Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Dancing with the Devil?" aka Situational Ethics for Sin in the Archdiocese of Portland?

Satan before the Lord of Creation
Today there was a very interesting article courtesy of the Catholic Sentinel from Archbishop Vlazny that gives much food for thought.  With all due respect, the "dancers" are dangerously too close.  See the entire article by clicking Dancing with the Devil?

........ "Here in the archdiocese, for example, member agencies of Catholic Charities refrain from participating in fund raising efforts that benefit agencies like Planned Parenthood, which actually does provide abortions.  On the other hand, when they don’t provide abortions, participation has occurred.  It was considered to be sufficiently remote material cooperation."
This seems to mean that the Archdiocese has us in the position of  remote material cooperation with abortion, Situational Ethics.  We don't want our money spent on any type of cooperation with evil.
Christ will come again.  This "dance with the devil" may destroy our Eternal Dance with the Lord.

Christ says,  "The day will come when your enemies will lay a trench around your walls, and hem you in on every side. They will hurl you to the dust and your children with you, and will not leave one stone standing upon another, all this because you failed to recognize the appointed time when God himself moved among you" 

St. Paul says, "Give no foothold to the devil."


K. A. said...

Good afternoon, Carolyn,
Thank you, Agreed.
When I read this, I was concerned about the ethics that was demonstrated by this article.
God bless.

VOCAL said...

Catholic Charities partnering at the new multi-million dollar Portland "Catholic Charities" building was set up to hold groups pleasing to Bill Gates for the hundreds of millions of dollars that he donated for this.

Catholics need to please Jesus Christ not Bill Gates types. It is "dancing with the devil" having non-Catholic groups not in control of the Teachings of the Church.

This building is too big to hold just Catholic Charities so we were donating for a building for other non-Catholic groups.

Maybe this building should house Catholic Pregnancy Resource Centers, or Precious Children of Portland but there are too many dancing with "old scratch".

Barbara said...


VOCAL said...

I wonder if Dennis Keenan leaving his decades old job as Director of Catholic Charities of the has anything to do with compromises made, or or just moving up the Archdpdx food chain.

Roger said...

I had a silly vision in my mind where the Lord and the Archbishop were up on the mountain when the Devil asked them if they would jump promising that he would save them if they only would adore him. I did notice that the Archbishop found it necessary to wear a parachute. Hmmmmmm? Weakness is not pretty.


VOCAL said...

Those in charge of the Archdiocese and our associations with questionable groups should ponder the parable of Our Lord on "Lazarus and the Rich Man." Luke 16:19-31

Richard Crashaw wrote a metaphysical stanza for his Steps to the Temple in 1646 entitled, "Upon Lazarus His Tears":

Rich Lazarus! richer in those gems, thy tears,
Than Dives in the robes he wears:
He scorns them now, but oh they'll suit full well
With the purple he must wear in hell.

Mary said...

Sounds like mumbo jumbo to me.

Where is the stance on evil and staying away from it?

Okay, so it is ok to give because it is 'remote'?

So dollars are left available for abortion. All one has to do is to LISTEN to people who understand the system, and LEARN.

I feel so bad for naivete.

The Portland Shepherd will know the truth one day, too.

VOCAL said...

It's like the frog boiling in the water and not knowing it.

VOCAL said...

It seems Dennis Keenan is retiring. We need to take a close look at the works of Catholic Charities anyhow. There seems to be an unequal emphasis on not treating everyone the same. And using government grant monies to grow.

Peter said...

Thank you Carolyn for this. I read it in the Catholic Sentinel when I got a free copy at our church. (They have been giving out free copies at a number of parishes over the last several months. Who is paying for those copies? And why?) When I first read his article I had the thought that his use of the term "on the other hand" was the beginning of a loophole. Strange, I had the same feeling from his letters about voting in the last two presidential elections. I sense an attitude of the "Seamless Garment" here. In my mind dancing with the devil should always be avoided. It seems to me that Eve tried that and look at what it cost the human race. Thanks for all you do for us. God bless you.

Gerald McAfee said...

Carolyn, I read the article by the Archbishop very carefully, i.e. the article about cooperation with eveil, and am sure that you misunderstood the Archbishop. Really, I did not like the image he was using, dancing with the devil, but the Archbishop was merely reiterating traditional Catholic moral teaching regarding the distiction between material and moral cooperation. He was stating, among other things, that sometimes one can give material cooperation as long as there is no scandal and there is a greater good achieved. An example would be that we all pay taxed and some of that money goes for abortion, tragically. In that sense we all participate in abortion, even the most pro-life of us, every one that pay taxes. Not only do we materially cooperative with abortion, we also give material cooperation to contraception. Now there have been some souls who make such a heroic stand that they refuse to pay taxes, or they opt out of the econonic system through poverty so that they do not have to pay taxes. They object to taxes on pro-life or other moral-issue grounds and refrain. That is not an avenue, I think, that the Spirit calls most of us to. (Think here of Our Blessed Lord who asked the Pharisees to show him a Roman coin. He did not have one, but they did, and he told them: You are participating in the Roman economy, so then participate through paying taxes.)

The characterization of the Archbishop as proposing anything other than tradition Catholic morality is unjust and inaccurate.

Jerry McAfee
Parishioner of St. Henry Church in Gresham.

VOCAL said...


Sorry about this tardy reply. I believe that you are speaking your mind in all earnestness. So was I. If you read carefully he said that: Here in the archdiocese, for example, member agencies of Catholic Charities refrain from participating in fund raising efforts that benefit agencies like Planned Parenthood, which actually does provide abortions. On the other hand, when they don’t provide abortions, participation has occurred. It was considered to be sufficiently remote material cooperation."..

This is called "fungible funding" and makes us formally cooperate in evil by freeing up monies for abortions, since we are presumably paying for something like lights. There is nothing good about Planned Parenthood and I think you should look at their website for teens just to see if there's anything you'd be interested in your child or your friends child to view.

We shouldn't have member agencies affiliated with Planned Parenthood and it is dangerously close to dancing with the devil, if not already doing the two-step with him.

Taxes and laws have us rendering unto Caesar etc. We do what we can through actions against law to change Caesar.

It was interesting that I sat next to you at Dr. Thorne's workshop. You seem like a really nice man and I don't blame you for defending the Archbishop. When I see him there is a grace that comes down to have us disagree fearfully but I can say I love him the same.

God Bless you. Thanks for replying,

Cathy said...

My dear warrior in this battle, God bless and protect you!

I just spent a month in the Mediterranean and had a Papal Audience, dinner in the Vatican and a private tour of the Sistine Chapel. I was brought to tears at the history and beauty of my church. I can only pray that the prayers and tears of HIS people will affect the change needed to bring honor and Glory to God again.

VOCAL said...


That is so wonderful to have the Church in all it's glory to experience. It's a shame that it seems to be taken for granted by those it should mean the most to.

I believe that the Lord hears our prayers and allows "the weeds to grow with the wheat." Those who are entrusted with the souls of His people are in for a shock.

God Bless you this Holy Week, my dear warrior in battle. HE is worth all the tears.