Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#1 Pick for the New Archbishop of Portland in Oregon

Update as of Nov. 28th..still nothing on the horizon, but things can change quickly.

Bishop George Leo Thomas of the Diocese of Helena, Montana, is my first pick as new Bishop/Archbishop for the Archdiocese of Portland.

Update: Priest said to: Look in the right hand corner of Michigan to  Bishop Alexander King Sample.  The first Bishop ordained in the 1960's. What a great guy.  (He said that Bishop Thomas would like to be ours.)

Now remember, I am NOT sure, however a most reliable source, in a conversation, heard Bishop Thomas' name mentioned when it was found out that they were from Oregon. This unnamed name-dropper actually said "oops" as though he had said something he shouldn't have...then went on to say "We hope it isn't him because we love him so". 

Bishop Thomas is on the list for bishops that are being relocated.  Pope Benedict knows that we need a Shepherd to guide us and relieve us from mixed messages regarding the True Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. 

The Holy Father is trying to keep priests relocated to an area of the United States that they are familiar with. 

Bishop Thomas' homestate is Montana, and Oregon, Idaho, & Montana make up the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Portland.  He truly knows the area.

Bishop George Leo Thomas' Coat of Arms for his Episcopate

Article Regarding Bishop Thomas' Joy At Seeing the Pope.

USCCB Regarding Appointing Bishops

I pray that this is the man.  It would be wonderful to have him. 


Darren A. said...

From God's ears!

This would certainly be a relief from another rumor I've heard, a promotion from within the Portland archdiocese. We don't need 25 years of more of the same.

VOCAL said...

Darren, You are confirming this "pick". He WOULD be from within the Portland Archdiocese.

Interestingly enough...Oregon, Idaho and Montana are ALL part of the GREATER Archdiocese of Portland.

It is getting closer to God's ear.

Father #1 said...

Not quite, Carolyn. The Archdiocese of Portland is comprised of ONLY that portion of the state of Oregon from the summit of the Cascades west to the Pacific Ocean.

The Ecclesiastical Province of Portland is comprised of Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.


VOCAL said...

Okay Father. I said it "wrong" but it is still part of the "Greater" Archdiocese of Portland.

But I'm glad to know the correct term. Point well taken.


Janice said...

Praying for our next Shepherd. The Holy Spirit won't let us down. God bless, Janice

VOCAL said...

Amen. No matter who..we will get one like him, I hope it him.

LouAnn said...

thank you Carolyn! I'll pray for this appointment.

VOCAL said...

Hurray, pray.

Father #2 said...

What do you know about him?

VOCAL said...

The people from Montana really like him. Carroll College is a favorite of some families and he is involved in Carroll.

Read some of the links I have...I'm happy if it's him.

I'm getting's really late, so I that could add to my state of being.

VOCAL said...

Learning new words and concepts. Join me it's really easy. We have been eating pablum we need red meat.

The Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon (Archidioecesis Portlandensis in Oregon) is an archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It encompasses the western part of the state of Oregon, from the summit of the Cascades to the Pacific Ocean. The Archbishop of Portland serves as the Ordinary of the archdiocese and Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province of Portland whose suffragan dioceses cover the entire three states of Oregon, Idaho, & Montana. The dioceses of the province include Baker (eastern Oregon), Boise (Idaho), Helena (western Montana), and Great Falls-Billings (eastern Montana).

Darren A. said...

Sorry to throw cold water on this great idea, but I guess I should clarify what I heard was not a "confirmation". A local priest in this archdiocese casually expressed the opinion (OPINION, he does not have solid confirmation, and who knows why he believes this) that Fr. Patrick Brennan would be "promoted" into the slot of archbishop.

VOCAL said...

No cold water here. Let me assure you that Patrick Brennan would not last a minute with his track record. God willing....please Lord.

I just always jump the gun and sorry if your statement let my imagination run wild.

All this "here say" is just wishful thinking. We need a good man and I still believe that if it's not Good Bishop Thomas, then another good man will be "ours".

Anonymous said...

Darren, it is very unlikely that a priest be named an Archbishop right away. Customarily, an already ordained bishop from another diocese gets named an Archbishop. God bless. - Portland priest

Darren said...

Anonymous (on Sept. 17)

Dear Father,
Absolutely, I'm aware of the veracity of your words, certainly that is the usual procedure.

That is why it seems strange that another priest would have the idea that a long-time priest who is little more than a bureaucrat in the chancery (Fr. B) would be elevated. He is not even the most senior Vicar in the archdiocese now.

At the very most if Fr. B was going to be promoted, it would likely be as a Bishop not an Arch, and to a small See, probably without a major seminary and publishing company.

However, the tacit implication a few of us got in this conversation, which of course I admit is PURE speculation, is that there are "wheels within wheels" and "one hand washes the other" and this Fr. B may be a nobody on most Catholic radar screens, but has power and influence in his own way, and is a pet of Abp. Vlazny's.

Whatever, this is idle wondering, but I am just passing along what I heard from some pretty savvy people. I would not even have mentioned but it seems this particular story is already at the gossip level, so just sharing this idea.

But Fr. Anonymous, most likely you are correct and so is Carolyn. With the excellent appointments the Holy Father has been making, it would be hard to fathom this happening. Then again, ours is not to question why, ours is but to be surprised!

Carolyn O said...


The Terna was presented. I cannot give names, sorry. All were questioned about "how they would handle the Fr. Angel Perez situation." One bishop was eliminated based on his response, which indicated passivity.

Now the decision is being made between the 2 remaining bishops.

Vlazny is already out, we can expect an announcement soon.