Wednesday, December 12, 2012

For Real...Bill Diss VS Planned Parenthood

 Here is a letter from Bill Diss of Precious Children of Portland who has some interesting developments he has allowed me to share with you. 

Planned Parenthood thinks it can get away with anything.  Let's pray that this gives them a reality check that they are not above the law.  

Dear Carolyn,

I think you recall that Planned Parenthood and Benson High put out consent forms for students and consent forms for parents. The consent forms for parents were produced in English, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese. A Vietnamese gentlemen saw my name on the Vietnamese consent form for parents. The form basically stated that I gave approval to Planned Parenthood and their program. The form was made for distribution on the first day of the program at Benson. I do not know the full intent of the school district and Planned Parenthood. It would appear they both agreed on using my name and that they knew that I would be in the class with Planned Parenthood visitors.

I have enclosed the letter that was sent on Dec. 10, 2012 to PPS and PP.

God Bless,
121012 Retraction Ltr Signed with Enclosure.pdf121012 Retraction Ltr Signed with Enclosure.pdf
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