Monday, June 20, 2011

"Gay Pride Parade": Part Two

Dear Advocates for Life,
This Oregon Live article shows that Catholics are being represented, as usual, in the PDX Homosexual Parade on Father's Day. Oregon Live Article: St. Andrew's and Community of Welcoming Congregations. 6-17-11.. at least they're trying to go "underground" by changing the line-up. Saint Andrew's Bulletin.
Year's ago I received a reprimand from Archbishop Vlazny for Defending the Church bringing up errors of the progressive way the Western Oregon Catholic church was going. Women "priests" or being against the Pope is actually encouraged by the status quo, like the parade. We are called to admonish things that are against our Church's teaching.
The Archbishop is "disappointed" with EMO regarding the Life issues.....etc. Do we need them with their pro-abortion doctrine? Don't we see this as a line we will not cross with an organization that is changing us and we're not making a dent with them?
Here is a letter that I received with concern over our involvement with Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon and their leading Oregon Catholics away from the Faith.
Father John Reedy on 100th birthday. His love of the Church passed on for generations.
To Whom it may concern, (from anonymous Oregon Catholic priest),
While it would be tough for me to weigh in on an internal Catholic issue, I can have a personal opinion overall. The biggest problem I have is that if you believe what you claim to believe, why would you put time and energy into an Organization that actively works against that belief? EMO, clearly and unequivocally, has the position that gays and lesbians are not engaged in unnatural sexual relations, essentially they hold homosexual behavior to be OK. Last time I looked, the Catholic Church still, and rightly so under the bible, believe homosexual behavior to be unnatural and immoral. While many of their programs for social justice are great, the Catholic Church doesn’t need to belong to advance those noble causes they do promote.
It is one thing to love and tolerate all sinners, it is quite another to say their sin is ok and free of consequences. By belonging to EMO the Catholic Church is compromising their own values, for what benefit? Whatever benefits they believe come from membership can easily be obtained other ways without giving tacit approval to the homosexual lifestyle.It is one thing to love and I am all for having a loving and open dialogue with other Christians about our different interpretations of scripture, but why do I have to join their organization?
Of the five (5) largest denominations in Oregon (by number of members in the State), (Catholic, Mormon, Assemblies of God and Evangelical Lutheran and Foursquare), the Catholic Church is the only one who chooses to be a member. In looking at the statistics, the EMO, absent the Catholic Church, represents a very small minority of Oregon Church goers, about 10%. Here is the link to that info,
The bottom line is, they have an important belief that runs counter to Church doctrine; and without the Catholic Church, they really represent a very small number of Oregon church goers. So why get involved?
In His Name....
Things need to change. We are better than this.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Gay Pride": Hijacks Father's Day and Catholic Values" Part One

Self-professed lesbian Joy Wallace (see Oct. 3, 2002) speaks on behalf of the Catholic Church seven minutes and thirty seconds (7:30) into this video. This panel is promoting the homosexual lifestyle in Oregon churches through The Community of Welcoming Congregations. This is an interfaith organization supported by Catholic Churches openly spreading this heresy leading earnest seekers of the Truth into error. Our Faith is watered down and that is the motive, to change the Church.

This group is so "interfaith" that the name of Jesus is relegated to a list where He is just a name among those of Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Joy Wallace, who works at St. Andrews Church in Portland and "woman priestess" Toni Tortorilla are in cahoots by actions totally at odds with Holy Mother Church and our Lord Jesus Christ.

On Father's Day this year the Community of Welcoming Congregations are marching in the Pride NW Parade 2011 in slot number 27. There is also Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence making fun of Catholics openly and freely, and there's no uproar from the Archdiocese of Portland.

Father's Day weekend is when they like to degrade men and make them in their image. It shows their disdain for fatherhood, biological and spiritual. Ecumenical Ministries Oregon (EMO) Churches march in the Gay Pride Parade and gives us a homosexual connection that bankrupted Oregon Catholics. (Now we have a "Capital Campaign" to replace some of those funds). Yet these groups have no qualms about publicly trashing our Faith. Joy Wallace and others with like mind are protected by a wall of silence in this Archdiocese which implies consent.

Mary Jo Tully, our Chancellor freely agrees with EMO, sitting on their Board giving them credibility and actually using them in dictating our Churches direction on many levels. Oregon Catholics are harmed by our affiliation with Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon. To belong to this organization costs Catholic money without supporting Catholic values. (to be continued)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"The None Story" Part two - Sisters of Holy Names Support Women's "Ordination"

Toni Tortorilla
The email below was written by Toni Tortorilla, well known in the Archdpdx, and one of four heretical Oregon women who call themselves priests.  It was sent to members of Call to Action and Sophia Christi (name of "woman priests" organization who meet at Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon Churches.)
Sister Kathleen, by her actions, has besmirched the reputation of The Sisters of the Holy Names. She must feel comfortable that heresy is okay in this Archdiocese.

FYI "The None Story, Part one" 9/24/10 in archives


Subject: Fw: Saturday Liturgy
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 09:09:17 -0700

Please continue to support them in this ministry. the services will continue to be at the same church 4775 N Lombard St on the second Saturday of the month at 5:00 PM.

Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2007 9:10 PM
Subject: Saturday Liturgy

Greetings to all of you,

I'm sending a little reminder about our Mass this coming Saturday.  For our lectors (Bob Larroque, first reading; Sandi DeMaster, second reading) we will be using the Lectionary created by Priests for Equality.  My heartfelt gratitude goes to Janet Stevens for providing us with this copy!  The Larroques will also be providing us with refreshments after our liturgy and Kathleen Greene will make sure we have coffee and tea, so I hope you can stay a bit afterwards and visit with everyone.

It would be helpful if someone would like to volunteer to bring forward the gifts before communion.  And we will also need someone to carry the processional cross during our entrance rite and during the recessional.  The cross is a gift to us from Sr. Kathleen and the Sisters of the Holy Names, and we are honored to have it available for our Masses.
I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Christ's peace be with you,
Sophia Christi Community officiated by Toni Tortorilla, and new "catholic community"  Lumen Christi  officiated by Sandra DeMaster are names of the Women Priests organizations in Oregon.

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon churches are used for their "mass"/meetings.
They are supported by the dissident groups  Call to Action NW and One Spirit One Call that meet in Catholic Churches.
One Spirit, One Call is endorsed by some priests and allowed to have life in Oregon by Archbishop Vlazny who states in this article, ( AB Vlazny Active Avenue for Dissidents)

"Organizers wrote to the archbishop of Portland, the Most Rev. John G. Vlazny,  and told him of their plans. He says he is resigned that "One Spirit -- One Call" would go on.

"I'm not happy about it," he says. "Whenever people are disturbed, it's a good idea to get together and pray. But my job is one that tries to promote the unity of the church, to encourage the church in our evangelization."

He says he has good relationships with women in the church. "I've tried my best to treat people with fairness." He understands that the women behind the Portland event have a list of grievances, but he thinks "ordination is at the bottom of it all."

"I have no authority to change that." The Catholic Church does not ordain women to the priesthood. "No other bishop, not even the pope can change that," Vlazny says." 
(VOCAL wonders, would he change it, if he could?)

This mentality in the Archdpdx hierarchy has bankrupted us monetarily and threatens Oregon Catholics spiritually.  There is not a feeling of protection for our souls or our funds.

"Roman Catholic Womenpriests reject the penalty of excommunication issued by the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith on May 29, 2008 stating that the women priests and the bishops who ordain them would be excommunicated latae sententiae.”

Although they know the just decree of God that all who practice such things deserve death, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.   Romans 32