Tuesday, June 7, 2016

FYI: A Pro-Life Friend to the North. Another Oregon Right to Life Success

It is amazing how Jesus Christ has worked in the life of  Esther Hurni-Ripplinger.  Esther's trust in the Lord and her strong convictions as she is living out her Catholic faith will do Washington proud and save many souls.


Dan and I are delighted to introduce Esther Hurni-Ripplinger to be designated as Executive Director of Human Life of Washington effective August 1, 2016.

Esther has the broad skill-set required for this position, legislative, media, and business acumen. She also has extensive pro-life experience including five years at Oregon Right to Life, between 2002-2007.
Hurni-Ripplinger recently served two legislative sessions as support staff for pro-life champion, Senator Mike Padden, Chair of the Senate Law & Justice Committee in Olympia.

As Session Aide, Esther Hurni-Ripplinger seamlessly coordinated several special projects. In addition, for one election cycle she performed a short-term contract for the Family Policy Institute of Washington.

In the interim, she maintained several clients as an independent business development consultant. Esther not only drew from her experience as a lighting store owner with her husband, and previously as a manufacturer’s representative, but also from her Master’s degree in Business Administration, and a Bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in marketing.

Before a move to the Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation, Ripplinger assisted the political director at Oregon Right to Life. She coordinated numerous events, including a workshop to prepare candidates for how to respond to the media regarding the life issue.
In her free time, she perceived the need for a pro-life broadcast, and responded by getting certified to produce and host a syndicated pro-life talk show, which featured interviews with expert guests. Specials included a live-studio audience with a gubernatorial candidate, entirely in Spanish and a teen-led edition. (She is fluent in both Spanish and French, and is now learning German.) It ran weekly for four years under her direction, and another six under her successor.

Ripplinger launched an unprecedented effort in Oregon to gather women who sought healing from the trauma of their abortions.  Many of whom felt called to share their testimonies, which organically formed a speaker’s bureau. Ripplinger coordinated speaking tours to state affiliates of Oregon Right to Life, and developed the church liaison project, which increased mobilization.
 She was a frequent presenter at National Right to Life conventions, and represented Oregon for its American Victims of Abortion (AVA) division. She collaborated with a mental health care professional and team, for the development of an ecumenical program to equip pastors to confidently address the life issue.

Esther knows first-hand the trauma of abortion and the difficult road to post-abortion healing. Her personal testimony of the trauma of abortion is on record in Oregon’s House Judiciary Committee advocating a Women’s Right to Know bill, and it is also included in an Amicus Brief in a winning case at the U.S. Supreme Court. 
She also has fought to protect the end-of-life. Both she and her son had been pressured by the medical community to “pull the plug” on her severely ill husband, who has since recovered. Her personal testimony involving end-of-life matters was featured on the Life Talk NW program, on Sacred Heart Radio heard throughout Washington State.
“It is a profound honor to represent those who cannot speak for themselves, to continue the good work of Human Life of Washington, and to work with those across this great state who are working hard to build a culture of life. I would be remiss without mentioning my personal experience with the trauma of abortion for which I found healing. Additionally,  I defied medical suggestions to "pull the plug" on my severely ill husband who has now recovered. As a cancer survivor too, my intimate grasp of "patient care" in the midst of a culture of death compels me to advocate for LIFE, our first right. I ask for your help and look forward to working with all people of goodwill for the dignity and care everyone deserves” said Ripplinger.

For those who would like to welcome Esther, you can email her at esther.humanlife@gmail.com

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