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Hearing Update from Bill Diss

Dear Brothers and Sisters for Life, Purity and Healing,

Every good endowment and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.
(James 1:17, RSV, Courtesy of Harmony Media)
Hearing Details:
I wanted to thank everyone who came to the hearing on Thursday, November 14, 2013.  I wish I could say it better but thank you so much.  There were probably 150 people.  They configured the room with some very big chairs and extra tables.  The room had a capacity of over 90, but they only let 47 people into the room.

I wanted to thank my son and daughter who were so helpful.  My son called every day last week and many times, "Dad how can I help you?"  My daughter made up the nice big posters that were in the hearing room.

I suspect there will be more hearings both with the district and in the courts.  I do encourage all to keep praying and please bring cameras, video cameras and recorders if the event is public.  It would be nice to have a recording or pictures from last Thursday.  The district did make a recording and hopefully we will get a copy.  Most meetings and hearings at public schools are public and thus can be recorded.

The district placed a policeman at the door and then the head lawyer from the district stood by the door to prevent more people from coming in the room or from standing by the room.  She was joined by another school attorney who spoke against me and yet another school attorney who sat by the hearing officer.

The district also blocked the elevators so that more people could not stand by the room.  All of the people then went back to main floor and prayed.  I think the magnitude of people praying at the headquarters from the district was yet again God outdoing the devil.  I thought of the following incidents through history.

Devil's Act God's Act
Adam and Eve fall to sin. The world is sent a savior.
Joseph thrown in well. Joseph saves his brothers.
Woman caught up with sin. A pharisee gets a lesson in true love.

If any of you who were stopped by the head lawyer, Jollee Patterson, you may want to email her at  It would be interesting to hear her response on why they picked that room and why it was configured so that so few people were allowed in the room.

I want to thank all who were praying around the world.  It was very hard to sit through the statements by Stephanie Harper, an attorney for the district, and then the statements by Frank Scotto, regional director, Carol Campbell, the past principal of Benson, and Jeandre Carbone and Barry Phillips vice principals of Benson.  District contact information is found at on the front page of the website and clicking on Directory on the top left by News | Directory.

The Oregonian repeated some of Mr. Scotto's remarks that when he observed me he found that I was militaristic.  His observation notes certainly did not indicate this.  He mentioned how I thanked students for their work and his only negative comment was when I exclaimed, "Listen Up."

A vice principal from Benson also came and testified against me for some warnings I gave to a student in 2009.  When this same administrator found himself unassigned in 2011, I wrote a letter of recommendation for him.  Such is life.  I have heard that many who were chanting "Hosanna in the Highest" when Jesus came to Jerusalem were also there a few days later to chant, "Crucify him!"

Special thanks to Mr. Davis a fellow teacher and Ms. Koenig the union representative who testified on my behalf.  Ms. McKanna, the lawyer hired by the district, also did a fine job.  She questioned many of the district actions especially all of the times that they have stopped me from working with children on basic math facts.  She questioned me on the effectiveness of time tables and I read the following from a student.

In fact when I started I didn't know much but with the extra help you provided me I can now say my multiplication tables as fast as my name and much more.  For once I'm proud of myself.
The crowd clapped and was reprimanded from Sascha Perrins.  He works for the district and was the hearing officer.

The next step is for Sascha Perrins to make a decision.  Next week I will also be working on the grievances that we filed.

I did make a closing statement and that is at the end of the email.

Again and again thank you all for your prayers and for all who came last week.  There were many friends, students, parents and many I did not know.

Please continue to pray and especially for those working in the school district.  There is an old saying, "When you go to bed with the dogs, you wake up with the fleas."  When one goes to bed with Planned Parenthood, as the schools in Portland and Salem have done, I do not know what you wake up with.

I wanted to thank all at Christ the King Church in the Clackamas area for their nice donation to help our outreach.  I think many of you know that Therese and others give out baby supplies, funds and information to many people going into Planned Parenthood.  We have tried to put on the heart of Christ and now mothers are holding babies near their hearts and not uncontrollable anguish.

Our Hispanic ministry is doing very well and we have spoken at six churches in the area.  We could sure use a laptop so that our group can display videos.  Maybe someone out there is thinking of buying a new laptop and now you have a good place to donate your old laptop.  I also got a request from one of our helpers who was recently in a car wreck.  Does anyone have an older car they would like to donate or a contact for us?

remarksClosing Remarks at the Hearing: 
I wanted to thank you all for being here this evening.  I looked at the thousands of students at Benson as my own children.  
I loved them, I prayed for them, I laughed with them, I cried with them, I sang with them, I danced with them, I cheered with them, I cheered for them and yes I pushed them to levels that they thought they were insurmountable and uncomfortable.
I had some motivational signs in the classroom and one stated:
Did you bring your A game today?
Some had their A game every day and some struggled every day.
In 2007 a proud young man wrote me:
I'm not to sure if you'll remember me but I was in you algebra class your first year at Benson and well I'm finally going to continue my education with Math being the foundation of my career in Finance and economics at UCLA.
You may know all ready but You are without a doubt the best teacher Many have come across. I sit and review my notes which always state your quote "write out the original problem" which I often laugh at thinking back to your class.
 The reason I'm writing you is because I wanted to say thank you for leaving "call-la-rada" (your home state) to in the end teach many like myself.  I have more fun with math than ever and that I will always remember you as my favorite teacher and your class. Thank you Mr. Diss
In 2003 that young man had trouble finding his A game, but we worked together.
Four years later he found his A Game.
That folks is what it is all about!
Again thank you and God Bless all of you.

God Bless you,

Bill Diss
Precious Children of Portland



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