Monday, March 28, 2016

Popular Post: From Anonymous Oregon Catholic Priest regarding ECUMENICAL MINISTRIES OF OREGON (EMO)

To Whom it may concern, (from anonymous Oregon Catholic priest),

             While it would be tough for me to weigh in on an internal Catholic issue, I can have a personal opinion overall.  The biggest problem I have is that if you believe what you claim to believe, why would you put time and energy into an Organization that actively works against that belief? 

             EMO, clearly and unequivocally, has the position that gays and lesbians are not engaged in unnatural sexual relations, essentially they hold homosexual behavior to be OK. Last time I looked, the Catholic Church still, and rightly so under the bible, believe homosexual behavior to be unnatural and immoral.  While many of their programs for social justice are great, the Catholic Church doesn’t need to belong to advance those noble causes they do promote.

  It is one thing to love and tolerate all sinners, it is quite another to say their sin is ok and free of consequences.  By belonging to EMO the Catholic Church is compromising their own values, for what benefit?  Whatever benefits they believe come from membership can easily be obtained other ways without giving tacit approval to the homosexual lifestyle.

 I am all for having a loving and open dialogue with other Christians about our different interpretations of scripture, but why do I have to join their organization? 

 Of the five (5) largest denominations in Oregon (by number of members in the State), (Catholic, Mormon, Assemblies of God and Evangelical Lutheran and Foursquare), the Catholic Church is the only one who chooses to be a member.  In looking at the statistics, the EMO, absent the Catholic Church, represents a very small minority of Oregon Church goers, about 10%.  Here is the link to that info, 
 The bottom line is, they have an important belief that runs counter to Church doctrine; and without the Catholic Church, they really represent a very small number of Oregon church goers.  So why get involved?  

Originally from the post From 2011 Regarding Anonymous Priest and Protestant Minister on EMO


Anonymous said...

Thank you Father for the truth regarding EMO. God bless you.

Joanne said...

If the author is indeed a priest, the proper way for him to address this matter he's purportedly so concerned about is to take it up with his bishop.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how Joanne knows that the priest has not already taken it up with his bishop.

VOCAL said...

This post from an actual Oregon Catholic priest speaking out on social media anonymously isn't disobedient or rare. This post was originally in 2011 when we had a different Archbishop.

Alliances with more progressive organizations and people are becoming more rare under Archbishop Sample who became ours in 2013.

The Archdpdx and EMO have been together for a long time, growing way too close, bringing the Alinsky mind-set to what should be a Catholic one.

Many people have succumbed to having the power instead of adoring the real Power.

Thank you for the posts.

Marie Dean said...

Great reading your bloog