Monday, July 2, 2012

BREAKING: Levada out; New head of Vatican’s CDF is Bishop who corrected dissident groups |

More on the New Head of CDF


Cathy said...

Hey lady,

I was reminded today how 'the waiting room' feels. Seems it is a place where spending time in prayer is the best focus for my concerns & heart aches, eh?
Kinda hard to stumble when I'm on my knees!

I'm so praying for 'our' archbishop.

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain!"

VOCAL said...

Great comparison. Knees is a good place, we're so close to the ground and I've done a lot of falling lately.

Janice said...

Well, you know, we are about number twelve on the list. Dioceses with very ill retiring bishops or more compelling needs are getting their new bishops first. Looking at all the good the Holy Father is doing, I am quite sure in God's perfect timing we will get the best bishop for us.

God bless.

VOCAL said...

We might be number twelve on the list, but I'm pretty solid on the fact that Pope Benedict still has specific plans for the Northwest.

I mean there are twelve in need, but it's not like being in line and getting the next one available.

But I know what your mean: be patient, it might be a while.

Mary said...


We keep praying!!

VOCAL said...


Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Cichoke said...

Dear Carolyn,

Just some information for you concerning the new appointment to CDF. We must pray, sacrifice, and attend daily Mass, if possible, say the Rosary and always be watchful.


Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Cichoke

VOCAL said...

Thanks Cichoke's,

I read the information and am trying to stay balanced in my joy. I will certainly follow your lead and always remember to be watchful. Things seem to be going pretty fast around us. It would be terrible to not have the Lord to lead us.

God Bless,