benson and have multiple opposition from students at my school. They do not see that God wanted us to continue life, not end it. The Lord wanted mankind to help each other not kill each other. Due to my beliefs, I have been criticized and insulted by some of my fellow students for standing up for Mr. Diss and trying to remove Planned Parenthood from Benson because their reason is that PP helps with birth control. I was raised in a military background family with my grandfather a former military official and I was taught that killing life has no excuses and it was illegal when .....(sorry, too persona)
When I was in middle school in Vancouver, Washington, teachers would look down on you if you had sex or were pregnant, in which they taught students to not have sex until the time was ready and if they did have a child that they they should be happy that they have helped life enter this world.
 I now come to you with a formal request for help, please rally the Catholic community and people that you know to condemn Planned Parenthood and protest them from being in our public institutions. I pray the Lord for guidance to help me on this hard task because Mr. Diss and I are both oppressed for trying to help life and state our opinions.
Due to Planned Parenthood's existence in my school, there has been more used condoms being found around the school and students are more poor than they were before PP was here, which makes ,,,,lose financial stability to conduct recreational activities      and I am also the only one who sees PP as an evil force and it is hard to get support for this decision for me right now. I also ask that I remain anonymous if you choose to write about this on your blog. Thank you for your help and for reading this email.
May God Bless Us All.
With warm regards,

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Saint Anthony of the Desert...Jan. 17th.

Not to be confused with Saint Anthony the great finder of  all things lost.  This Saint Anthony the Great is for the times we live in now.  He is a comfort.  For we remember the Way to Heaven through his life.

Saint Anthony had a vision where the whole world was full of snares and traps.

He cried to the Lord, "Oh good Lord, who may escape from these snares?"

A voice said back to him, "humility shall escape them without more. "

Friday, January 11, 2013

Again: Our Faithful Representive, Bill Diss VS Planned Parenthood's Genocide Agenda

Bill Diss has been called into yet another hearing with the Portland Schools concerning his fight for his students against the Planned Parenthood agenda at Benson High. This encroachment actually pays students for a signed permission slip from the parents.
If a teacher was reading the Planned Parenthood material to his/her students on his/her own, they would probably be arrested for contributing to the deliquency of a minor.  www.teenwire.org www.takecaredownthere.org 
From Pro-Life Warrior Therese Ruesink.
Dear Prolife Friends,
Thanks so much for your continued prayers for Bill Diss!
When I called Tuesday to ask how his hearing went, he Emailed that our prayers must have worked, b/c they postponed the hearing until Friday.

He couldn't call me because he was having phone issues (I hope that didn't mean he was having problems b/c of $ issues--I think he has a lot of legal fees now--we should think about having a fund raiser for this).
Another thought is to bring out the BIG GUNS, and have (many) Masses offered up for his intentions. The Holy sacrifice of the Mass has huge power!!
As you Catholics probably already know, you can give a small donation to your priest, around $10, and have a Mass offered up for someone / someone's intentions.
That's the scoop! God love you all!


Portland Public Schools has allowed Planned Parenthood to teach children at different schools and give children money.
Students that are White
Planned Parenthood on Campus?


Planned Parenthood kills enough children every year to fill every Portland school over seven times. Planned Parenthood’s material is very graphic and destroys the purity of our children.