Monday, May 13, 2013

Fight Pornography in Marion Co. - VOTE for Gayle Strawn, write-in David Jacobson and Denise Quinn Nanke.

Vote to save Oregon by writing in David Jacobson, Denise Quinn Nanke and just fill in the box by Gayle Strawn's name for Marion County Salem/Keizer School District School Board.  When they win, with your vote (or contact someone in Marion county that needs to know this), they can lead the School Board in a way to get back to real education and get Planned Parenthood out of the schools.

You might have kids in public school, private school, homeschool them, have no kids in them from the corruption of Planned Parenthood. 

The children you love, which should be all of them, will NOT be unaffected from the evil of the "classes" given by pro-abortion (Kermit Gosnell baby-killing included) and pro-homosexual Planned Parenthood.  They will be the peers of your children.   Any question of this true evil, check it out:

Take Care Down There..for kids from Planned Parenthood  please click the link.

Thanks Bill Post for this cheat sheet.

Write-in Zone 1 - David Jacobson; Zone 2 - Denise Quinn Nanke.  Vote Gayle Strawn Zone 5   


Kaye said...

check out Michael d'Antonio "Sex, Crime and the Era of CAtholic Scandal"
Was on CSPAN2 book program Sat nite -- Wow.

VOCAL said...

I will look into it, thanks.