Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bishop "AMDG" on The Election, Catholics and Faithful Citizenship

VOCAL  - Here is a Bishop's hope for all Catholics.  The question I asked him was about handing out Voter's Guides as in elections past; non-answers regarding the Intrinsic evils, this year no mention of them, and Cardinal Bernardin's "seamless garment", which is giving equal moral values, although the "Seamless Garment" theory has been in existence since social activism began, it was first applied to pro-lifers in 1976 by Joseph Cardinal Bernardin in Dallas.  The election of 2016 seems to have morphed the seamless garment of old by mixing up all the evils and assuming they have the same value.  This has been observed by many.
From Bishop AMDG: 

"In some ways we need not worry since both CA and OR are so deeply ingrained in the culture of death that there is NO possibility that our vote will turn the tide. The heart of pharaoh was 
hardened and I sense that the hearts of our Catholic people are hardened as well. 

This calls for, not more INFORMATION, there is plenty of that, it calls for prayer, mortification and penance that the heart of the unrepentant will be converted. I am not a believer that more or better voter guides would miraculously convert the hearts of the unrepentant. Are some people truly ignorant (that is, do they really(?) not know).
The Battle of Lepanto - Our Lady's Victory
                The present voter guide, Faithful Citizenship, is written in such a way that only the devious and the intentionally corrupt could misread it or interpret it so say that there is an equivalence of issues.
The liberal left will intentionally misinterpret even the Catechism of the Catholic Church calling it nonbinding guidelines. If they do that with the Catechism does this prove that the Catechism is what they say it is? 
Yet, if we say back to them, 'Gee, we were so sure but we see that you are right' then we abandon this sure and true document in favor of their warped interpretation. 

We tend to do the same with Faithful Citizenship. 
Is it perfect? Certainly not. But if we read it with the right heart and spirit then it is entirely accurate. 
Does the left intentionally and maliciously misinterpret it? Absolutely!
What then do we do? Wring our hands and say 'o, only if the bishops were more clear, etc. etc.' 
yet, even if it was as clear as the fifth Commandment, thou shalt not kill! they would still find a way to get around it.
Thank God for His Creation..simplicity in prayer.
They would then argue that the document lacks moral authority, that it is not infallible, that the Bishops when they speak as a body lack the authority of the Pope and the Pope has not issued any such document.

The document is intended as a guide for the faithful not a club for the faithful to try to beat into submission those who would not believe even if one would rise from the dead. 
This is why the document is more than adequate for those who are faithful but will never stand as convincing 'proof' for those who have no openness of heart or any genuine desire to know the truth.
This is why what we require is prayer, fasting, penance for these are suitable weapons 
and faithful citizenship will never substitute for these!"

"Carolyn: If people read FC with a faithful heart then I do believe it meets proper moral standards. Can it be misinterpreted? Absolutely. You may share my remarks acknowledging that imperfection is a part of our present human condition."

God Bless +"AMDG" *   

“The man of conscience is he who never succumbs to indulgence, wellbeing, success, public prestige and the approval of public opinion at the expense of the truth.” John Henry Cardinal Newman


*VOCAL - name pseudonym


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