Monday, August 9, 2010

Alinksy Catholics in Archdpdx - Watch Out

Our Oregon Catholic State is going through and participating in the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church. The ugly head of the so called "American Catholic Church" is rearing it's head more boldly than ever in our state.

We need to follow Jesus Christ and not have our ears "tickled" by those whose hearts are confused and aren't quite sure of Vatican II, which had minimum changes made, and those in power that encourage this ignorance with zeal.
Oregon seems to be a great portion of this problem, from the Oregon Catholic Press Missals and music, to Catholic Sentinel sham etc, seemingly, knowingly advancing this liberal agenda more and more. We must not let this happen and save the Truth and Beauty of the Roman Catholic Church for every Catholic.

What ever you need to say to help this effort, I will be more than happy to post. We can do all things through Christ Jesus, and we will.

"We've had enough of exhortations to be silent! Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues. I see that the world has become rotten because of silence."
St. Catherine of Siena


Anonymous said...

I like the new look! By the way, if you go to the following web site on the Internet you can see a video that reiterates what your latest message says:



Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by your hostility toward homosexuality. Modern science and genetics are showing that homosexuality is much like left-handedness...a genetic/biochemical condition that is not a moral choice made by one that possesses that condition. Hostility toward homosexuality is really about as a kind and Christian as hostility toward left-handedness.

VOCAL said...

First of all I'm not hostile towards homosexuality. The statement of the Catholic church is that it's behavior is "intrinsically disordered". It's not a hostile statement, just telling it like it is.

Even the Church isn't against a homosexual person who is chaste. The behavior is moral issue, a breaching of the rules of human behavior.

Excessive female hormones in the water system because of birth control pills doesn't give anyone an excuse for their behavior. It will be more difficult so just drink bottled water.

The "Gay Pride Parade" shows how degraded people have become not seeing it as it really is.

This is a lifestyle of entrapment not from God. Things may seem too hard to overcome, but there is freedom through Christ and calling on Him.

We all need remember the four last things: Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell. This isn't hostility just something we can't escape.

Left handedness is not breaking human rules of behavior. It's apples and oranges.