Saturday, July 19, 2014

Foxes in the (Archdiocese of Portland's) Henhouse - Why Did the Catholic Sentinel Allow a Joy Wallace article?

Ed Langois, a reporter for the Catholic Sentinel since 1993, knows about Joy Wallace.  Robert Pfohman, the editor must know about her too, yet, he decided to put in the article below.

This, in my opinion, undermines Archbishop Sample; further confuse Catholics about the teachings of the Church by promoting active homosexuality even in our public and possibly Catholic schools; same-sex marriage and "woman priests". 

(This link below no longer works since this article was written)  Please see entire article at


She got the award for supporting only homosexual and confused children in the schools.  Not fat kids, kids with glasses, wheelchair bounds kids or even red or yellow black or white kids.  As a "catholic" does she help these homosexual and confused children know that their Creator has a plan for each of their lives? 

This pose from 2013 by encouraging others to override Archbishop Sample request to not participate in the Portland Pride Parade. Joy is leading these people away from the Truth and no matter how she "feels", she shouldn't be considered a Catholic this invincible ignorance.
“It was much more difficult for me to tell my feminist friends that I had made the choice to become a Catholic than it ever was to come out as a lesbian.”


Sadly this is how far she is taking her disobedience of the Truth of Christ.

Joy Wallace holding book of professed "womanpriest" Toni Tortorilla at Sophia Christi "Catholic" community's 4th anniversary "mass". One of five in this Archdiocese administering Sacraments that are not valid.

She is on the Board of Directors of  EQUITY.  A pro-homosexual group.

Joy Wallace, Secretary, recently retired as a Development Director for a faith-based non-profit and has had a long career as an educator, mainly doing professional development for teachers and materials development in equity-related topics. She currently chairs the Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition Board of Directors and serves on the Board of the Sophia Christi community ("womenpriests" church). She works with the Portland Catholic Coalition of Welcoming Parishes to increase welcoming queer ministry in Catholic churches. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon and a Master’s degree from Oregon State University. For fun, she volunteers in her granddaughter’s classroom, loves going camping, reading and gardening.

Finally, listen to what she says about the Catholic church.  Her contribution to this panel is seven minutes and thirty seconds (7:30) into the video below.   
 Ed Langois and Robert Pfohman
 why was this woman chosen for an article in the Catholic Sentinel?


Anonymous said...

Of course the Roman Catholic Church has always welcomed sinners to our church. Otherwise nobody would be welcomed. But I am fairly certain that the church wants us to be repentant. I wonder if Joy Wallace thinks loving correction of sins is "bullying". Tough love requires me to point out that a homosexual practices (not orientation)are sinful and not healthy. The same goes for other sins. If you see that I am being unfaithful to my wife, real love requires you to point that out to me. And I wonder what the statistics are for homosexual kids being bullied at school ? Is it more prevalent than other kids being bullied ? Why does the Catholic Sentinel give the dissident Ms. Wallace such a platform ? Sorry but I am posting this comment anonymously because I'm concerned that Ms. Wallace or one of her followers might bully me because of my opinion.

VOCAL said...

Bingo. Thanks for your input on this. Great comment.

LouAnn said...

thanks for this---so this person Joy is being featured in the article, but it's not an article by her, right? This person "Joy" is an abomination (literally, according to scripture!) Do you have Sample's email? Are you making an official complaint? We need to call for his dismissal, immediately!

Anonymous said...

I used to think the Archdiocese had a lot more control over the Sentinel than it actually does. Also, I am pretty sure Langlois, etc., are paid by business profits, not by local Catholics. Could you do some investigative journalism about this? The Archbishop's only recourse may be to forbid them to use the name "Catholic."

(I'm anonymous to protect myself. If I said why it would be gossip).

Kris Britt said...

She does NOT represent anything Catholic. She should not be allowed to have a voice in The Catholic Sentinel. Her background with the affiliation of women priests is enough evidence of the disobedience occurring here.It gives no credibility to the Sentinel. I want to read true Catholic doctrine from sources that promote holiness. I do not subscribe for that very reason.

Mrs. Kris Britt

Dave said...

VOCAL said...


The Archbishop's email is

To make sure he gets the memo from you it would be prudent to call or write (remember to put "personal" on the letter) to the Archbishop and/or Bishop Peter Smith at the Pastoral Center at 2838 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214
(503) 234-5334

When there's an issue like this is your comment might still be "lost". Good luck.

Calling Ed Langois or editor Robert Pfohman at the same numbers.

I will do the same.

VOCAL said...


It's a shame that we can't rely on Catholic teaching in the Sentinel.

Keeping vigilant and calling or writing a little note to the Archdiocese is helpful.

Prayers from those who are too tapped out with all the salaried people of the Archdiocese who have this time and financing on their side to do anything they want to, even undermine the Church.

VOCAL said...


I will look into the payment of these two men.

If "Catholic" Sentinel and El Sentinela are controlled by some with an agenda that has heretics showcased, can there be another way to control this publication?

If the Archdiocese has little control we need to know why. At least that's my take.

J. said...

Thanks for your update. Did you send this to the Archbishop. He needs to know and have prayer support. We are praying for him at our (not mentioned because of retaliation.)

I believe Mary Jo Tully still has control at the Sentinel and Ed Langlois goes along with what ever the editor and she says. She needs to go. I hear she has
parkinson disease now.

We need to pray that Archbishop Sample replaces her soon.

VOCAL said...

I understand your need to be anonymous to others.

We do need to pray for the Archbishop and the men involved and easily manipulated.

I don't censor comments on this blog. It is this persons take that Ms. Tully is involved with decisions.

And if Mary Jo does indeed have Parkinson's we need to pray for her.

These things would be known by the public.

Both Mary Jo and Joy Wallace are involved with the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon. In my opinion, being so closely linked with this group of progressive churches is not good for these women.

Margie and Tony said...

Evidence shows that there are many people who call themselves "CATHOLIC", but are really "CINO" (CATHOLICS IN NAME ONLY) CATHOLICS who have LOST THEIR FAITH! These people no longer believe in the TRADITIONAL ROMAN CATHOLIC TEACHINGS. Therefore, the likes of ABORTION, SAME SEX MARRIAGE, HOMOSEXUALITY, etc., are totally acceptable and are not a MORTAL SIN (to them). Of course, this goes totally against pre-Vatican II Catholic teachings. But, if we're all going to heaven, then SIN AWAY!! Unfortunately, we're NOT ALL GOING TO HEAVEN. And, there IS a reward for doing good (heaven) and an ultimate punishment for doing evil (HELL)! Regardless of what some Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Priests and laymen say, THERE IS A HELL and those who commit mortal sin (and do not repent) will be damned to HELL FOR ETERNITY!! They can put that in their pipe and smoke it!!!


Margie and Tony

K. said...

I made a comment on the blog. I am disgusted! Thanks for the clarity!

Anonymous said...

VOCAL--I thought of another way to control the Sentinel. The Archbishop could cease writing his column for the Sentinel, and start a new Archdiocesan paper run by orthodox Catholics.

But that is only if the Sentinel is unreformable. No use making a lot of people furious and wasting resources if it's not necessary.

Anonymous 2

Anonymous said...

Margie and Tony,

Why are you yelling?

By the way, the sins you mention go against post-Vatican II Catholic teaching also.

Anonymous 2

Kris Britt said...

Those women priests need to be excommunicated, or have they already been? This would never be in the sentinel if it were squelched immediately. It leaves some confused that may not be clear about the truths of the faith. Maybe this women ought to seek out a Protestant church that agrees with her thinking. It takes audacity to be publicly disobedient to the Church and make a mockery out of this issue! It needs to be stopped in it's track now! I will pray for this issue. Kris Britt

Mary said...

I tried a couple of times to see exactly how much the Sentinel was getting from the archdiocese when the paper became ‘free’.

Boy, oh boy, the non-answers and run-arounds I got.

So, you say below that ‘Oregon Catholics are paying the salaries of these men’.

Where did you get that idea?

My letters to the editor are about babies; how about you writing a letter to the editor? You are already on their sh-tlist, anyway.

I remember you shaking Archbishop’s hand at his first Mass.

I think you should really consider it.

Anonymous said...

Joy Wallace is living the Gospel. Jesus taught us to love all, with tenderness and acceptance. I don't see any wiggle room there. When I read the article I was challenged to do more to help others. When I read the anger and calls for retribution on this page I am deeply saddened.

VOCAL said...

Joy Wallace has an misinformed Roman Catholic conscience. That is why the Catholic Sentinel erased any mention of her from their archives. Doing good, which in a correctly formed Catholic conscience isn't represented in the article, isn't even in question, being faithful to the Church's teaching is.