Friday, August 5, 2011

"Are you a Democrat?" From job interview at the Catholic Sentinel

This statement came from a person who didn't get the job. He was NOT a Democrat. Who knows if he would. The Catholics in Oregon are used to taking a backseat to the Democrats who run the show at the Archdiocese of Portland. Pro-lifers are treated as not very bright or "with it". We are used to this and pray that the Lord Hears out prayers and answers us (in the affirmative please Lord). When the campaign heats up for President just watch the "Faithful Citizenship" booklet as the only one allowed. We only listen to . Sad. Cream always rises to the top. We remember that and it give us hope.


K said...

Dear Carolyn,
Ecumenical Ministries are advertising an appearance of Fr. Richard Rohr.
This dissident priest is being offered as a Catholic representative by a Protestant group?
What has our own diocese had to say about this?

VOCAL said...

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon is the twin of the
Archdiocese of Portland. Fr. Richard Rohr has been silenced for promoting woman's pretend ordination. The women are running the show. They must have the goods on someone high up.

VOCAL said...

Dear Advocates for Life. Something went wrong with my last email to you. I appreciate all the wisdom but sorry I can't find the letter. I don't know what happened, but I always see it as a good thing.

Kris said...

I feel sad about this, but, I guess there will be only 'The Chosen Few".....I often pray that all are brought low to their knees and the only way to look is UP with true humility and meekness. Let's pray for this! Thanks for fwd-ing!!