Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coming Attraction: Fr. Richard Rohr - "the boy (male psyche) always gets naked."

Dear Advocates for Life,

The subject line is not something that I prefer to do, however this shows what type of man is being welcomed into the Archdiocese of Portland and time is short!! I wanted to use, 'Everything the Catholic Church offers in the way of its sacramental rituals and moral and doctrinal teachings is an obstacle to having a relationship with God.' Another statement of his but it was too long. You'll find this and "the boy always gets naked" in the fourth article below.

Seemingly in cahoots with dissidents in the Oregon Catholic Church, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (EMO) affiliated Holy Trinity Episcopal "Cathedral" will host Fr. Richard Rohr from New Mexico, since he wouldn't be allowed in Catholic Churches. No problem, EMO churches are always available for "womens ordinations" and allowing folks like Fr. Rohr to spew forth their anti-pope , pro-homosexual agenda. The Archdiocese of Portland has seemingly no control over this dissident priest or EMO churches. If you want to protest this fiasco, Holy Trinity is close to our Cathedral,  the contact information is:

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral - 147 NW 19th Ave. (corner of NW Everett  - NW 19th) 503-222-9811

Lecture/Workshop Weekend with Fr. Richard Rohr
September 12 th 13, 2008
Friday Evening Lecture: Silence in the City
7:30 – 9:00pm, Trinity Cathedral
Cost: $15 general, $10 Trinity members, $5 students, free to Diocesan Clergy

Saturday Workshop: Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality
9:00am – 3:00pm, Kempton Hall
Cost: $50 general, $35 Trinity members, $25 Diocesan Clergy, $15 students
Fr. Rohr is smooth-talking and it seems the uncatechised welcome the lack of moral compass he offers. He is "forming their consciences" into pretzels. This will lead them astray: will they ever hear the voice of the Good Shepherd? It would be interesting to see what Archdpdx employees will be at these "workshops"

The Archdiocese of Portland works with Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (EMO) closely in the Legislature, with them in the Gay Pride Parade; and give these progressives credibility (being linked with the Catholic church) And their ecumenical ministry to US? they protect dissident activities. The "ordination of two women" was in an EMO church and one of their "Member Congregations" is the Metropolitan Community Church: a homosexual church. What in the world is this bankrupt Archdiocese doing?

The second saddest thing, next to the loss of souls, of course is the loss of unborn lives. We, through the Archdpdx give to EMO, at least $20,000 a year, while the Respect Life Office has no budget, just a website with links. The well-provided for Office of Justice and Peace gets a minimum of $70,000 and spends money on advertising for EMO activities while unborn Catholic children are aborted. It might be "justice" to give the Office of Justice and Peace a web page with links for a while and the Respect Life Office the $70,000 but I digress.

Stephanie Block who was here last year with our "Justice in Pieces" workshops on Saul Alinsky's Faith in Public life, community organizing through Catholic Campaign for Human Development (an arm of the Justice and Peace Office), is well aware of Fr. Rohr. He lives in New Mexico where she is from. She has been reporting on him since the 90's.

Please look into these links, we need to educate ourselves. Some in high places have seemingly lost their way. Let us pray and fast for an end to this injustice.

New Mexico Member Catholic Media Coalition -Stephanie Block
The Pepper Issues on Richard Rohr

Catholic Media Coalition
Dissidents from Our Lady's Warriors

Cal Catholic on Richard Rohr

Renew America-Matt Abbott on Richard Rohr

"When men have come to the edge of a precipice, it is the lover of life who has the spirit to leap backwards, and only the pessimist who continues to believe in progress".
G.K. Chesterton


Brian B. (Richmond, CA) said...

The quote you chose is out of context... it has nothing to do with homosexuality - what it comes down to is to be in true communion with God we have to be defenseless we all have to stand naked before God - not literally, but without anything getting in the way, our pride, our egos, or anything else that covers or clothes our true selves.

VOCAL said...

I think you need see that this is Not taken out of context with Fr. Rohr's agenda of promoting homosexuality. This nakedness has a sexual connotation..Rohr encourages the base/common man to be exposed, not the higher/spiritual man NOT trapped in the material. I hope this helps.

Please read on:
'Fr. Rohr's retreats often contain an element of nudity. He said: 'the nakedness thing, I must comment on, is really uncanny to me. I could give a whole talk just on that. I never encourage nakedness, as such, but it always happens. I will normally have on the fourth day of a five-day retreat, a day where I send them out into the canyons or into the desert alone. I've prepared them for that day. A lot of men, and women too. I'm sure have never spent a day alone, in solitude. And then that night we come back and process: What happened in the canyons alone?

'Well, there's always one who in that processing will raise his hand and, sort of with embarrassment, admit that when he got out there he took off all his clothes. And then there's chuckles all around the room — I can just predict it, it happens every time — there's chuckles all over the room. 'Oh! I did, too!' I did, too!' I did, too!' There's something about nakedness in the male psyche — and now I've studied initiation rites — it's universal. The boy always gets naked, as you see in the sweat lodges, too.

'And I think it's this desire to get rid of all this persona. All this stuff you have to live up to — you pay a big price for being a patriarch. And feminism has sometimes not been sympathetic enough with that. You pay a big price for having roles and titles and importance and power and significance and the male is just finding every way he can to take it off, to take it off. They always tell me they had to do it and it's amazing how often some wonderful things happen in this sitting there in the sunlight naked — exposed, as it were.

'At times, nudity at the retreats is communal. We often have camp-fires, and I know some of you have been at these where it happens, so you know what I'm talking about. Always, always, there's some guys — I mean, is it in their hard wiring? — They'll strip and have to leap over that fire, burning their balls . . . .I don't know what it is. They're the 'real' men, who can leap over the fire, naked.'

'According to Fr. Rohr, this nudity occurs spontaneously. 'This is not part of my agenda that they're supposed to . . . it's just that we have a fire, and then predictably men start doing the same old damn things, all again and again and again. There's this deep desire to get naked, to somehow, even risk nakedness in front of one another. To expose the self. That's really pretty archetypal. It shouldn't really surprise us at all, should it? I mean, that's really what all lovemaking is, of course — could you love me when you see me in my nakedness? Could I still be beautiful, could I still be attractive to you in my nakedness? Can you see it all and still be desirous of me?'