Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sorry, This was taken down. I will keep looking for a free one.Full Program : "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". Saul Alinsky-Obama organizers / Current

Here is the entire EWTN "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing".  This is a very important film to watch over and over.  The information in this film will answer many questions about what went wrong with parts of the Church.

We are still giving money to Alinskite  Organzitions.  Catholic Campaign for Human Development  funds many organizations that have not helped the poor at all.  Notice how we always seem to need money for the less fortunate, but never get there.

We are like the United Way.  We are funding middlemen and not giving funds where it is really needed and so poverty is maintained.  Please enjoy this film as it answers many questions.



Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the heads up !!!

VOCAL said...

Thanks. This is finally available in full. God Bless.