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"Roman Catholic" Democrat Congressmen who voted Yes on "Healthcare" bill

Can.  915 Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.

Can.  916 A person who is conscious of grave sin is not to celebrate Mass or receive the body of the Lord without previous sacramental confession unless there is a grave reason and there is no opportunity to confess; in this case the person is to remember the obligation to make an act of perfect contrition which includes the resolution of confessing as soon as possible.

Here is a list sent to me by a friend who spent many hours looking into which "Catholic" Democrats voted for the Healthcare Bill that will cause many lives and go against the Catholic teachings on Subsidiarity. 

If there are errors, there shouldn't be many.  At least she deserves applause for caring.
Vote Results Of Democratic Congressman who
voted YES for Obamacare/Healthcare H R 3590
on Sunday, March 21, 2010, at 10:49PM.


Gary Ackerman (NY)                  news publisher                             Jewish
Rob Andrews (NJ)                      college professor                        Episcopalian
Joe Baca (CA)                           public realtions                   *Roman Catholic*
Brian Baird (WA)                       college professor                         Protestant
Tammy Baldwin (WI)                 *Attorney*                                 not available
Melissa Bean (IL)                        saleswoman                         Serbian Orthodox
Xavier Becerra (CA)                 *Attorney*                                  not availiable
Shelley Berkley (NV)                 *Attorney*                                    Jewish
Howard Berman (CA)               *Attorney*                                    Jewish
Sanford Bishop (GA)                *Attorney*                                     Baptist
Tim Bishop (NY)                         college administrator         *Roman Catholic*
Earl Blumenauer (OR)               *Attorney*                                   Protestant
John Boccieri (OH)                    military officer,politician      *Roman Catholic*
Leonard Boswell (IA)                 farmer, politician                  Community of Christ
Allen Boyd, Jr. (FL)                    farmer, politician                          Methodist
Bob Brady (PA)                          union leader                         *Roman Catholic*
Bruce L. Braley (IA)                  *Attorney*                                   Presbyterian
Corrine Brown (FL)                    college professor                         Baptist
G. K. Butterfield (NC)                *Attorney* *Judge*                    Baptist
Lois Capps (CA)                          nursing instructor                       Lutheran
Mike Capuano (MA)                  *Attorney*                             *Roman Catholic*
Dennis Cardoza (CA)                  rancher-business                *Roman Catholic*
Russ Carnahan (MO)                 *Attorney*                                    Methodist
Chris Carney (PA)                        college professor                *Roman Catholic*
André Carson (IN)                         police officer                             Muslim
Kathy Castor (FL)                        *Attorney*                                 Presbyterian
Judy Chu (CA)                               college professor                      none
Yvette Clarke (NY)        economic development specialist       African Methodist
William Lacy Clay (MO)                 paralegal                                   Protestant
Emanuel Cleaver (MO)       community organizer-Mayor                Methodist
Jim Clyburn (SC)                House Majority Whip                        African Methodist
Steve Cohen (TN)                        *Attorney*                                   Jewish
Gerry Connolly (VA)                  public adminstration                *Roman Catholic*
John Conyers, Jr. (MI)                  *Attorney*                                  Baptist
Jim Cooper (TN)                          *Attorney*                                Episcopalian
Jim Costa (CA)                 farmer-long term politician              *Roman Catholic*
Jerry Costello (IL)               baliff, sheriff, investigator              *Roman Catholic*
Joe Courtney (CT)                       *Attorney*                            *Roman Catholic*   
Joseph Crowley (NY)        Chief Deputy Whip-BA degree       *Roman Catholic*
Henry Roberto Cuellar (TX)        *Attorney*                            *Roman Catholic*
Elijah Cummings (MD)                *Attorney*                                    Baptist  
Kathy Dahlkemper                      clinical dietician                   *Roman Catholic*
Susan Davis                                  social worker                         none availiable
Danny Davis (IL)                    non-profit coordinator                       Baptist
Peter DeFazio (OR)                          gerentologist                          *Roman Catholic*
Diana DeGette (CO)                 *Attorney*                                   Presbyterian
Bill Delahunt (MA)                      *Attorney*                              *Roman Catholic*
Rosa DeLauro (CT)         non-profit program coordinator      *Roman Catholic*
Norm Dicks (WA)                      *Attorney*                                     Lutheran
John D. Dingell, Jr.                    *Attorney*                              *Roman Catholic*
Lloyd Doggett (TX)                    *Attorney*                                    Methodist
Joe Donnelly (IN)                       *Attorney*                              *Roman Catholic*
Mike Doyle (PA)                     insurance agent                        *Roman Catholic*
Steve Driehaus (OH)       community organizer/activist         *Roman Catholic*
Donna Edwards (MD)               *Attorney*                                      Baptist
Keith Ellison (MN)                      *Attorney*                                  Sunni Islam
Brad Ellsworth (IN)                   law enforcement                    *Roman Catholic*
Eliot Lance Engel (NY)      junior high school teacher                     Jewish
Anna Eshoo (CA)                      political assistant                 *Chaldean Catholic*
Bob Etheridge (NC)       farmer-education-organizer                   Presbyterian
Sam Farr (CA)                     peace corps - activist                    Episcopalian
Chaka Fattah (PA)                community organizer               Freemason-Baptist
Bob Filner (CA)                      college professor                              Jewish
Bill Foster (IL)                                physicist                                      none
Barney Frank (MA)                     *Attorney*                                     Jewish
Marcia Fudge (OH)                    *Attorney*                                     Baptist
John Garamendi (CA)     long time politician/legislator              not available
Gabrielle Giffords (AZ)          politician; businesswoman                Jewish
Charles A. Gonzalez (TX)          *Attorney - Judge*              *Roman Catholic*
Bart Gordon (TN)                        *Attorney*                                 not available
Alan Grayson (FL)                      *Attorney*                                     Jewish
Al Green (TX)                             *Attorney*                                      Baptist
Gene Green (TX)                       *Attorney*                               United Methodist
Raúl Grijalva (AZ)                  college administrator                 *Roman Catholic*
Luis Gutiérrez (IL)       high school teacher-social worker           not available
John Hall (NY)                               musician                            *Roman Catholic*
Debbie Halvorson (IL)    long term legislator-organizer                Lutheran
Phil Hare (IL)                  political assistant-union leader        *Roman Catholic*
Jane Harman (CA)                    *Attorney*                                     Jewish
Alcee Hastings (FL)              *Attorney - Judge*                   African Methodist
Martin Heinrich (NM)            long term politician                             Lutheran
Brian Higgins (NY)               long term politician                  *Roman Catholic*
Baron Hill (IN)                         financial analyst                         United Methodist
James A. Himes (CT)           financial executive                         Presbyterian
Maurice Hinchey (NY)            factory foreman                     *Roman Catholic*
Rubén Hinojosa (TX)               grocery executive                *Roman Catholic*
Mazie Hirono (HI)                     *Attorney*                                     Buddhist
Paul Hodes (NH)                     *Attorney*                                      Jewish
Rush Holt, Jr. (NJ)                    physicist-professor                        Quaker
Michael Makoto Honda (CA)        teacher                                      Protestant
Steny Hoyer (MD)                    *Attorney*                                      Baptist
Jay Inslee (WA)                        *Attorney*                                     Protestant
Steve Israel (NY)                        political assistant                          Jewish
Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL)     politician-civil rights leader                   Baptist
Sheila Jackson Lee (TX)          *Attorney*                      Seventh Day Adventist
Henry C.Johnson Jr. (GA)         *Attorney*                                   Buddhist
Eddie Johnson (TX)                 nurse, therapist                             Baptist
Steve Kagen (WI)                  physician - politician                        Jewish
Paul Kanjorski (PA)                    *Attorney*                          *Roman Catholic*
Marcy Kaptur (OH)                 urban planner                          *Roman Catholic*
Patrick J. Kennedy (RI)            politician                                *Roman Catholic*
Dale Kildee (MI)                     teacher-politician                    *Roman Catholic*
Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (MI)   high school teacher           African Methodist
Mary Jo Kilroy (OH)                    *Attorney*                         *Roman Catholic*
Ron Kind (WI)                             *Attorney* politician             Lutheran
Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ)                  *Attorney*                          *Roman Catholic*
Ron Klein (FL)                            Attorney*                                   Jewish
Suzanne Kosmas (FL)          real estate broker                          Methodist
Dennis Kucinich (OH)             long term politician                *Roman Catholic*
Jim Langevin (RI)                          politician                         *Roman Catholic*
Rick Larsen (WA)                  public affairs director                    Methodist
Barbara Lee (CA)            social worker, political assistant          Baptist
Sandy Levin (MI)                           *Attorney*                             Jewish
John Lewis (GA)     political consultant, civil rights leader           Baptist
David Loebsack (IA)               college professor                          Methodist
Zoe Lofgren (CA)                         *Attorney*                               Lutheran
Nita Lowey (NY)                             politician                                Jewish
Ben Ray Luján (NM)                political assistant                   *Roman Catholic*
Dan Maffei (NY)                journalist - businessman              *Roman Catholic*
Carolyn Maloney (NY)          long term politician                        Presbyterian
Betsy Markey (CO)                political assistant                    *Roman Catholic*
Doris Okada Matsui (CA)     political assistant                           Methodist
Carolyn McCarthy (NY)                 nurse                                 *Roman Catholic*
Betty McCollum (MN)           long term politician                    *Roman Catholic*
Jim McDermott (WA)               psychiatrist                                Episcopalian
Jim McGovern (MA)                  politician                               *Roman Catholic*
Jerry McNerney (CA)                politician                               *Roman Catholic*
Kendrick Meek (FL)              state trooper                                    Baptist
Gregory Meeks (NY)           *Attorney & Judge*                 African Methodist
Mike Michaud (ME)                  politician                                *Roman Catholic*
Brad Miller (NC)                   *Attorney*                                    Episcopalin
George Miller (CA)               *Attorney*                                *Roman Catholic*
Harry Mitchell (AZ)               high school teacher                   *Roman Catholic*
Alan Mollohan (WV)               *Attorney*                                     Baptist
Dennis Moore (KS)                 *Attorney*                                  Protestant
Gwen Moore (WI)            community organizer-politician            Baptist
James P. Moran (VA)        investment broker                       *Roman Catholic*
Chris Murphy (CT)                   *Attorney*               non-denominational Christian
Scott Murphy (NY)          businessman-politician                       Catholic
Patrick Murphy (PA)                *Attorney*                             *Roman Catholic*
Jerrold Nadler (NY)                 *Attorney*                                     Jewish
Grace Napolitano (CA)        auto executive                          *Roman Catholic*
Richard Neal (MA)               high school teacher                  *Roman Catholic*
Jim Oberstar (MN)                political assistant                     *Roman Catholic*
Dave Obey (WI)                     realtor                                      *Roman Catholic*
John Olver (MA)                   college professor                        no info available
Solomon P. Ortiz (TX)        long term politician                         Methodist
Bill Owens (NY)                         *Attorney*                          *Roman Catholic*
Frank Pallone Jr. (NJ)             *Attorney*                            *Roman Catholic*
Bill Pascrell (NJ)                    high school teacher                *Roman Catholic*
Ed Pastor (AZ)                       high school teacher                *Roman Catholic*
Donald M. Payne (NJ)         financial executive                            Baptist
Nancy Pelosi (CA)         Speaker of the House of Rep.       *Roman Catholic*
Ed Perlmutter (CO)                    *Attorney*                                 Protestant
Tom Perriello (VA)                     *Attorney*                        *Roman Catholic*
Gary Peters (MI)                         *Attorney*                            no info available
Chellie Pingree (ME)                    politician                                 Lutheran
Jared Polis (CO)                    internet executive                           Jewish
Earl Pomeroy (ND)                     *Attorney*                              Presbyterian
David Price (NC)                    college professor                            Baptist
Mike Quigley (IL)                          *Attorney*                      *Roman Catholic*
Nick Rahall (VA)                broadcast executive                         Presbyterian
Charles Rangel (NY)                    *Attorney*                          *Roman Catholic*
Silvestre Reyes (TX)         border patrol sector chief            *Roman Catholic*
Laura Richardson (CA)               politician                                    Methodist
Ciro Rodriguez  (TX)     social worker, college professor     *Roman Catholic*
Steve Rothman (NJ)                     *Attorney*                                 Jewish
Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA)       public affairs officer                *Roman Catholic*
C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (MD)   *Attorney*                              Methodist
Bobby Rush (IL)                      civil rights leader                              Baptist
Tim Ryan (OH)                                 *Attorney*                    *Roman Catholic*
John Salazar (CO)                         rancher                            *Roman Catholic*
Linda Sánchez (CA)                       *Attorney*                      *Roman Catholic*
Loretta Sanchez (CA)                  financial analyst                 *Roman Catholic*
John Sarbanes (MD)                      *Attorney*                        Greek Orthodox
Jan Schakowsky (IL)         nonprofit program coordinator             Jewish
Mark Schauer (MI)                public administration                       Protestant
Adam B. Schiff (CA)                        *Attorney*                               Jewish
Kurt Schrader (OR)                   veterinarian                                  Episcopal
Allyson Schwartz (PA)               politician                                         Jewish
David Scott (GA)                 advertising executive                            Baptist
Bobby Scott (VA)                             *Attorney*                           Episcopalian
José Serrano (NY)               political assistant                      *Roman Catholic*
Joe Sestak (PA)                      politician                                 *Roman Catholic*
Carol Shea-Porter (NH)              social worker                      *Roman Catholic*
Brad Sherman (CA)                         *Attorney*                              Jewish
Albio Sires (NJ)                       insurance executive               *Roman Catholic*
Louise Slaughter (NY)                    politician                                Episcopalian
Adam Smith (WA)                            *Attorney*                           Episcopalian
Vic Snyder (AR)                              physician                                 Methodist
Jackie Speier (CA)                          *Attorney*                       *Roman Catholic*
John Spratt (SC)                              *Attorney*                            Presbyterian
Pete Stark (CA)                         banking executive          Unitarian Universalist
Bart Stupak (MI)                          police officer                        *Roman Catholic*
Betty Sutton (OH)                            *Attorney                           United Methodist
Mike Thompson (CA)              vineyard owner                        *Roman Catholic*
Bennie Thompson (MS)         high school teacher                      Methodist
John F. Tierney (MA)                       *Attorney*                       *Roman Catholic*
Dina Titus (NV)                    professor of political science          Greek Orthodox
Paul Tonko (NY)                               engineer                           *Roman Catholic*
Ed Towns (NY)                              social worker                               Baptist
Niki Tsongas (MA)                 *Attorney* + social worker          Greek Orthodox
Chris Van Hollen (MD)                *Attorney*                                   Episcopalian
Nydia Velázquez (NY)             college professor                     *Roman Catholic*
Pete Visclosky (IN)                      *Attorney*                           *Roman Catholic*
Tim Walz (MN)                        high school teacher                          Lutheran
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL)   political assistant                       Jewish
Maxine Waters (CA)                      politician, teacher                     Protestant
Diane Watson (CA)          psychologist, health specialist              (disputed)
Mel Watt (NC)                               *Attorney*                                 Presbyterian
Henry Waxman (CA)                    *Attorney*                                  Jewish
Anthony Weiner (NY)                    politician                                    Jewish
Peter Welch (VT)                          *Attorney*                       *Roman Catholic*
Charlie Wilson (OH)                    mortician                           *Roman Catholic*
Lynn Woolsey (CA)          human resources manager               Presbyterian
David Wu (OR)                             *Attorney*                             Presbyterian
John Yarmuth (KY)                 newspaper publisher                       Jewish

Democratic votes were 219 ayes, and 34 noes. Republican votes were 178 noes.
Total recorded votes: 219 ayes, and, 212 noes. H R 3590

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