Friday, November 18, 2011

"Occupy" Movement in Oregon Nurtured by CCHD's Past Grantees

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) will have it's collection this weekend, November 19, and 20th.  Past grantees have been given funds for decades creating the climate; creating the Occupy Portland movement and "army" to occupy the parks and streets.

Throughout the years groups like Street Roots, Sisters of the Road, Dignity Village,  PhotoVoice (a Sisters of the Road project to buy cameras for the homeless so they can film their lifestyles) and anti "Sit-Lie In"  have been funded by CCHD.  We even gave $5,000 to Dignity Village for a lawn. We are still under the spell of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon and seem to follow their lead on being progressive and liberal.  Finally, Sisters was taken off the list of grantees.

A vocal Oregon Catholic said "this is the sin of Covetousness". Catholic monies have been going to many other groups that cause discontentment.  These people need an answer.  Evangelization.  If we want to end homelessness, greed, violence...Christ and the love of Christ is the only remedy.

Funds for the unborn cannot touch the hem of the amount that "Catholic social teachings" receive.  Since "life" in the new term Office of "Life" and Justice and Peace
means anti death penalty first, immigration as the main part of Life...the unborn as still left behind, but seemingly used as a way to seem more compassionate.

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen in his, easy reading inspirational, book Way to Happiness says,

"One of the greatest mistakes is to think that contentment comes from something outside us rather than the quality of the soul. There was once a boy who only wanted a marble; when he had the marble he wanted a ball; when he had the ball, he only wanted a top; when he had a top, he only wanted a kite, when he had the marble, the ball, the top and the kite, he was still not happy.  Trying to make a discontented person happy is like trying to fill a sieve with water.  However much you pour into it, it runs out too rapidly for you to catch up."

  •  History - It's All Who You Know in the Office of Justice and Peace Which Starts the Chain Reaction.
In 2003 the Office of Justice and Peace was run by Frank Fromherz who was fired by Archbishop Vlazny after decades years of aligning himself and the Archdiocese of Portland with progressive, socialist ideals. 

"Frank Fromherz of the Archdiocese of Portland's Office of Justice and Peace, one of the key organizers of the action, explains through an interview taped two weeks later the reasons for the action, its historical context, and the spiritual (and political) motivations for taking such a step. Days after the interview was conducted, Fromherz was fired from his job by the Archdiocese. He was let go at least in part for his outspoken activism against the war, despite the fact that the Pope himself was against the war."
(A letter he wrote sealed his fate, will add soon)

The "founder" of "Dignity Village" was Frank Tafari a friend of Fromherz's.

 Many of these connections can be found by putting "CCHD" into google on the home page VOCAL.

The principle cause of discontent is egotism, or selfishness, which sets the self up as a primary plant around which everyone else must revolve.  The second cause of discontent is envy, which makes us regard the possessions and the talents of others as if they were stolen from us.  The third cause is Covetousness, or an inordinate desire to have more to compensate for the emptiness of our heart.  The fourth cause of discontent is jealousy, which is sometimes occasioned through melancholia and sadness,and at other times by a hatred of those who have what we wish for ourselves."
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Way to Happiness.


Kris said...

Disheartening to say the least! No change will occur until that Archbishop is out of OR. (retired)

VOCAL said...

It is disheartening. Time after time so many Catholics have written to the Archdiocese and nothing was done to remove these ant-Catholic groups from having Catholics support them.

God willing, things will change.

N. said...

You forgot to mention that Jobs With Justice is still getting money and they are involved with the occupy movement.

VOCAL said...

There are so many groups that weren't mentioned. After ten years of research there is quite a file and connecting some of them is better than nothing.

Suffice it to say Saul Alinsky, the unions, and anarchists are alive and well with their affiliation with the Archdiocese.