Saturday, December 5, 2015

Here's a Way to End Spending OregonTaxes on Abortion - And It won't cost you a penny!!!!

Oregonians were not able to vote on eliminating state taxes to fund abortions this November because there was a lack of less than 20,000 signatures to get it put on the ballot.   So...there is now a Political Action Committee that formed Oregon Life United that will lobby for the pro-life efforts in the State.  Giving to this Political Action Committee costs nothing and can save lives.  VOCAL

An easy, no-cost way you can protect women and babies from abortion.

Did you know there’s a special tax credit designed to encourage your participation in the political process?
With the Oregon Political Tax Credit you could increase your 2015 tax refund — or reduce the taxes you owe — when you make a contribution to Oregon Life United PAC by December 31.
  • Individuals qualify for up to a $50 credit
  • Couples filing taxes together qualify for up to a $100 credit
Your contribution of $50 or $100 today will help us pass the Stop Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act of 2016. 
Oregon is the ONLY state in the country without any laws to protect women and pre-born babies from abortion.
Make a lasting impact on our state when you make your political tax credit contribution now. 
For Life and Liberty,
Jeff Jimerson
Director, Oregon Life United

About Oregon Life United

Oregon Life United is a non-partisan, non-denominational organization with a simple mission: Unite Oregon’s pro-life community and pass our state’s first-ever law to protect pre-born childrenWe can only do this with your help.

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