Thursday, February 12, 2009

Archdpdx Lobbyist voted to LEGALIZE ABORTION / Sample Letter to Balance the Scales of Justice

Dear Advocates for LIfe,

During the 2007 Legislative Session VOCAL reported that Roger Martin, the replacement lobbyist for long
time Oregon Catholic Confererence's Bob Castagna, voted to legalize abortion when he was a legislator in 1969. Abortion became legal in Oregon after that vote.

OR Catholics Silenced on LIFE
In 1970, Martin sponsored a bill to bar husbands or parents from being informed when an abortion was to be performed on the wife/child. That bill failed, but how responsible is he for the fact that we now have NO parental notification? There has been no confirmation from the Archdiocese or fellow lobbyists that he has changed his views.

The Respect Life Office has NO slice of the Archbishops Catholic Appeal (ACA) and has had no budget allocated for many years. It seems incomprehensible that Roger Martin was hired again and according to the ACA pie chart receives 1% of the $3,6400.00 or $36,400.

The "Imitation of Christ" Appeal title has justice for unborn children, the elderly and vulnerable eclipsed by justice for the environment and other non-foundational issues that are budgeted with 3% of the Appeal Funds or $109,200 through the Office of Justice and Peace.

Because of the frustration from information about the lack of justice for innocent human life, I was asked to put together a sample letter to the Archdiocese. This is just to get people started.

This sample letter will be attached with the timeline for the Appeal, intercessions and scripts to use at mass. All these "reminders" cost money and last year it was almost $350,000 just to get it done. Eleven to twelve babies are killed through abortion each day in Oregon. How many Catholic babies are in these numbers? How many babies would this "reminder" money save? Something's very wrong.

God Bless you and yours,

"Poor human reason, when it trusts itself, substitutes the strangest absurdities for the highest divine concepts."
St. John Chrysosotom, Doctor of the Church


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VOCAL said...

Thank you for the vote of confidence. Everything is researched and true so that the Oregon Catholic in the pew can know what's coming their way. We all need to help each other get to heaven. If I can in anyway be a part of that, I'm honored.
God Bless