Monday, August 20, 2012

Archdiocese of Portland Offers Loan to Priest Accused of Child Abuse - Why?

Archdiocese of Portland offers open-ended loan to Woodburn priest accused of child abuse. click

The latest scandal for the Archdiocese of Portland has hit the Drudgereport and it's hard to find an article that is not a liberal bash against the Church.  This open-ended loan could have been eliminated and Father Perez could have a public defender.  All defendents deserve a fair trial.

The formation of this priest from Mexico was helped by Father (now Monsignor) Charles Liernart of St. Andrew Church in Portland when he was the Vicar of Clergy and had Fathers Krueger and Mosbucker on the Clergy Personnel Board with him.  Please read this article to see their division from the Church's teachings. 

Father Liernart, Krueger and Mosbrucker..are they teaching the seminarians/priests the Truth?  click

St. Andrew Church is notorious for its involvment in the "Gay Pride" Parade in Portland. Father Lienart's predecessor, Father Robert Kruger, apparently has the same disregard for the Church's teachings and should in no way be anywhere near a seminarian/priest having this active homosexual/woman's ordination way of thinking.   Why are they in positions in the Church at all, they should be in RCIA with great catecist. This in NO way absolves this predator priest.  But we pay for these priests and their disobedience to our Lord. 

In the Archdiocese of Portland, I believe, the next shoe to drop is more homosexual abuse in the Hispanic community.  This culture is easy prey I'm sorry to say.  Please be aware of this.

Regarding another priest.

A year or so ago I asked for anyone to tell me about abuse they know about in the Archdiocese.  In 2007 I was approached regarding a heterosexual "event"  that eventually went to court.  My advice to this young woman was to pursue this and thus help other women who might have been in the same hard spot.

Just to let you know that this was settled by the Archdiocese before a trial.  The young woman had a gag order put on her.  My name was mentioned during the court proceedings and the Archbishop knows I "know".  Do NOT be alarmed if you haven't gone through having your priest accused.  This has been my great fear that a majority of good priests will be questioned, however this parish has already been given a letter from the Archbishop that was read or in the bulletin regarding this priest's absence.

He is still around and will be put in another parish in another state.  He should be deported, but I haven't heard, nor do I think this will happen.   This is very unpleasant to mention, but life can be unpleasant at times and this has haunted me for five years. 

I pray that this last bit of information will bring out more women regarding any abuse and prevent any more from taking place. 

The young woman and her family wanted this known. There have been meetings according to her at the Pastoral Center and letters sent to no avail.  She has not had any help/therapy from the Archdiocese and was treated very poorly, according to her and her mom, from the Archdiocesean lawyers.  Where is Jesus in any of this? 

God forgive me for putting off telling her story for so long. Let it not be too late for someone else.
Most gracious Heavenly Father,

We thank you for our for our faithful priests and bishops, whose spiritual fatherhood and example of fidelity, self-sacrifice, and devotion is so vital to the faith of your people.

May our spiritual fathers be guided by the examples of Saints Peter and Paul, all the Apostles and their saintly successors. Give them valiant faith in the face of confusion and conflict, hope in time of trouble and sorrow, and steadfast love for you, for their families, and for all your people throughout the world. May the light of your Truth shine through their lives and their good works.

Assist all spiritual fathers, that through your Grace they may steadily grow in holiness and in knowledge and understanding of your Truth. May they generously impart this knowledge to those who rely on them.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Janice said...

Yeah, I was pretty unhappy when I read that our archdiocese appears to have enough money to pay for a high cost, high profile attorney for the priest who perpetrated this horrible deed and admits guilt. I feel great sorrow for the priest, but more so, by far, for the child. I also know we all are responsible for our choices, and if the choice to drink leads to evil actions, we should offer prayers and guidance, not expensive legal assistance coming from the pockets of the faithful. This sounds like misplaced compassion, rather than just consequence. I have had to rethink my archdiocesan donations. When I, who have been out of work, must struggle to pay my promises to things like the capital campaign, then learn money is used in this way, when a public defender is available, I have to ask why and question the fiscal decisions being made. My money will go to my parish, directly into ProLife work, to Open Arms and Helping Hands, and straight into the needs of homeless folks I work with. I am done with trusting even my meager funds to others' discretion, sad to say. A very, very sad situation for so many good people, from those who train new priests to parishioners, to this child and his family.

God bless

VOCAL said...

Your pain is present in your words. The monies spent on permanent attorneys for the Archdiocese must be enormous. The years spent on the pre-trial mess with that young woman must have been enormous. (the story is at the bottom of the post) It was not just ONE lawyer for the Archdiocese working on this either.
We will have to as you say "rethink" where our money goes.

Nina Rhea said...

Where were the parents?! What Catholic parent drops off their child to spend the night with a priest? The solutions I wrote about on my website - -- need another suggestion: we need a traditional archbishop!

VOCAL said...

It seemed like the parents were like so many others even with all the Archdiocsean "safe touch" programs, the one stated by women with a connection to the "world's oldest profession".

Hopefully this will make another parent think before crossing the imaginary line.

Angela said...

I haven't read the article.....I don't really need a mother I am constantly in fear and on guard for sexual predators. There are 9 within a mile of my home. I know this, at times the thought of someone harming my children and destroying their purity of heart, mind, body and soul, it's just unbearable...I am torn between responding with utter violence...and then at times, hoping I would respond with the utmost of Christian forgiveness and charity...the latter, or course, not humanly possible but for Divine Grace. Did Jesus only reach out to the Holy? Did Jesus avoid the utmost of sinners? The whores? The adulterers? We all know the answer. A child molestor is unbearable to our minds and hearts particularly if you are a parent....but being a parent is not the utmost of what we are called or created to be. We are called and created to be like Christ in all things without exception.. YES WE MUST FIGHT AGAINST INJUSTICE AND WRONG DOING!! YES WE MUST UPHOLD THE GOSPEL AND THE TRUTH...BUT THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL, IS THAT WE ARE CALLED TO LOVE AND FORGIVNESS ABOVE ALL. We must pray for sinners. We must forgive them. We must love them. We are called to help all...not just those that are holy...these are my thoughts....God help me should I ever be called to live me and grant me Thy Grace that I may be true to my words and to Thy Holy Word!

VOCAL said...

If you would have read the article there was a great prayer to uphold priests and bishops in prayer. They have a big target on their back for the devil to aim for. In the article I was showing how the Archdiocese is not helping these men with their "targets". There was another abuse case this time by a woman I mentioned. It should have been in the title, but I didn't know that I was going to write about it when I did.

We all have to be on our guard to protect children from those that would hurt them. I don't think the Archdiocesan program about "safe touch" is any help for so many kids. It gives too much responsibility to the child to be an adult and protect themselves. All the scenarios can never be portrayed.

Hope all is well with your family.

Anonymous said...

So, how do we get a much more orthodox and disciplined Bishop and pastoral leadership at the Archdiocese here in Portland. Say anything critical and you forever lose your ability to comment again. Is this humble servitude as ordained by Christ? Or an arrogance resulting from pride and presumption. So how do we get a new team to replace these moderates who watch passively as rome burns and more souls are lost to an unholy compromise with the evils of this world, whether it's abortion or homosexuality, etc words without action are a hindrance not a help!

Elizabeth said...

The only devout, sincere and proper priests left in this archdiocese (that I know of) both recently left, one to retire, one to teach in another state. Ironically both Jesuits, but old school.

My family are so shocked and disappointed at the new priest sent to our parish, we decided to go to Mass elsewhere. After attending 3 other nearby parishes, we found the priests and the Mass all mediocre to bad.

It seems there IS NO CATHOLIC CHURCH left, just a facsimile thereof with ignorant or heretical priests, bad music, bad rubrics and innovations.

We sadly are concluding we must leave the Church...for in reality it has left us.

Mary said...

Carolyn, If you were charged with something serious, wouldn't you want the best
representation possible to make sure the truth was told before a
decision was made? That's the purpose for the open-ended loan (not grant) from
the archdiocese, which will not "represent" him in this matter, since
priests are now "contractors" in each parish. However, if you
remember how Fr. Corapi was abused by the process, and not even given
the chance to tell his story, he had to retain a private attorney to
make sure HIS side of the issue is represented fairly.

If you've looked at all the of public "comments" in response to the
articles, you'll note that it's all "hang him now and let the Lord
sort out his innocence or guilt later on!"

Fr. Angel was my priest at St. Monica's, and he is much loved in our
area. We have great difficulty watching this whole process, without
also being subject to good Catholics attacking him in incoming
e-mails.. To my
knowlege, we had no issues in our area. You may have noticed several
discrepancies in the story as it's told so far. All we can do is pray
that the Holy Spirit will help all parties reveal what really happened
before a decision is made.

Whether he's innocent or guilty, his life is now ruined as far as the
Church is concerned, and we have lost a very special priest. I pray
that the Lord will help bring good out of this whole mess!!

VOCAL said...

In this circumstance I believe Father Perez deserves a fair trial. The responses to the articles on this matter make people irate. This has caused scandal and hurt a child. But being irate and having a public defender without the Catholic Chuch pay for defending the indefensible is not justice. He is a danger to others and it's not a case of maybe he was walking in his sleep..he has a serious problem that's obvious to eyewitnesses who have no reason to lie.

Annette R. said...

Perez has more than one serious problem, by his own admission. He stated that he has a serious ongoing drinking problem, and he virtually admitted guilt by going to the boy's home after it all, falling to his knees before the family and begging forgiveness.

So, as we see by is almost irrationally devoted parishioners, Perez has a nice side.

However it's pretty clear he's a pervert, and alcoholic and with that combo a danger to children anywhere near him.

Please Catholics open your eyes and stop being blinded by the collar or a sweet personality.

Anonymous said...

I normally reside in Portugal but am visiting family in Portland this month. I wanted the Mass times of some Loyd Center area churches. I was shocked at the website for St. Andrew's. Folks of any "gender expression and sexual orintation" are invited with no accompanying disclaimer. I also see ONE SPIRIT ONE CALL as a parish ministry but no pro-life stuff. Hmmmm? Doesn't speak well for priests associated with this parish. Where is the Bishop of this diocese?

VOCAL said...

For one: don't leave the Church. There are more good priests out in Oregon and are just put under wraps because the hierarchy doesn't "Know what to do with them". Help IS COMING. We will be getting an Archbishop who will listen.

NOTHING IS PERFECT. I've been fortunate? to be from long line of Faith families. The Catholic Church is TRUE.

Try different Rites of the Catholic Church. I will have a post about where to go and what wonderful options are out there to see the True Beauty and Reality of the Church. Don't give up.

We also have an opportunity to change the music. Lousy Oregon Catholic Press has to change. We are afforded a chance to let them know what we want. There are like any other entity. They are there to make money.

The Church is becoming more SANE. Believe me. The kids nowadays want orthodoxy. Praise the Lord.

VOCAL said...

For visitors to Portland and in the Lloyd Center...look into Holy Rosary Church. It's a Dominican run order and they are solid and won't be a disappointment.

The Archbishop is a lame duck and things won't be changed until they have a change of Archbishops.

We have tried trying to get an answer for why these things go on in Oregon and it must be something we really don't want to know. ears and

Anonymous said...

My family was impacted by priestly abuse. The guilty party continues to live and work in the Archdiocese as if nothing happened. My family member was consistently humiliated by the invetigatory process, and the whole ordeal tore apart her marriage. Our family can never forget how she was violated by someone from whom she sought spiritual assistance. It is still difficult to forgive (it is an ongoing challenge to respond with Christ's love and mercy), and I find myself sometimes unintentionally judging other priests from the abuser's home country because, reportedly, there have long been deviant ideas/practices there regarding priestly celibacy. I continue to pray for my family member, whose life will never be the same, and for authentic conversion/repentance for her abuser. We must continue to pray for all our priests, that they will be protected against the wickedness and snares of the devil. "For we fight against powers and principalities ..."

Anonymous said...

The Woodburn case is an exception to the rule in some ways. I know this priest who has always preached the official Church teaching from the pulpit – and in private. He is not like the rebellious ones who we’ve heard for these last 40 years here in Oregon.

Saturday confessions in his small parish would have … 20 to 30 parishioners going to confession. The devil was after him – that’s for sure. Evidently he developed a serious drinking problem when he left the south coast.

If it can happen to him – it could happen to any of us. We need to pray – and this is one of the very few times I agree with the Archbishop – who I understand is using his own personal money to defend this priest. Hopefully this is the pastors first fall. His temptation is something I cannot understand which, from the newspaper accounts, was to take pictures of a young man’s privates with his cell phone.

Not good at all – but perhaps by the mercy of God a path where he would have lost his soul has now been blocked. The underage thing and the scandal are grave. Still when I think of how the majority of married couples have committed adultery (according to statistics), and all of the other sins our Lord’s priests absolve us of, we need to pray and pray.

Again he was not one of these pastors who distain the Pope and teaching of the Church. He is one taken out by Satan – and we need to not be scandalized. We need pray that the young man and is family recovers and keeps their faith. The True Faith.

Through the prayers of the Mother of God may our Savior save us all!

Rick R.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, "the Church left you?" What arrogance. Our Lord Jesus Christ would be so proud of you.