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"Treason, or Infiltration from the Very Beginning? Lucifer’s Unceasing Attacks on the Church" by Alice von Hildebrand

“He knows that he is running out of time”

From its very beginning, the holy Bride of Christ has been the butt of devilish attacks. In fact, Lucifer is paying her a compliment: he knows that to direct his poisonous arrows at sects which, born today, will be buried tomorrow, would waste his ammunition.
The Roman Catholic Church alone is the rock upon which Christ has built his Kingdom; she is the only one who never stops waging war on the satanic kingdom whose motto is “non serviam” (“I will not serve”). This duel will end in its total defeat and will be gloriously replaced by “I am the handmaid of the Lord.”

The Church was bound to be the victim of treason, starting with one of the Twelve. The evangelists warn us that the closer we come to the end of time, the more will Satan’s rage manifest itself, for he knows that he is running out of time. Has Christ not warned us when he said: “When I come back to the earth, shall I find some faith left?” Thus history repeats itself: whereas Peter, James and John were sound asleep in Gethsemane while Christ was sweating blood, Judas was very alert, guiding those who had been ordered to arrest Jesus.

That the 20th century has the doubtful honor of being the bloodiest of all centuries, cannot be denied. Thanks to the mind-boggling development of technology, many of us have closed our eyes to the fact that the Evil One saw these very inventions as a superb tool in his hand and managed to control the new media, entertainment, and “education,” thereby winning millions and millions of souls without much effort.

Trojan Horse in the City of God. DietrichI recall that when the atomic bomb was invented in the 1940s (a gnat compared to the means of destruction now available), the first thought that came to my mind was that, being told in the Gospel that the world will be destroyed by fire, it was now quite conceivable that man might be the culprit: what a superb victory of death over life, of non-being over being. When Nazism was defeated in 1945 and “peace” was proclaimed, many fell into the illusion that men, now realizing that they could destroy the world, would unite forces to guarantee that it would never happen.

Alas, Satan, working underground, started promoting a new means of destruction which he presented as a “glorious victory of freedom” — the efficiency of which would put atomic bombs to shame, and carrying the noble titles of progress, choice, and liberation from the shackles of the past. I am referring to Roe vs. Wade — a decision legalizing abortion in the USA — a day of such darkness that it sealed the radical moral decadence of a once-great country.

Statistics showing the number of babies murdered by their mothers – and recalling the glorious title that Adam gave to Eve, the “Mother of the living” — make one sob. The legalization of abortion puts both Stalin and Hitler “to shame” — devilish as they were, they were just beginners by comparison.
But worse than that: the crimes of both dictators were condemned; whereas the crime par excellence — murder of the innocent by their own mothers — is now accepted and praised: a magnificent victory of women over their own bodies and the burden of pregnancies that could prevent them from competing with men.

This is what in some way makes this crime surpass all preceding ones: we justify the murder.

Michael Rose_s great book, Good Bye, Good Men,This satanic triumph should not be interpreted to mean that Lucifer gave up traditional forms of attack, such as the atrocious persecutions of Christians in the Middle East. But the Evil One also knows that the blood of martyrs has always fecundated the Church. In his devilish “creativity,” he realizes that “infiltration” by his cronies into the very heart of the Church is a superb road to an easy victory: the enemy should be “within.”

I will limit myself to a few remarks about the priestly scandals that have battered the Church: That many cowardly bishops, betraying their mission as shepherds, closed their eyes to this scandal cannot be sufficiently condemned. But let us also recall the cowardice of the apostles themselves: one of them was a traitor, another denied Christ three times; the others of them fled (St. John came back, but we do not know how soon).

A superficial reading of the history of the Church informs us that even though she produced a surprising number of Popes who were saints and martyrs, some of them, alas (let us think of several at the time of the Renaissance) were unworthy to sit on the throne of Peter: clearly they were careerists attracted by the dignity and the power conferred to popes. But if we compare the number of saintly Popes with the number of truly great heads of state, we shall conclude that the Church has an astoundingly good record.

bella dolls
Bella Dodd
Frontal attacks against the Church are mostly counter-productive; a more refined way of harming the Bride of Christ is to introduce into her bosom “snakes” who have neither faith nor morals, and whose mission is to spread doubt — to undermine the believers’ faith, and encourage immoral practices now fully justified according to the latest findings of social sciences.

That this infiltration has taken place and is still taking place cannot be denied, and to my surprise, is hardly mentioned at all. This is in spite of the fact that we have written testimonies such as School of Darkness by Bella Dodd, who ”converted” to Communism while studying at Hunter College, became an ardent Communist disciple of Marx and Stalin, and devoted her great talents to not only spreading Communism, but also following Stalin’s orders to penetrate Catholic seminaries and religious orders. She succeeded in bringing in some 1000 men who had neither faith nor morals (the easiest to recruit were of course homosexuals, seminaries being for them a rich hunting ground for the obvious reason that they are composed of males; the fox had been introduced into the henhouse).

Such men were superbly trained for their devilish mission. Many of them managed to gain positions of authority, and as related in Michael Rose’s great book, Goodbye, Good Men, the seminaries then turned down the applications of young men devoted to the Church, while accepting those who were “open” to views more in harmony with “modern scholarship.”

My husband and I met Bella Dodd in the sixties and we soon became friends. In the course of conversation, my husband said to Bella, “I fear, indeed I do fear, that the Church has been infiltrated.” She replied (I quote): “Dear Professor: you fear it; I know it: when I was a Communist working full time for the Party, I was in close contact with four cardinals in the Vatican, working for us. And they are still very active today.” Needless to say, we were shattered — and this explains why my husband started working on his book, Trojan Horse in the City of God.

CULTURE Hildebrand june-julyTwo key words are “up to date” and “scholarly,” superb tools used to spread both doubt and the seeds of sexual perversions. For, since original sin, lust has a devilish attraction for fallen men. How easy it is to convince “modern man” that it is high time for the Church to “liberate” herself from the choking net of prejudices prevalent in the “Dark Ages”: thanks to modern advances, we now have a broader and healthier view of problems which have burdened the Catholic conscience, and realize that many acts condemned in the past are perfectly acceptable, and even healthy, including homosexuality.

Soren Kierkegaard (calling himself the greatest Danish philosopher, while remarking that there is only one!) saw that one particularly subtle means of sapping truth is by “spreading doubt.” The serpent did not challenge the divine prohibition, he just raised a question: “Why can’t you eat of the fruit of that tree?” In other words, God has to justify Himself and His commands —therefore sapping His divine authority.

S¯ren Aabye KierkegaardBut there are questions which, by the very fact that they are raised, condemn the person raising them: why can’t a man abuse, torture and kill a child if he enjoys doing it ? Why can’t I spit in my parent’s face, if it gives me a well-deserved relaxation? One bit of fashionable nonsense one hears in universities is “all ideas should be welcome,” making no distinction between true and false, healthy and perverse, moral and immoral. Alas, the distance separating theory from practice is a very narrow one, for when one is intellectually convinced, action is bound to follow.
To summarize: satanic attacks take two forms; one is the frontal one, challenging dogmas and openly defying the moral teaching of the Church. But the other, which has possibly always existed, is the infiltration of evil forces into the Church herself, into the clergy and all religious orders. One tempting wrong response is to accept defeat and therefore to lay down our arms, which are prayer, the sacraments, and trust in the promise that the gates of Hell shall not prevail. Turning in prayer to God, to Mary, to the glorious saints and martyrs, and eliminating cheap optimism (“It is a temporary crisis that will soon be over”), we know with certainty that God will have the last word.

from Inside the Vatican.

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