Saturday, November 3, 2007

Catholic "United Way" - CCHD Campaign

The CCHD campaign is being promoted. Now you have to give them credit, the Archdpdx does give out what the thousands are being used for pro-abortion, pro-homosexual accepting groups like Sisters of the Road which has been given tens of thousands of dollars for cameras for the homeless to take pictures and now $5,000 to print handouts for the homeless to know their "rights" on the streets....(I could have printed them myself for about $20) But if they can get $5,000 from the Catholic collection plate and we are useful idiots, so be it.... Also we have $5,000 so fifteen Hispanic women would have "community" by cooking for each other go to and see Campaign for Human Development...I have the other years in an archive which will show we have money for grass for Dignity Village and money to ACORN another nightmare. This is just the tip of the iceberg as the Saul Alinskyian techniques are used in this Archdiocese. All we need is a list of things the Archdioces thinks would be nice to give to and we wouldn't need to pay Cat Willett her salary and benefits and could put that money into saving the unborn and elderly....But Saint Andrews parish, who marches in gay pride parades, is listed on gay websites and has a pastor who used to preach on Saul Alinsky years ago, I'm told, is the template for the Archdiocese of Portland. The JUSTICE IN PIECES virtual workshop is available on CD with a handout by just asking me for before if you'd like to help me with a small donation of maybe $5 to cover costs/mailng/producing....that would be great, BUT I would LOVE to get this to you as a gift..... We have to be good stewards of our collection plate money....the Archdiocese has funds and this is NOT a mandated campaign...just a way to build up/ and make new non-profits and change the face of the Church and government with "moral clothes". Let's stop this travesty and save the unborn and the truly helpless.

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