Monday, February 24, 2014

Why The Archbishop's Annual Appeal is Questioned by Some. Have Any Answers Regarding Why There Was Theology Degree Given to Lesbian Witch at Mt. Angel?

This is the time of year when we are asked to give our financial support behind Archdiocesan projects.
Since these are things that need to be addressed, like who makes decisions that aren't even remotely helping our Faith, can someone please start answering valid questions? 
We are fighting the amoral, immorality of our time.  The likes of Frodo Okulam is gaining popularity since she can "perform" marriage ceremonies and has graduated from Oregon "Catholic" institutions. 
Is there anyone that can help with this question?  Any suggestions as to why you don't give to the Appeal or when would you give.  If you have no problem that it welcome too, of course.
The links between Frodo Okulam and Ecumenical Minstries of Oregon, Metropolitan Community Church are still there.  Another link between them. 
We are concerned that no one is minding the store.   Can you help?
Frodo Okulam - Sister Spirit Graduate of Mt. Angel
Answering this question.
"This is not very timely, but I've been curious about something... Is Monsignor Patrick Brennan, now at Cathedral, the same one who conferred a theology degree on Frodo Okulam, lesbian witch at Metropolitan Community Church..... I was involved in some serious "investigations" during those years, and it was a smarmy mess in this Archdiocese (Levada). 
I wonder who vets these people !!   Brennan's tenure at Mt. Angel served to end some vocations and there was abundant scandal; and I find it difficult to believe that he is parochial vicar........ we must remember to pray, I suppose, and not fret over the past.  End of grumble."

Monday, February 17, 2014

Why Can't We Use Secular Music During Mass?

Our new Archbishop has a love for sacred music.  A few churches are changing from Oregon Catholic Press, now known as OCP.  They are pushing this "new mass" from Dan Schutte. 

Suffice it to say in this changing world we need sacred music to help us experience a foretaste of Heaven at Mass.  We need music to elevate our Soul.  If our Archbishop loves it we should try.

This website was suggested by a young mother who wants this for her children and doesn't agree with "OCP".  Thanks to her for showing us that the future is in good hands.

Why Can't We Use Secular Music During Mass?
published 13 February 2014 by Jeff Ostrowski                                 
OMPOSER DAN SCHUTTE, formerly a Jesuit priest, published a musical setting in 2012 of the Glory To God which has been widely criticized because it changes the words. 1
To me, however, something else is even more problematic. Please listen to these brief excerpts and see if you can guess what I’m getting at:
      * *  “Glory To God” • Refrain by Dan Schutte
      * *  “My Little Pony” • Mp3 Audio Excerpt
Am I crazy, or is this resemblance jarring?

ON 22 NOVEMBER 2003, Blessed John Paul II decreed that Church music must “avoid any concessions to frivolity or superficiality.” He went on to remind us of many other important things. For instance, he said neither vocal nor instrumental music can be used at Mass if it “does not possess a sense of prayer, dignity and beauty.”
A few years ago, we created this video which presented Church legislation on Sacred music and drew some conclusions. Some of my friends were angry we used the term “Disney” to describe certain liturgical music. Others thought we were kidding. However, I stand behind that term, because technical descriptions like “modal” and “rhythmically free” mean nothing to the vast majority of Catholics who lack professional training in music.

PLEASE, DON’T LEAVE ANY NASTY COMMENTS saying I am “anti-Schutte” or anything like that. I have absolutely nothing against Schutte, who is incredibly accomplished 2 and literally world-famous. He’s free to write whatever he wishes and folks are free to purchase it.
However, I do object to certain would-be “scholarly” publications treating this music in a serious fashion, using the most outlandish psychobabble. 3 Sometimes I’m tempted to scream: “How can such things be written about a tune lifted from My Little Pony?” Just a decade ago, I believed Musicology symposia had a monopoly on this kind of gibberish — I was wrong!
N.B.   The musically-observant priest who discovered this Schutte/Pony similarity is currently Liturgy Director for a major Archdiocese in the United States. It was sent to me via email “chain letter.” This was the first time I’d ever heard Schutte’s Mass setting.

"MUSIC is mere beauty; it is beauty in the abstract, beauty in isolation. It is a shapeless and liquid element of beauty, in which a man may really float, not indeed affirming the truth, but not denying it." GK Chesterton
Why Can't We Use Secular Music During Mass?
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Friday, February 7, 2014

Living Catholic: Catholic Devotions by the Month.

"During the Middle Ages the public functions of the Church and the popular devotions of the people were intimately connected. The laity assisted at the daily psalmody, the sacrifice of the Mass, the numerous processions, and were quite familiar with the liturgy. Those few religious practices outside of official services, e.g. the Rosary (a substitute for the 150 Psalms) originated in the liturgy. Later, however, especially since the sixteenth century, popular devotion followed its own channels; unliturgical practices like the Stations of the Cross, the Quarant 'Ore, various litanies and rosaries (coronae), prevailed everywhere; novenas and series of Sundays and week-days in honour of particular saints or mysteries were instituted. Entire months of the year were given over to special devotions. Following is a list of the more common devotions." 

Thank you

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Guest Post Alert. Oregon Taxpayer Funded Sexuality Conference for Our Kids.

VOCAL will keep you informed regarding this assault on the morals of our teens and the misuse of our taxpayer monies. Not only are we paying for abortions now, but paying for more moral decay and damage of immortal souls.  e

Here us the "Steering Committee"

There will be bus loads of teens descending for a "spring break" atmosphere paid by us.  Just take a look at this website. Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference.   Thank God for this concerned Catholic.

Guest Post

For many years a cancer has been festering in the City of Seaside. It is the annual Taxpayer funded event known as the Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference.

Several of your fellow citizens in Seaside have decided to take action to rid Seaside of this conference. We are asking for your support.

We are not going to make this an activity of any one group or church organization as we wish to involve a wide spectrum of our NW Oregon Coast communities and also to enlist statewide help from all who value Life and Morality.

We ask for your support in this endeavor. There will be a lot of work ahead but this is where the rubber hits the road.

What has gone on in these conferences is almost beyond belief. We will continue update you on our progress. If we truly care about our youth then we must work to get this event out of Seaside (and indeed anywhere in Oregon).

If you agree this conference must not return, we ask that you forward our appeal to those who you feel would support and assist us. Can you imagine if we could get 200-300 people ringing the Convention Center and its parking lot with signs describing what is going on inside the Center? I think it would be a shot heard round the state.

We already have over twenty organizations on our mailing list throughout the state. Below is our first flyer (200 distributed yesterday at the Annual Right to Life Rally in Portland): 

On April 7 and 8, 2014, the Seaside Convention Center will again be hosting the annual Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference. This gathering is the largest event of its kind in Oregon specifically targeting adolescents regarding sexual activities.

 A group of citizens from Northwest Oregon has decided to organize a peaceful gathering on April 7 to make known their opposition to this sexual abuse of our school-age children masquerading as “health education”.

Your tax dollars, paid to the State of Oregon, are paying for this event. Your school district resources (buses) are also being used to bring adolescents to this conference. A Google search of  “Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference” will give you a very good idea of what takes place at this conference.

We are just beginning to organize this protest so we would be interested in any help that would be offered. Remember this is not just something that only concerns the North Oregon Coast. This is the premier adolescent sexuality event that occurs each year in the state of Oregon. Why do they choose Seaside? Everyone likes to go to the beach. It’s a great hook to get students from all over Oregon to attend. The organizers of this event know that almost every teenager likes to go the beach.

We are hoping to have several hundred people join us to make known what is going on inside the walls of the Seaside Convention Center.

Hopefully a large presence of protesters will cause the media, print and broadcast, to cover this event. The organizations that are sponsoring the event do not want the public to know what is going on. We intend to shine the light of day on their activities.

Anyone wishing to join us or offer help in organizing this protest should call Mike Kelly at (360) 713-8414 or email him at