Thursday, July 14, 2005

Will we live in Fantasy (SB1000) or REALITY?

Dear All, Senate Bill 1000 has passed the Senate. Now the Battle for the House begins. While many families are off enjoying their summer vacations, the Legislature is deciding the curriculum of the fall semester for these unsuspecting families. Our children won't just be having lessons in condom use as a regular part of their education if Senate bill 1000 passes. Every aspect of our lives will be effected, even our freedom of religion and speech. They are NOW deciding our future. Please act quickly. Please take the time to contact your representative Senate Bill 1000 would: • Amend Oregon’s existing non-discrimination laws to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in housing, employment, public accommodation, education and public services statewide; and • Amend ORS chapter 106 to create civil unions, defined as a civil contract entered into by two members of the same sex who are at least 17 years of age and are not first cousins or nearer of kin, and are not parties to a marriage or another civil union. While a civil union is not a marriage, it would impose the legal protections, rights and responsibilities generally afforded to opposite sex couples through marriage. The bill is co-sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown (D-Portland) and Senators Frank Morse (R-Albany), Ben Westlund (R-Tumalo) and Alan Bates (D-Ashland). Please take the time to contact your representative A Warning from Canada where the SOCIAL EXPERIMENT is Also Looming. Catholic Cardinal Warns Senate of Impending Anti-Christian Prosecution With Gay 'Marriage' OTTAWA, July 13, 2005 ( - Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of Canada made a presentation to a committee of the Canadian Senate today on the homosexual 'marriage' bill. Speaking for himself and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Ouellet said to the Senators, "we are turning to you in the hope that you will prevent the adoption of this unjust law." The Cardinal made mention of situations where legal authorities have already trampled on rights of Christians who oppose same sex 'marriage' such as marriage commissioners who were forced out of their jobs for refusing on grounds of conscience to perform homosexual 'marriages.' "These attempts to intimidate persons who do not share the State's vision of marriage may well multiply after the adoption of Bill C-38," said the Primate of Canada. "Once the State imposes a new standard affirming that homosexual sexual behaviour is a social good, those who oppose it for religious motives or motives of conscience will be considered as bigots, anti-gay and homophobes, and then risk prosecution." Cardinal Ouellet stressed the negative impact the legislation will have on children. "We are also most concerned by the foreseeable impact of a redefinition of marriage on Canada's most vulnerable citizens - its children. We cannot dismiss their needs and rights by imagining that tomorrow's society will not suffer from the repercussions of this legislation," he said. "The principal right of children is to be born of an act of love and to live in complete communion with a father and mother." Please take the time to contact your representative Top Vatican Cardinal: Gay Marriage is "A Crime Which represents the Destruction of the World" Gay Adoption "Destroy's the Child's Future" and is "An Act of Moral Violence Against the Child" VATICAN, May 3, 2005 ( - On the first business day after meeting privately with newly elected Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Alfonso L√≥pez Trujillo, gave one of the strongest statements defending the traditional family in recent memory. The Cardinal, who was reinstated in his post as President of the Pontifical Council for the Family which he held under Pope John Paul II just after the election of Pope Benedict, met with the Pope Friday and on Monday gave an extensive interview to Fides news service on the subject of homosexual 'marriage'. Homosexual 'Marriage' Cardinal Trujillo said parliaments which "open the way for same sex 'marriage' . . . destroy piece by piece the institution of the family the most valuable heritage of peoples and humanity." He explained, "In these unions there are no promises for the partners or for the children, no stability, nothing before society or God, but they demand all the benefits of authentic marriage." Homosexual Adoption Asked about allowing same sex couples to adopt children, the Cardinal answered, "This would destroy the child's future, it would be an act of moral violence against the child." He said, "They say that children adopted by two people of the same sex are very happy. A child may be for a couple of years but when the child reaches the age of reason, when he grows up and becomes a young adult, how tragic it will be for him to let his friends know that his 'parents' are two women or two men? This situation endangers the child's personality, balance, harmony." No Unjust Discrimination The head of the Pontifical Council for the Family also repeated the Church's teaching that homosexual persons are to be treated with respect., but added that they should be assisted as far as possible to overcome their disordered inclinations. "As I have said many times, homosexual peoples must be respected, loved and assisted. We must help them overcome this situation if they seriously want to and help them realise that there is not only life on earth, there is another life. The Church does not wish to see these 'couples' suffer discrimination, or humiliation, jeered at or treated without respect. They are human persons and we must love them. It is false to say that the Church does not love these people. She loves them and wants to lead them to eternal salvation." Duty to Refuse to Participate Cardinal Trujillo also spoke of conscientious objection. "This means a person can use his or her right to object out of conscience and refuse to comply with this crime which represents the destruction of the world." The Cardinal went further noting a duty to refuse to participate in homosexual unions comparing it to the duty of Christian doctors "who refuse to carry out abortions". He said, "All Christians, including state employees, have a duty to avail themselves of conscientious objection because the law of which we are speaking inflicts a deep moral wound on the Christian faith." Countries Which Would not Tolerate Conscientious Objection Denounced "It would be pure totalitarianism if a person were sacked for conscientious objection." The strong condemnation would already apply to certain Canadian provinces where, while ministers of religion are not forced to perform homosexual 'marriages' as of yet, civil marriage ministers are required to under pain of job loss. Read this important interview in full here: See related coverage: Editorial - The Real Reason Why Christians Oppose Same-Sex Marriage Please take the time to contact your representative Your Rights As Parents Will Erode Parents kicked out of 'gay day' Concerned mom tried to videotape event . An outline of Wednesday's event on the district's website included these descriptions of these sessions: •"A Day in the Life: Statistically one in ten students at this school are (sic) not straight. Teenage life is complicated enough, but how does it differ for Gay/ Lesbian/ Bisexual/ Transgender (GLBT) teens? Come to this panel and find out." •"Student Speakout: Newton North students read original pieces about GLBT issues." •"Life Outside the Gender Norm: What happens when ones (sic) gender identity does not match their sex? In this session, speakers will talk about their experiences with gender identity and expression." •"Out at the Old Ballgame: Athletes and coaches discuss what it’s like to be GLBT in the gym, on the field, and on the road." •"Family Matters: What does it mean to be a family? What discriminations and legal obstacles do queer families face? Children and parents discuss living with queer family members." •"GBLT What's in a Name: What is homophobia? heterosexism? Why is there a ToBGLADay? In this interactive presentation, we will use activities to provide the groundwork for talking about GBLT issues." •"Color Me Queer: A panel discussion of race, culture, and sexual identity." Please take the time to contact your representative COMBAT FAITH: A SPIRITUALITY FOR THIS PRESENT EVIL AGE Rev. Charles Dahlby It’s easy to write articles pointing out the problems in the Church. They, like the man who was possessed, are “legion!” When we have exhausted each other with “can you top this” horror stories about liturgy, catechetics and even dogma, we are left with that awful empty feeling of frustration that no one but a pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic can truly appreciate! Sure there are terrible things going on in the Church and the truth is the sins of commission pale in comparison to the sins of omission! But it’s a hierarchical Church and we are not part of the hierarchy! So, as we recite the current list of atrocities, and our blood pressure approaches meltdown, we begin to drown in our own frustration until someone throws us the old life preserver: “We’ll just have to pray about it!” That soothes the sting, but leaves an empty ache behind. Prayer alone seems so inadequate. It is! Have we forgotten that we are the “Church Militant?” Pope Paul the VI told us that the “smoke of Satan has entered the Church!” When Christ entrusted the Church to St. Peter and his successors, Jesus said the “gates of Hell will not prevail against it!” How can a gate “prevail”? It doesn’t move or fight, It simply stands there. The only way a gate “prevails” is when it withstands a force seeking to beat it down. That force was intended to be the Church! Jesus Christ “did not come to bring peace, but a sword!” It isn’t adequate to stand before the power of Hell with teacup in hand and pinkie extended! The Church Jesus founded was intended to be a race of warriors that would beat down the gates of Hell for the salvation of souls and the building up of the Kingdom of God. If you’re going to stand up to Satan and his power, you’d better have the faith that made saints and prophets. The battle for your soul and the souls of the ones you love is what we called in a more enlightened time “spiritual warfare,” and you’d better show up in full armor with weapons in hand. You’re going to need Combat Faith! Before you can put on the “armor of God” and wield the “sword of the Spirit” there are a few presuppositions you have to deal with: Myth 1. Numbers are important. Remember the story of Gideon in the Old Testament? Before the battle God said Gideon had too many men. So by the time God finished trimming them down, there was only a remnant to go against a much larger force. Guess who won! So it seems that a small number with God is greater than a larger number without God. The fact is most people are useless in a fight. Many centuries ago a Greek philosopher/general named Heraclitus was involved in a war and he sent a famous letter back to his city-state of Athens. He said that out of every 100 men they sent, 90 were useless! They just got in the way and cluttered up the battlefield. Only 10 of that hundred were fighters, and only 1 would be a true warrior! He said it was on that one that the battle would turn! After the battles of the American Civil War, they would pick up rifles on the battlefield that had multiple charges in the barrel. They had been loaded and re-loaded but never fired! This is like those 90% who talk and talk to one another about the battle but never pull the trigger. The 10% who will fight will be more than enough if we can find that one who is a true warrior! In the entire history of the Roman Catholic Church there has never been a true spiritual renewal by committee, council, or document! These things have never caused Hell to tremble. The only time the Church has risen up to do battle with evil was when God raised up warriors, to lead the way. They were prophets and saints, wild-eyed and uncompromising! They may have lacked some social skills, but they burned with the love of God and that flame cleansed and enlightened the Church. They also died, because as true warriors they were in the front lines. They were martyred, sometimes by their own Church and spiritual leaders. Remember, when Jesus returns to gather His true Church, the Bible says it will be a “remnant?” We think numbers are important because we live in a democracy and that is how you get elected, but true Christianity is not a democracy! Christ is our King, not our president. God doesn’t need a lot of people; He just needs the right people! Myth 2. Warriors look like warriors! Maybe so, if you see as God sees, but otherwise picture the scene at Harvard University a few years ago when Mother Teresa received an honorary degree. She may have weighed 90 pounds if she were carrying an abandoned baby in each arm, and she stands there on a box so her head clears the top of the podium, and she talks about the horror of abortion. Behind her the most powerful man in the world, the president of the United States and his wife are squirming in their seats. Jesus once asked people who went into the desert to hear John the Baptist, what they went into the desert to see? A reed swaying in the wind? No! People like reeds swaying whichever way the wind blows them are everywhere. Did they go to see a saint and a prophet? Yes! And the people at Harvard saw even more. They saw a warrior for God! So did the Clintons. God’s warriors will not be known by bulging muscles or political clout, but by their courage to stand and speak the truth! Jesus told Pilate: “The reason I was born, the reason I came into the world is to testify to the truth and those who seek the truth will hear my voice!” Then Pilate asked the saddest question ever asked; “Truth, what is truth?” Yes, the truth can be painful, but as Pope St. Gregory The Great said: “It is better that scandals arise than the truth be suppressed!” Saints and Prophets are truth-speakers, and nothing is more frightening to the powers of darkness than the light of truth! Myth 3. If we follow Christ we will be loved. At funerals I have heard people say: “Everybody loved old Joe!” Why, “Old Joe didn’t have an enemy in the world!” What a terrible thing to say! Jesus Christ was perfect love and yet every Good Friday you shout “Crucify Him, Crucify Him!” Jesus was perfect but there were a lot of people who were very happy when Jesus died! There is an old saying that you’re known by your enemies as well as by your friends! If everyone loves you maybe it’s because you’ve never challenged, confronted, questioned or stood up for anything! There are certain people, some in positions of authority, who dislike me rather intensely. I accept this as affirmation. If I thought they liked me I would be deeply worried! As a follower of Christ your task is not to call people to happiness, but to holiness! Have you forgotten that Jesus said: “I come not to bring peace, but a sword!” He whipped the moneychangers out of the temple and told the religious leaders (The Pharisees) they were “empty tombs filled with corruption!” If a person is so weak and insecure as to need constant affirmation, he will never be a warrior. The trick is not to have everyone love you, but to be sure the right people hate you! Myth 4. We’ll put it all in God’s hands! Most people who say this are not really concerned that it’s in God’s hands, but rather that they get to wash there own. But they will learn as Pontius Pilate did that you can’t wash away your guilt so easily. Once Jesus had a man with a withered hand stand before the Pharisees who complained that Christ was healing on the Sabbath. Jesus asked them a simple question: “Is it right to do good or evil on the Sabbath?” The Pharisees thought they had a third option - doing NOTHING! That option does not exist for God’s warriors. If you can do good and yet refuse to do it, then you have done evil! How vast is the category of “sins of omission” and how few go there to examine their conscience! Remember how the Master treated the man who buried his money in the ground? The reason that God left the Israelites in the desert for 40 years was because they had been slaves and they had a slave’s mentality. This made them unfit to enter and possess the Promised Land. That generation had to “die out” and a new strong people be raised up, a people who had been formed in the crucible of the desert. The nation that fled Egypt and the nation that entered the Promised Land were vastly different. They had been slaves looking for a master but now they were warriors ready to fight to build a kingdom for their God! Does it sound risky? It is! But there’s an old saying: “Ships in a harbor are safe...but ships weren’t built for harbors!” Christians with teacups in their hands are safe.... but God didn’t design the hands of his warriors to fit the handles of teacups, but rather the handles of swords! The Bible says: “The Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent bear it away!” There is no greater act of violence than the dying to self that is necessary in order to say with the Mother of God “Behold the servant of the Lord! Be it done to me as you will!” Only that “surrender” insures our victory! Fr. McNamara said; “ The difference between us and the saints is that the saints throw themselves into the fire of God’s Love and they emerge burnt, but magnificently transfigured, while the rest of us spend our lives walking around the fire, close enough to be warm, but never so close as to risk being touched by the flames!” Remember, we are looking for a small group, a remnant, a “band of brothers” who have walked in the fire of God’s love and have emerged transformed. Are you one of them? Here is a little test: Picture the last and greatest prophet, John the Baptist, the night before he was beheaded, lying on the floor of his cell. Tomorrow he will die for daring to speak the truth and offending powerful people. Jesus Christ is addressing John’s disciples and he declares: “I tell you, there has never been a greater man born of woman than John the Baptizer!” Do you think John was a fool? Did he throw his life away? Or would you say it was worth it and you would lay down your life, too, if only you could hear God himself say such glorious things about you? If so, you have the values of a warrior! Do you also have the courage to live them? Rev. Charles Dahlby is a pastor of St. Rita’s Church in the diocese of Springfield, Illinois. . May God have Mercy on Oregon and Strengthen Us In This Battle, Carolyn "Thus, a good man, though a slave, is free; but a wicked man, though a king, is a slave. For he serves, not one man alone, but what is worse, as many masters as he has vices." St. Augustine, City of God VOCAL Voice of Catholics Advocating Life PO Box 458 Sublimity, OR 97385 Catholic Media Coalition:"In line with the Church, online with the world."

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Prepare: Fighting the Sex Education Industry - Look where we are ten years later

2015 please note that in Catholic schools, parents can opt-out of sex education classes by the Vatican  Letter from Rome regarding Archdiocese of Portland's opt-out

Graduation days are a brief memory and we must already look ahead to the next school year of our children/grandchildren. We invest a lot in these gifts from God: sleepless nights, financial/emotional sacrifices and supernatural love, etc., etc., etc.

Image result for parents and childrenWhat we have to guard against are other adults both secular and religious that feel know what's best for our children. Some of these people have less than stellar connections and we are supposed to turn over our children to them? We, as Catholics, have incredible resources from the Church that have taught us about our awesome responsibility as parents.

For example, the Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality. To be undermined, even with the people having the best of intentions, is not just, and has to be changed. The areas that are most invasive at this time are of the sexual education variety. The "safe environment" programs the US Bishops want "provided" to children for their protection, doesn't address the problem of homosexuality of the priests accounting for over 80% of the abuse according to the John Jay report.

Many, many parents don't want anyone outside if them teaching their children about sex AT ALL. To have innocent children learn about where HIV/AIDS comes from in the third grade opens their minds to places adults don't want to go.

To help those parents who feel uncomfortable about the way things are going and to take back their rights, the Catholic Media Coalition  has sent out this form to their members. Many, many dioceses in the U.S. are fighting the same battle and now we have a legal weapon.

Please read the CMC alert below and act. We are all in this together. PARENT ALERT The url below will take you to a PDF document that puts schools on notice that they may not expose your children to sex ed/homosexual propaganda material no matter how it is packaged. It is important to file this with the school principle at the beginning of the school year and make sure you give one to your child's teacher.

The document originators recommend sending it to the school by certified mail so you have a paper trail. Getting your friends to file would also help keep your school family friendly. Consider the impact on a school of 100 or 50 parents (or even 10) filing this document with the principal. It would make the school very careful about exposing children to anything of this nature that might cause them legal problems.

A good way to present this would be to very cordially speak to the teacher at the beginning of the year and say you are certain this would not be a problem in her/his classroom, but you think it's important for everyone to be on the same page.  Explain that you have the document on file in the office and that you take your responsibilities as a parent very seriously. You want the teacher to know that if there is anything she/he thinks you should be aware of, you would appreciate a contact.

If you are able/willing to volunteer in the classroom for anything particular - helping with art projects, tutoring reading, etc. it would be a good time to make the offer. There are many programs in schools today that you need to be very careful about: sex ed (sometimes masquerading under a euphemistic name like "family life" or "safe environment", diversity programs, mental health screening, etc.

Some of these programs begin as early as Kindergarten. September will be here before you know it, so get prepared now. This opt-out form is good in all 50 states.

For an excellent education watchdog source visit Eagle Forum's education report: If you have children in school, keep on top of this. Your precious children are worth it!

By the way, I would file this with Catholic schools as well as public schools. Unfortunately there are many that have sex ed programs that are every bit as offensive as the public schools - and are probably more damaging because of being in the context of a religious environment.

Here is the form. (this is an Adobe file that comes out very well when you go to the web address)


To the _______________________________________School District.

Dear Sir or Madam,

1. Upon your receipt of this document, you are placed on legal notice that I, the undersigned parent(s), have elected to invoke my parental rights under Federal and State Statutes and Case Law regarding the instruction of sexuality to my child(ren).

 2. You are not to instruct my child about human sexuality without first providing me, on an incident-by-incident basis, at least 15 days prior notice, and obtaining my written permission after allowing me the opportunity to review your materials/lesson plan.

3. You are specifically forbidden from addressing issues of homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism, transvestitism, transsexuality, sado-masochism, pedophilia, beastiality or other alternatives to monogamous hetrosexual marriage to my child in any manner or form that would convey the message to my child that such orientations/behaviors are immutable, unchangeable or harmless.

4. This prohibition extends to any legitimization or normalization of these sexual orientations/behaviors no matter how your program or approach is defined or packaged, including but not limited to any instruction, materials or conversation related to “diversity” “tolerance” “multi-culturalism” “gender studies” “family life” “safe schools” “hate crimes” “AIDS education” or the like.

5. This prohibition extends to all school system employees and agents in any setting, on or off campus, in which my child(ren) is/are in the care of the school.

6. I am aware that politically active “gay and lesbian” teachers and other school system employees across America have organized for the purpose of legitimizing homosexuality and related sexual orientations to schoolchildren, using various pretexts such as the theme of “school safety.” I consider it the duty of the school to protect my child(ren) from any such activities.

 7. This document shall supersede any previously signed permission forms you may have on file. The child(ren) to which this opt-out notice applies is/are ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________

Signed, _____________________________ ______ ___________________________ ______ Parent or Legal Guardian Date Parent or Legal Guardian Date

Parents: For maximum legal protection, send this notice by certified mail.
Keep a signed, dated copy for your records and give a copy to your attorney.
After submitting this notice, do not sign any blanket permission slip offered by the school. All important communication with the schools should be in writing.

This form is copyrighted by The Pro-Family Law Center, 6060 Sunrise Vista Drive, Suite 3050, Citrus Heights, CA 95610 (916) 676-1057.

You have permission to copy and distribute this notice to others if your purpose is to protect children from homosexual activism in the schools. Copies of this form and other resources for parents, including information on how to form a local parent’s rights group, are available without charge at Valid in all 50 states. Consult with your attorney about specific parental rights laws in your state.

If you run into problems, or need the advice of an attorney, or are an attorney and could help families, please contact me. Last Friday, on the Feast day of St. John the Baptist, VOCAL celebrated two years of helping win the Culture of Life war in Oregon. VOCAL, Voice of Catholics Advocating Life, also became a non-profit organization. This was necessary to be "official". VOCAL won't be a tax-exempt organization: it's too confining and the elections are coming up. VOCAL will also have a website soon, so that we can gather strength and support from each other always following Jesus Christ, His Church and His Holy Father.

The cafeteria is closed and situation ethics is a failed social experiment that will be exposed more and more. The Culture of Life Calendar is growing.

 Please let me know of any speakers or workshops you are planning so I can list them.  Happy Birthday USA. Have a safe holiday.

 "A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault." John Henry Cardinal Newman