"Justice in Pieces" - JustFaith Parts 1-18

Stephanie Block has been studying Saul Alinsky, Catholic Campaign for Human Development and their dissenting groups for the United States for decades.  She is an expert on this subject. 

As you will note that JustFaith is ingrained at every level.  We must understand how pervasive this is and "Just say No to JustFaith".

The JustFaith program is a USCCB program that is "ecumenical" which means not truly Catholic.  I say this because there can never be TRUE Catholic teachings allowed. 

Stephanie Block from Catholic Media Coalition gave three talks on Saul Alinsky and Catholic Campaign for Human Development in 2007.   From this "Justice in Pieces" series there are CD's and a handout I would be happy to send to you.  It's well worth our time to see what's been done to us for so long.