Friday, April 13, 2012

NO OregonTax Dollars for Abortions. Let's get moving.

 “Because God is full of life, I imagine each morning Almighty God says to the sun, "Do it again"; and every evening to the moon and the stars, "Do it again"; and every springtime to the daisies, "Do it again"; and every time a child is born into the world asking for curtain call, that the heart of the God might once more ring out in the heart of the babe.”
Fulton J. Sheen, Life Is Worth Living

Oregon Catholics need to get behind this initiative.  No other organization is doing what these folks are doing.  This is a time we all need to pull together and get signatures if we can and pray like we can to end this scourge funded by our money in Oregon.  It's simple and to the point.  No bells or whistles.  Let's get moving.

 Initiative #25 Volunteers Gather Signatures to End State Abortion Funding

For Immediate Release
(March 22, 2012) – Abortion. It’s a controversial subject, but one point where many people can agree is that taxpayers should have a choice about whether or not they must fund the procedure.

Proposed Oregon state Initiative #25 would allow voters to choose whether abortions should continue to be publicly funded. Volunteers around the state are currently collecting signatures that will put the question of taxpayer-funded abortion on the November ballot.

“Today, one in three abortions — about 3,500 each year — are fully paid for by Oregon taxpayers,” said Jeff Jimerson, Co-Chief Petitioner of the initiative. “And while this isn’t about restricting a woman’s legal right to choose abortion, it is about giving Oregon taxpayers freedom from being forced to fund the highly controversial procedure.”

How Many Empty Car Seats am I Responsible For?

Albany resident Jimerson, along with Co-Chief Petitioners Lee Edward of Corvallis and former State Senator Marylin Shannon of Salem, are heading up the Oregon 2012 Petition Committee, a diverse grass-roots group of citizens who want to give Oregon taxpayers a choice.

“We’re relying on the efforts of hundreds of volunteers around the state to collect signatures,” Jimerson said. “Because we’re not using any paid petition circulators, getting the attention of concerned citizens, like-minded organizations and faith-based communities is very important right now.”

The Oregon 2012 Petition Committee is not affiliated with any political or religious organizations — it’s truly a citizen-driven group.

Organizers say the goal is to collect 150,000 signatures by May 18, one week before the Secretary of State’s “early submittal” deadline. Time is short, but confidence remains high that enough signatures will be collected to place this issue before voters in November.

“We have a wide base of enthusiastic, supportive volunteers around the state,” Jimerson said. “But there’s still time for many more people and churches to get involved in circulating the petition. Every single signature is important.”

The website for Initiative #25,, includes information on how churches can participate in “Sign on Sunday” activities to help circulate and share petition sheets with church members. Resources for churches — including printable posters, bulletin inserts, and an inspirational 3-minute video — can be downloaded from the website.

Jennifer Gardner, Press Coordinator, can be reached at 541.896.1825 or

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